Chapter 3: meeting the coven. We heade d toward this 2 story high house. It was like a cabin in a way.

You know what it reminded me of that house in scary movie 3 at the beggining. I looked down and realized the only thing I wore was a white long t-shirt. “what’s wrong?” james a sked “ look what am wearing don’t you have something else?” I asked in panick “ im afraid so that not at this moment I have no other piece of clothing but insid e yes” james explained. With that we went inside. 4 pairs of eyes immediately lo oked at me. There was 3 guys and one girl. “ everybody this Isabelle” james intr oduced me. The girl came and hugged me “ it’s nice to meet you, I’m Whitney” she was a very petite girl. Jet black hair with golden highlights, This was her e ye color,16.The other 3 guys stood up and introduced themselves . Mark was 20 he has golden brown hair , dark blue eyes, 6 pack. Sebastian was 19 bronze hair, d irty green eyes, and 4 pack. And Jason 18 jet black hair, golden eyes, and a 6 p ack. I changed into appropriate clothes. Whitney and I were the only ones inside . The others left. “ is it hard living with all boys?” I asked. “not really, I m ean you get use to it” she answered. But there’s one thing they have in common v ery pale. After days we all got along very great, but until something started to happen. There were many animal attacks going on in this town. James seemed more overprotective over me. But we rarely talked in school or in the house. Me and Whitney became like a sister to me. “ you know what’s been going on with James “ I asked concerned. “ what you mean” Whitney said. “ he’s acting different “ I r esponded. “ well I honestly don’t know what’ been going on, but I am sure it’s n othing” she said. But that wasn’t enough. One day I was walking to my old house just to check on my dad. I walked in and he was sitting in the couch. When he sa w me he came and hugged me. He actually hugged me. “ dad it’s ok” I said to calm him down. “ I am so sorry I never mean to hurt you , I want you to come back I promise you I will change” he said. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. I had to tell James about this. We were in his room together, al one. “ James I need to tell you something” I said “ what is it?” he asked. “ uh I am going to move back with my dad” I said. “ what! Isabelle you know what he d id to you ’ he was pretty pissed at this point. “ I know but he asked me to forg ive him. Forgive and forget James “ I said disappointed. I thought he would und erstand. After that things between us was never the same. Chapter 4 : alone. After I moved with my dad. I remembered one day in school James didn’t show up. He would always be with me but he never use to talk. I got worried in Spanish cl ass he wasn’t there either. After school ended. I went straight to his house. I opened the door but he wasn’t there. Nothing was there everything was empty. I couldn’t believe it they left they left me. James left me he didn’t tell me an ything. I felt my world was crumbling to pieces. It’s like I was meant to be all alone. I felt my past was coming back. Like nothing has changed. I cried so muc h. I cried of sadness, I cried of anger. I just couldn’t believe it. I went b ack home and of course my dad was drunk. My life still is a living hell. --14 year old vampire.-has a new title. karma is a bitch.

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