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Determination of the Density, Specific Gravity

Of Grease and Diesel

I. Introduction
This test method covers the determination of the density of the lubricating grease. Grease is a
semisolid lubricant. Grease is sometimes used to describe lubricating materials that are simply soft
solids of high viscosity liquids, but these materials do not exhibit the shear-thinning properties
characteristic of the classical grease.

II. Equipments/Materials
1. Grease
2. Water
3. Regular diesel
4. Graduated cylinder
5. Triple beam balance (scale)
III. Procedures
1. First be sure that the graduated cylinder in dry. Any liquid in the cylinder will cause error in
your result.
2. Put the empty cylinder on to the scale. Be sure it is balanced to the 0 (zero).
3. Carefully pour water into the cylinder. At least 20 mL. Record the data in a piece of paper.
Divide the mass over the volume to calculate the density.
4. Put grease in the water and record the results.
5. Do the same for measuring the density of the diesel.
6. Clean the apparatus dry.
IV. Picture

V. Data

Weight of Graduated Cylinder 177.5 grams

Weight of Graduated Cylinder w/ Grease 196 grams
Weight of grease= 18.5 grams
Volume of water 20mL
Volume of water w/ Grease 23mL
Volume of grease= 3mL
Weight of diesel 199.7 grams
Volume of diesel 30mL

For Grease:

18.5 103 kg
mass of grease= 2
=1.89 103 kg=1.89 grams
9.81m/ s

1 m3
volume of grease=3 mL ( 1 10 )
6 mL
=3 106 m3
m 1.89 103 kg kg
of grease= = 6 3
=630 3
V 3 10 m m
SG of Grease= substance 630
= =0.63
water 1000

For diesel:

199.7 103 kg 3
mass ofdiesel= 2
=20.4 10 kg=20.4 grams
9.81 m/ s

1 m3
volume of diesel=30 mL ( 1 106 mL)=30 106 m3

m 20.4 103 kg kg
of diesel= = 6 3
=680 3
V 30 10 m m
SG of diesel= substance 630
= =0.68
water 1000

VI. Observation
The sample shows that they only have 50 kilogram per cubic meters difference according to the

VII. Conclusion
Therefore, I conclude that diesel is denser than the ordinary grease. And if water, regular diesel,
and ordinary grease put the same container, grease will be at the top of the mixture, the diesel will
remain in the middle while water will stay it the bottom of the mixture.