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Dashboard Decor

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Dashboard Decor

Now you can have the luxury of wood grain

styling in your truck cab. This Prestige
Woodline selection is made by the market
leading supplier in Germany.
We carry stocks of Warm Brown Walnut finish to suit a
number of commercial vehicle dashboards as shown
here. See pages 6-10 for vans, minibuses and light
commercial kits.
Other colours and finishes are available to special order
such as Aluminium, Carbon Fibre Texture, and attractive
wood ranges: Rosewood, Dark Walnut, Honey Walnut
and Maple. Renault Premium 2005 on

There are now a number of inferior dashboard kits on the market.
At Parma, we only supply kits that we are confident have been
manufactured to a high standard.
These kits use a 2.5mm thick material providing a 3D look with a
highly polished appearance, adding real class to your cab.
The material has a soft flexible feel, is easy to work with and
apply, but is also unbreakable, scratch and splinter-proof.


Mercedes Actros 2003 on

Inset: passenger side


Scania R-Series
Climate control
DAF LF 2001 on

Dashboard kits are tested and approved

to German TV standards.


Dashboard Decor
See Price List or call our Sales Office for full current range
PPW-306 DAF LF 03.01 on
PPW-302 DAF 65/75/85 10.92-12.00
PPW-305 DAF 65/75/85 CF 03.01 on
PPW-304 DAF 95 XF Series 2 04.97 on
PPW-501 DAF 105 XF with phone 01.06 on DAF XF 105
2006 on
PPW-502 DAF 105 XF without phone 01.06 on
PPW-503 DAF 105 XF overhead lockers 01.06 on PPW-503
PPW-310 Iveco EuroCargo Cursor 01.04 on Overhead
PPW-311 Iveco EuroCargo Tector 01.01 on
PPW-314 Iveco Eurotech/EuroStar 01.02 on
PPW-313 Iveco Stralis 01.02 on
PPW-316 MAN F2000 03.95-12.99
PPW-317 MAN L2000 03.95 on
PPW-318 MAN TG 01.00-12.05
PPW-319 MAN Extras 01.00-12.05
PPW-510 MAN TGL 02.04 on
PPW-514 MAN TGA XXL Maxi 01.06 on PPW-346
PPW-515 MAN TGA XXL Medium 01.06 on
PPW-516 MAN TGA XXL Minimum 01.06 on
PPW-321 Mercedes Atego 01.98-12.00
PPW-322 Mercedes Atego/Axor 12.01-10.04
PPW-323 Mercedes Actros 10.96-02.00
PPW-324 Mercedes Actros 02.00 on
PPW-326 Mercedes Actros MP2 03.03 on
PPW-327 Mercedes Atego/Axor with phone 11.04 on
Volvo FH 2002 on
PPW-328 Mercedes Atego/Axor w/o phone 11.04 on
PPW-331L Renault Magnum* 07.90-05.97
PPW-332 Renault Magnum 05.97-03.02 PPW-510

PPW-333 Renault Magnum 04.02-02.05

PPW-337 Renault Magnum 03.05 on
PPW-336 Renault Midlum 02.00-03.06
PPW-536 Renault Midlum 03.06 on
PPW-334 Renault Premium 05.96-08.01
PPW-335 Renault Premium Euro 3 09.01 on
PPW-536 Renault Premium 08.05 on
PPW-342 Scania 4-Series 09.88-08.97
PPW-343 Scania R-Series 05.04 on MAN TGL 2004 on
PPW-344 Scania R-Series 05.04 on
PPW-340 Scania R-Series Locker parts 05.04 on
PPW-345 Volvo FH 12.93-03.02 SHADOW SHEETS
PPW-346 Volvo FH 04.02 on Each kit comes complete
PPW-347 Volvo FH Extras 04.02 on with a shadow sheet,
cleaning cloths and full
*Left hand drive only instructions.
Unless indicated, kits are for right hand drive vehicles, The sheets are available
with left hand drive options available to special order to help you select the Please ring our Sales
correct kit before ordering. Office for more details.

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Dashboard Decor


A luxury walnut dash decor kit enhances

the drab appearance of a
manufacturers basic dashboard.
An ideal accessory for convertors building on
small and medium chassis, dash kits are easily
applied and are available from stock to fit most
popular vehicles. See listing on page 9 and also
our Price List.

PPW-217 Iveco Daily
Some dash kits dash kit. Inset photo
include matching shows alternative
door trim. switch options

Parma can also
offer bespoke
designs to suit non-
standard minibus
options and also for
full size coaches.
Contact our
Sales Office for
more details.



Dashboard Decor
Walnut woodgrain has always been the most
popular finish for dashboard decor. However,
a number of manufacturers and operators are
selecting alternatives for a fresher, more
modern look.
Normally available to special order, taking about 20
working days, other options can be supplied such as Different finishes change the appearance of the
those illustrated on this page. dashboard. LDV Maxus with traditional walnut.
Aluminium, Carbon Fibre Texture and Graphite are
now becoming popular as well as the recently added
wood ranges: Rosewood, Dark Walnut, Honey Walnut,
Black Walnut and Maple.
For bus manufacturers and convertors, we can arrange
to hold stocks of these special finishes for quick delivery.
Please contact our Sales Office.
See next page and also our Price List for details of
standard kits available.
Identical kit to the one shown above but with
modern carbon fibre finish.

Graphite finish enlivens the full width of the dashboard Brushed aluminium option gives a brighter
on this Mercedes Vario luxury minibus. appearance to the same LDV dashboard.


To complement your
PWC-010 PWC-020
dashboard, why not fit
one of these attractive
steering wheel covers?
Available for 14" steering
wheels in a choice of walnut
or brushed aluminium
finish to match these
dashboard colours.
PWC-010 Walnut
PWC-020 Aluminium

TEL 01728 745700 FAX 01728 745718 7

Dashboard Decor
Our selection of dashboard kits includes many
for light and medium vans and chassis cabs.
Adding a touch of luxury to a mundane grey dashboard
improves the vehicle immeasurably. Minibuses, white vans
(and other colours!), horseboxes, people carriers and in PPW-251 Volkswagen T5
fact any light commercial will greatly benefit from the
Dash kits supplied as easy-peel
warm comfort of a walnut dashboard or one of our
sections and with cleaning
alternative modern finishes.
cloth and instructions.


Mercedes Vito 2003 on. Different variants available. PPW-224 Mercedes Sprinter


The range includes kits for popular motorhome

base vehicles and the fitment of a luxury dash
greatly enhances these high quality conversions.
Parma woodgrain dashboard kits vastly improve the vehicle
and especially the drivers environment. Although sometimes
fitted by the converter or motorhome dealer, they also lend
themselves to DIY fitment by the owner.
The resulting effect is satisfying and long lasting.
PPW-242 Renault Master 10.03 on

PPW-286 PPW-280

PPW-286 Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter 2006 on PPW-280 Ford

Extra kit PPW-288 Door pieces also available Transit 2006 on


Dashboard Decor
See Price List or call our Sales Office for full current range
PPW-234 Citron Berlingo 10.02 on
PPW-208 Citron Dispatch 01.96 on
PPW-238 Citron Dispatch Eurocab 01.96 on
PPW-209 Citron RelayDB 03.94-12.01
PPW-204 Citron RelayDB standard kit 01.02-04.06
PPW-210 Citron RelayDB maxi kit 01.02-04.06
PPW-290 Citron RelayDB maxi kit 05.06 on
PPW-291 Citron RelayDB standard kit 05.06 on
PPW-292 Citron RelayDB door pieces 05.06 on
PPW-290 Full kit for Fiat
PPW-293 Fiat Scudo 01.07 on
Ducato, Citron Relay and
PPW-213 Ford Transit 03.00-04.06
Peugeot Boxer 2006 on.
PPW-280 Ford Transit* 05.06 on
Smaller kit PPW-291 covers main dashboard only. PPW-281 Ford Transit** 05.06 on
PPW-217 Iveco Daily 11.00-03.06
PPW-292 PPW-284 Iveco Daily standard kit 04.06 on
PPW-285 Iveco Daily maxi kit 04.06 on
PPW-260 LDV Maxus maxi kit 03.04 on
PPW-261 LDV Maxus standard kit 03.04 on
PPW-262 LDV Maxus door pieces 03.04 on
PPW-220 Mercedes 709 01.87-09.96
PPW-221 Mercedes Vario 814 10.96 on
PPW-221E Mercedes Vario 814 digital tacho 10.96 on
Extra kit PPW-292 comprises a pair of door pieces. PPW-222 Mercedes Sprinter 01.95-02.00
PPW-223 Mercedes Sprinter* 02.00-03.06
PPW-224 Mercedes Sprinter** 02.00-03.06
PPW-249 PPW-227 Mercedes Sprinter Auto* 03.02-03.06
PPW-228 Mercedes Sprinter Auto** 03.02-03.06
PPW-286 Mercedes Sprinter maxi kit 04.06 on
PPW-288 Mercedes Sprinter door pieces 04.06 on
PPW-289 Mercedes Sprinter standard kit 04.06 on
PPW-226 Mercedes Vito 01.99-08.03
PPW-229 Mercedes Vito/Viano 06.03 on
PPW-229A Mercedes Vito/Viano extra pieces 06.03 on
PPW-229B Mercedes Vito/Viano door pieces 06.03 on
PPW-230 Mercedes Vito/Viano climate control 06.03 on
PPW-249 Volkswagen T4 1998-04 PPW-234 Peugeot Partner 10.02 on
PPW-238 Peugeot Expert Eurocab 01.96-01.07
PPW-293 Peugeot Expert 02.07 on
We normally stock these dashboards in medium walnut PPW-242 Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano 10.03 on
in right hand drive. Other colours and special finishes PPW-244 Master/Movano door pieces 10.03 on
are available to special order such as Aluminium and PPW-243 Renault Trafic/Vauxhall Vivaro 04.01 on
Carbon Fibre Texture. PPW-247 Renault Trafic/Vauxhall Vivaro 04.01 on
LEFT HAND DRIVE? PPW-222 Volkswagen LT 01.95 on
Some left hand drive kits stocked, others to order. PPW-249 Volkswagen T4 06.98 on
Please confirm when placing your order. PPW-250 Volkswagen T5 05.03 on
PPW-251 Volkswagen T5 extra pieces 05.03 on
PPW-252 Volkswagen T5 climate control 05.03 on
IMPORTANT PPW-253 Volkswagen T5 Caravelle door pieces 05.03 on
Please help us supply the right kit for your vehicle. Citron Relay kits also fit equivalent models Fiat Ducato

Check carefully the date of manufacture and and Peugeot Boxer.

model number when ordering. This is especially *without passenger airbag **with passenger airbag
important for motorhomes when the build date of
the base chassis is required. If in doubt, ask for a
shadow sheet first to check details.

TEL 01728 745700 FAX 01728 745718 9

Dashboard Decor
FITTING Plain, drab commercial dashboard prior
Adding a quality finish to your dashboard simply to fitment of attractive walnut decor.
requires some spare time, a hairdrier or hot air gun
and a clean cloth.
Full instructions are supplied with every kit.
The pictures on this page may help to illustrate the procedure.
The vehicle in this instance is a 2004 Volkswagen T5.

After carefully cleaning the

dashboard surface, identify
each part and confirm its
position on the dash or
elsewhere in the vehicle interior.

The individual pieces are fixed

one at a time by firm hand
pressure and the use of gentle
heat to help cure the adhesive.
A hairdrier or hot air gun on
medium setting is ideal for this.

Please note that some kits have

alternative pieces which suit
different cab variants.

The finished result greatly

enhances the vehicle both
visibly and to the touch.

Final result A warm, luxury interior

finish to complement a quality vehicle.

Dashboard fitting photographs on this page Lindsay Porter 2005