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Call-outs for maintenance via Reception Log sheet

Input the Reception Daily Logsheet (RDL) using template. Indicate all call
outs with action and results.
Enter the work order in FC Maintenance Module.
Using the Bleeper system.
Typing of Daily logsheet

Posting Charges through Micros

Posting of post cards, wifi cards, shuttle bus, flowers, adaptor, cabin
upgrade, bathrobe, hair dryer, handicrafts
Refunding adaptor, bathrobe & hairdryer

Foreign Currency Exchange

ForEx Transaction (Fidelio)
ForEx Transaction (Manual)
Prepare daily ForEx report.
Requesting currencies required from Passenger Accountant before
embarkation & adhering to transfer-in schedule.

Telephone / Switchboard
Receiving, transferring & recording all incoming calls
Receiving incoming calls for guests and sending message left for guest in
their to cabin
Receives request for flower arrangement, wine arranged by shore side or
order made
through telephone central at the back office. Disseminate info to departments
concerned through e-mail.

Internet or Wif
Internet assistance in the Internet room.
Wifi Assistance
Selling Wifi tickets from reception

Fax (incoming/outgoing)
Guest asking for sending fax (form used)
Recording of all outgoing fax message


-Mars 2013
Responsible for keeping maps in Reception, readily available on the desk
for pax requesting extra copy.
If possible, marking the berth, town, and drop off point.

Excursions Info /Shuttle service

Keeping a copy of all tours during the cruise in each port, for pax query re:
Print out of shuttle service information at the desk.
Preparing of Shuttle bus folder.
Posting of shuttle bus tickets sold

Duty Free /Cabin Shopping Orders (Take Home / Onboard Use)

Monitor order forms kept in Reception cupboard.
Forward any orders to Room service made at Reception. (make sure to put
date & time received plus your initial)

Cabin Change Requests

Attend and record cabin requests by using the request form, refer/hand the
request form to GRM or Reception Manager.

Passports (location / requirement)

Responsible for checking of z-accounts/ supernum passports at the
beginning and end of each cruise. To ensure passports are kept in the vault
at the back office.
Prepare passport of disembarking z-account /supernumerary.
Collect all non-European passport depending on the cruise or as advised by
Clearance Coordinator or RM.

Safety Deposit Box Assistance

Bleep Security on duty when at sea & in port

Fidelio System
Usage of Fidelio system to credit/debit card registration
Payments transaction (travellers cheque, personal cheque, cash,
credit/debit card)
Cash Withdrawal transaction
Guests passport details, onboard account, cabin, booking reference, history
of call-outs of a particular cabin.

-Mars 2013
Exporting manifest
Cabin Changes Report
Printing Manifest for clearance
Checking for free cabin list
Printing Comment Card
Reception Attendance Sheet

Mail (Pax)
Responsible for charging pax for postage stamps.
Prepares mail and mailing sheet.
Postage Stamp Rate

Agents List
Acquaint yourselves to Ports & Port agents each cruise files

Lost property
To record found items handed at Reception and attach a control number
Itemise & prepare a list of all found items and have them boxed and ready
at the end of the cruise for sending to Customer Relations Dept.

Clearance Documents c/o Clearance Coordinator

Prepare clearance documents such as printing of manifest, passport
required, health declaration and printing of stores declaration through MMS.

Office Supplies
Issuance of office supplies to different departments using MMS procedure
Monitoring of stocks using MMS procedures and advise Reception Manager
to order supplies.

Printing of security swipe card of embarking passengers and check each
one using Fidelio system.
Preparing passport receipts for Z accounts & Non-EU passport holders
Preparing Finalizer folder
Prepares anniversary & birthday package sheet.
Anniversary letters & Formal Portrait Voucher
Prepares Oceans, Suite Dreams & Teenage Shuttle bus letters (as per Sr
Receptionists request)

-Mars 2013
Printing of Health Questionnaires
Preparing items needed by the Check-in staff

Responsible for printing of general disembarkation info and attachments of
coloured luggage tags (only for groups)
Merging letters
Preparing priority list, wheel chair list, PP auto debark, debark group order
& baggage discharge sheet.
Preparing priority & wheelchair letters
Wheelchair signs

Handling of passenger complaints, requests, questions

Any major complaints, has to be referred to Reception Manager or GRM

-Mars 2013