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5A We’ve gotten along well since we met.

Grammar Present perfect with for
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and since
Now and then

Vocabulary Collocations with make
and do
Sunday, September 1, 8 p.m. (Seattle time!)
Function Talk about length of time
Well, I’ve been here in Seattle for exactly three months.
It’s hard to believe because so much has happened. I
Get started was pretty nervous before we left the U.K. but it’s been
fine since my first day. I think I’m lucky – I made friends
1 How would you feel if you moved with a girl at school named Polly. We take a lot of the
to another country? same classes and we’ve gotten along really well since
we met. It feels as if I’ve known her for years! She’s
Read introduced me to other people, too, and that makes a
2 big difference.
2 02 Listen and read Jenna’s blog.
What does she miss about the U.K.? Last week four of us decided to go to the Pike Place
Market – there are lots of cool shops and stands there.
Comprehension Then we took a tour on a Duck – it’s a bus and a boat!
It’s great here, but there’s one thing I really miss. I
3 Circle the correct choices.
haven’t heard any football news for a long time. Can
1 Jenna is writing to friends in you do me a favor and tell me the standings?
a) the U.S. b) the U.K.
OK, I have to stop and do my science homework. My
2 She met Polly a) before she left the
books have been in my bag since Friday and I’ve done
U.K. b) when she arrived in Seattle.
nothing for my test tomorrow.

3 Jenna and her friends went
a) skating. b) shopping.
4 She a) has b) hasn’t done any
Science homework this weekend.
5 Jenna is a) happy b) unhappy
in her new home in Seattle.


Then put the words and phrases in the chart. (live) 5 She met Jack at the beginning of December. on Monday. write a blog about something or someone you’ve liked for a long • 1988 • a century • three years • August time. in your notebook. (know) 4 a decision 13 a noise 5 a difference 14 nothing Speak 6 some exercise 15 some shopping 8a Talk about you. Use one of the sentences in Exercise 8 to • we were children • a long time • ages get you started. . Then find some expressions 2 The last time he saw John was ten o’clock. . them at a concert. My books have been in my bag since Friday. . . 3 a cup of coffee 12 a mistake It’s the end of May now. Practice 4 (a favorite possession) I’ve had . Master your grammar. 2 5 03 Complete the phrases with make or do. b Now tell the class about your partner. It’s twelve o’clock now. 1 I’ve been a fan of the Jonas Brothers since I saw It’s been fine since my first day. since . • five minutes • I met you • last week • my birthday • a day • this morning Extra practice • last Monday • ten o’clock • a month • Student Book. (have) and do I’ve had these shoes for three months. Listen and repeat. ☛ Go to page 131. 1 (a pop star/band) I’ve been a fan of . . Unit 5 41 . 5 (family member) I haven’t seen . Complete the sentences 7 friends (with) 16 some work with your own ideas. since . . . since . . 2 (a friend) I’ve known . with make or do in Jenna’s blog. (be) make 1 an appointment 10 a meal 4 They moved to their apartment last summer. . for . . 3 (food) I haven’t eaten . I’ve had them since November. . about 2 your best 11 a mess a year ago. . (not see) 3 We arrived here two days ago. . GB. 6 Copy the chart in your notebook. Vocabulary: Collocations with make It’s February now. 5A Solve it! 7 Read the situations. page 36. . using for and since. Lesson 119 • Student CD-ROM. . . . Then. . . for since Write a century 1988 9 On a piece of paper. 1 I bought these shoes in November. for . page 115. write two sentences with the present perfect 4 What date did Jenna arrive in Seattle? form. Then tell your partner. 8 your homework 17 someone a favor 9 the housework 18 money Grammar Present perfect with for and since I’ve been in Seattle for exactly three months. Lesson 5A • Language Builder: WB. I haven’t heard any football news for a long time. .

1 Which band would you wait for hours to see? 4 Polly would like a ticket. what on earth are you guys doing? Sergio: We’re waiting to buy tickets for The Tones. . • What on earth . . 2 One or the other has been on line since Get started seven o’clock. ? • taking turns • worth all this trouble • for ages Pronunciation: /ɪr/ we’re. 4 When we go on vacation. we have. F for false. Function Talk about your experiences 1 The boys want to see The Tones. 3 Sergio hasn’t eaten anything all day. or NI for no Vocabulary Phrasal verbs with look information. 42 . We’ve been sitting here since 5 Complete the sentences with the words in the seven o’clock this morning. Let’s go. How many hours have the boys been on the line? Polly: Hi. Presentation 2 Solve it! 2 Listen and read along. next week. Vocabulary: Phrasal verbs with look Polly: How long have you been waiting? Greg: For ages. What are the boys 04 waiting for? 4 Look at the photo again. can you please look Phrases our cat? 2 5 Where’s the dictionary? I want to look 05 Listen and repeat. We’ve been taking turns. /ɛr/ where 6 Go to page 125.5BC How long have you been waiting? Grammar Present perfect continuous with Comprehension for and since 3 Answer T for true. a word. Polly: Have you been talking to other fans? Greg: Of course. 3 I’m really looking your party Greg: Oh look! The box office is finally open. box. 1 Where’s my phone? Please help me look for it! Polly: Is the band really worth all this trouble? 2 Come and look the picture I just Sergio: Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this concert took! for ages. Sergio: But we haven’t both been sitting here since then.

5 They/stay/with their aunt/a week 8 Complete the postcard below with the present Extra practice perfect continuous form of the verbs. how a non-stop. Lesson 5B • Language Builder: WB. 1 Milly/watch/TV/six o’clock Write Milly has been watching TV since six o’clock. 11 Now. Use the • How old were you when you started it? present perfect continuous and for or since. GB. My dad he 4 airport and si (take) photos nce then Anyway. page 38. • Student Book. Master your grammar. 4 He started collecting comics . Speak Short answers Yes. we have. 5B Grammar Listen 2 9a Listen to John and an old family friend. . . . • When did you first come to this school? ☛ Go to page 131. 1 ght now. I 3 bout its histor of the buildin y since we arriv gs are hundre ed. . write about your 2 Luke/play/video games/this morning partner and then about yourself. bu This place is re t I’m too lazy! ally interestin (read) a bit a g. Unit 5 Hi Dan! We’re having a n awesome tim little café ne e. Have you been talking to the other fans. • What’s your favorite subject? • When did you start studying it? Practice • What’s your favorite hobby? 7 In your notebook. 3 David/plan/his party/a long time Eva has been coming to this school since. 4 Lucy/learn/to play the piano/she was six I’ve been coming to this school for . b Ask and answer questions with How long . . we haven’t./No. 08 Present perfect continuous with for Complete the sentences. 10 PAIRS Ask and answer the questions. ? Questions A: How long has John been playing tennis? How long have you been waiting here? B: He’s been playing tennis since last summer. re you? What 5 (you/do) since 6 the last time we spoke? I (not rain) all hope it See you soon. . Ri ar the beach. 3 He had his first Spanish lesson . I’m in a CORREOS I ’ve been sitting here since bre (play) volleyba akfast! The ot hers 2 (sit) 25CTS ll for hours. . We haven’t both been sitting here since then. Lesson 120 • Student CD-ROM. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages. on a piece of paper. and since 1 John started going to Oakland’s School when he Affirmative was 11/five years ago . We’ve been waiting since seven o’clock. write sentences. page 115. Some bought a new ds of years ol camera at the d . 2 He first played tennis . week! Sam 43 . Negative 5 He started selling them .

can you start slicing the mushrooms? We don’t have much time. What’s for dessert? The friends are preparing a birthday dinner for Polly. Look! I bought some strawberries mushrooms. Jenna: Who knows? I’ve been calling him since five o’clock. Oh. persuade 14 15 16 7 13 10 8 12 3 4 6 11 1 9 2 5 Presentation 2 2 09 Listen and read along. 2 called Greg. I missed the bus. It’s been on for ten minutes. Greg. grate some cheese. and then come and 3 was late. Polly will be here soon. cooking verbs eat it? Have you ever made one? Function Offer. 44 . Where have you been? 1 Sergio will slice the Greg: Sorry. Put the ice cream in the freezer. When’s Greg coming? I haven’t seen him Comprehension since Monday. Sergio: Yes. no! Here comes Polly! 5 is the guest of honor. We’ve been planning this for correct names. and ice cream. Sergio. ages. accept or refuse. Jenna: Sergio. Sergio: OK. Jenna: Great. Here he is! Hi.5C Where have you been? Grammar Present perfect and present perfect Get started continuous with for and since 1 Do you like pizza? How often do you Vocabulary Food and drink. 3 Complete the sentences with the Sergio: I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten. have you turned on the oven? 4 brought the dessert.

but I’ve had too much already! 1 I/hate/mushrooms/I was little G: Well. Then practice. thanks. do you want some strawberries? I’ve hated mushrooms since I was little. 8 I/try/to fix my bike/nine o’clock this morning Refuse • No. yes. it’s great. P: Oh. go ahead. 7 we/not hear/from Kate/a long time • Thanks. I’ve been chopping onions. Extra practice • Student Book. Fruit strawberries Write Vegetables 7a PAIRS On a piece of paper. It’s been on for ten minutes. There’s/are a lot more/here. present perfect or present perfect continuous and J: Oh. (1–16) on page 44. I haven’t seen him since Monday. Lesson 5C • Language Builder: WB. verbs Persuade 5a Review Name the food items in the photo • Oh. • a/another cookie • a/another sandwich She boiled some water. I’ve had enough. in your notebook. for or since. I’m fine. Use the P: No. please! I’d love some. GB. 5C Grammar Use your English: Offer. write similar Meat/Fish party conversations. thanks. Master your grammar. I’d love one/some. Then make 10 • some ice cream • some more salad sentences with five of the verbs. please. P: No. Lesson 120 • Student CD-ROM. accept or refuse. persuade Present perfect and present perfect 6 2 11 PAIRS Listen and repeat. How many more words can you add? Check the Word bank on page 123. I just had lunch. page 116. We’ve been planning this for ages. continuous with for and since I’ve been calling him since five o’clock. go ahead. Practice J: Would you like another slice of pizza? 4 Write sentences in your notebook. cooking • No. Copy and complete the chart • Are you sure? It’s/They’re really delicious. page 40. Drink b Role-play a conversation in which you Other persuade your partner to eat one of these things. ☛ Go to page 131. that would be great. thanks. 2 b Extension Listen and repeat. There’s a lot left. Unit 5 45 . Vocabulary: Food and drink. 2 he/wear/the same socks/three days Offer He’s been wearing the same socks for three days. • Would you like some pizza? 3 they/know/each other/their first day of school • Do you want some more strawberries? 4 how long/you/do/that puzzle? 5 they/want/a dog/ages Accept 6 how long/your brother/talk/on the phone? • Yes.

People have been asking a lot of “shook” is a verb. I’ve also been having some trouble sleeping. BLOG Read Tuesday. not water. but I haven’t used it yet. In 12 hours. GRAT TE ED IN 5D Space travel CONSOLIDATION Get started SPACE Curriculum link: Science 1 Would you like to travel in space? Why or why not? Tell the class. Just 3 crew (line 12) mix it with water and heat it. 2 Read the astronaut’s blog and find these new words. 6 weaken (line 27) The space shuttle just delivered some fresh fruit! 3 Read the blog again. The view from the spacecraft is fantastic. the food floats out and you can try to catch it 5 weightless (line 25) in your mouth! We also get fresh food. If He’s been feeling sick. 2 spins (line 5) 15 Food: We have a lot of dehydrated food. so keep sending all those messages. and it feels like home. they weaken. and they 4 Answer the questions. 4 How do the astronauts wash? 5 How do the toilets work? 6 Why do they have to exercise a lot on the space station? 46 . When we sleep. I’ve been feeling very sick since the first night. I think it means it questions about our life. Guess the Thursday. we hang upside down. Where was 20 The bathroom: We don’t have showers. we’ll reach the space station. 5 The spacecraft spins round all the time. All the 1 shook (line 2) crew get along. and he’s been you don’t exercise hard. We’ve already seen huge electric storms and wonderful stars. and when we brush our teeth. he when he wrote each part? We use wet towels to wash our bodies. We station get fresh food? miss you and we’ll be back soon. work with jets of air. sometimes. 1 What two problems does the 25 Exercise: When you’re weightless. We have Comprehension toilets. May 29 10 Now we’re at the space station. your astronaut have? muscles and bones don’t have any work to do. too. here for six weeks. of them. so I’ll try to answer some moved quickly from side to side. food? 30 It’s always great to hear from you guys back on 3 How do the astronauts on the space Earth. There’s a 2 How do the astronauts prepare their rowing machine here. We’ve been living meaning. using the exercise bike twice a day. we swallow the water. When you open a 4 swallow (line 22) pack. April 15 The launch was so exciting – the whole spacecraft shook! That was about 36 hours ago. but we tie ourselves to the seats. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping.

• clothes • contact with home • free time • jobs • problems b Role-play an interview using your questions. New words • launch • spacecraft • electric storm • sick • hang • upside down • dehydrated • float • tie (v) • jet • muscle CLIL PROJECT. On a piece of paper. 5D Solve it! 5 How long is the journey to the space station? Speak 6a PAIRS On a piece of paper. Anousheh Ashari Date of space travel: 1 September 2006 Length of time in space: 2 Job: 3 4 Where born: 5 Now lives in: Main task while in space: 6 7 Famous for: Write 8 Imagine you have just returned from a trip to a space station. One of you is an astronaut and the other is a reporter. Use the ideas in the box or your own ideas. Listen 2 7 12 Listen and complete the factfile. write a blog about your experiences and how you are feeling now. write three questions to ask astronauts who are living on a space station. page 139 • bone • exercise (v) 47 .