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1. What is the topic of reading passage?

The main topic of this passage is about Personal quality are desirable
in a teacher.This topic have been selected because every content of this
issue is show about all the characteristic that the every individual teacher
must have in theirself.

2. What are the desirable personal quality of a teacher as state in this

The desirable quality of a teacher that state in this passage are the
teachers personality should be pleasantly live and
attractive.Secondly,essential for a teacher to have genuine capacity for
sympathy.Thirdly,essential for a teacher to be both intellectually and
moraly honest.Fourthly,a teacher must remain mentally alert and
improbable and able to improvise.Fifthly,a teacher must be capable of
infinite patience.Lastly a teacher should have the kind of mind which
always want to go on learning.

3. Based on the passage,contrasting desirable quality is also crucial as a

teacher.Why is that so?
The contrasting desirable quality is also crucial as a teacher because each
of the positions held by teachers in school is different, especially for
teachers in positions of responsibility as a headmaster and diciplines
teacher.Its play an important role psychologically every student and every
teacher in the classroom must be agile identify attitudes and adjust within
the students' attitude and changing the attitude to attract students attend
classes taught because every student has a different way as indicated in
paragraph four of the fifth and sixth suitability to the student accept what
is taught in the learning process.

4. Why the speaker said that we should not halt from learning as the
fundamental principle in education?
This is because from the second last paragaraph have state that from the
principle of British education,there are two cardinal principle that
education is education of the whole person and that it is best acquired
through full and active co-operation between two person,the teacher and
the learner.
5. Over all do you think that you can become a preferred teacher if all this
desired qualities as mention by the writer are strictly followed?why? (write
your answer in approximately 100 words).
In my opinion why a teacher need all this desired qualities because first
from the content of all the paragraph I think the student need a
comfortable eye-seeing when they looking at their teacher before,during
and after learning process.Moreover,all this factor also help the student to
be more adapt and generate theirself gaining input and output of the
learning process.Furthemore,the teacher must mentally alert and capable
of infinite patience because in a school there are a lot of student and a lot
of behaviour and not every sdudent have same thinking to adapt the
learning process,in this case I think the teacher need to be more creative
in the order of thinking to suitable the ways of learning process in every
student.Lastly.the teacher must always update their knowledge because to
be a teacher we have to know a lot of things better than student.