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AERGE A 4S i-9 . THE ADVENTURES OF CIGARS OF THE PHARAOH © This is the life, Snowy Aveally quiet holiday for ‘a change. ita deadly bore We'll be arriving in Port [i Said tomorrow. We go lashore For the day.” Alwoliday,indeed ! Td call Our next stop will be Istanbul. We'll go ashore there too Ta settle for Mar- Tinapine. | 5 % Piraeus, Naples, Marseilles How about that for a mar: e then home throw Straits of Gibralean vellous cruise, eh, Snowy? Marvellous...You mean Bullas aitchwater! Why doesn't someone Failoverboard to bright- mtnings up? HALL LIRRAK® | Who?... What?... There!... Save that paper... It's Where? blowing away !..My Kilt-Osich papyrus! Whoa there, young mean’! You can't escape! What are you Stop! Stop! It’s going in the water ! Now look what youve || |{ Hello, that's odd done. That paper was |||| He's disappeared. terribly important. This poor gentleman ere. Whatever can have happened to him?