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e #6

CEE 492

Spring 2015

Turn in a properly named file by 5:00 PM on May 8th

Complete the following using the same project you started last week.

Task 1

1.Add the following tasks. Make sure the the correct WBS is specified for each.

WBS Activity ID Activity Name Duration Activity Type Calendar

Estimate OZ1030 Installation 4 Task 5 Day
Requirements d Dependent
Estimate OZ1040 Documented
Component Bids 3 Task 5 Day
Requested and d Dependent
Estimate OZ1050 Received
Project Schedule 4 Task 5 Day
Developed d Dependent
Estimate OZ1060 Technical Details 9 Task 5 Day
Schedule Drafted d Dependent
Estimate OZ1070 Costs from 2 Task 5 Day
Component d Dependent
Proposal OZ1080 Bid Bids Compiled
Document 3 Task 5 Day
Proposal OZ1090 Draft Bid Document 1 Task 5 Day
Reviewed d Dependent
Proposal OZ1100 Design Validated 1 Task 5 Day
Proposal OZ1110 Proposal Draft 1 Task 5 Day
Bid Document d Dependent
Proposal OZ1120 Revised
Component Work 6 Task 5 Day
Packages Negotiated d Dependent
Proposal OZ1130 Bid Document 1 Task 5 Day
Proposal OZ1140 Submit Bid 0 Finish 5 Day

2.Add a note to activity OZ1100. You do this in the Activity Details window at the
bottom of the page. Click on the Notebook tab (if the Notebook tab isnt there then
right click close to the other tabs->select Customize Activity Details), click Add,
select topic Verification / Validation then enter note Validation must be done be
registered PE.
3.Sort the activities in your activity table (top left window) according to WBS. (right
click in the window -
> Group and Sort -> under the column Group By select WBS level 1)

Task 2

Management has received your draft report and requests that some
changes be made to the presentation.

1.Add a Calendar and Activity Type column to the right of the Activity Name
2.Change the Row Height to 30 points (right click in activity table -> select Table
Font and Row)
3.Format the timescale to Month and Week (right click in Gantt chart window ->
Select Timescale)
5.Format the Vertical lines with a solid Major line every month and a Minor line every
6.Adjust the timescale so that all the descriptions and bars are visible
Task 3


You have determined the logical sequence of activities, so you may now create
the relationships.

1.Input the Logic Below:

Activity ID Activity Name Original Duration Predecessors

OZ1000 Bid Request 0d
OZ1010 Received
Bid Strategy 1d OZ1000
OZ1020 Technical Feasibility 8d OZ1010
OZ1030 Installation 4d OZ1020
OZ1040 Document
Component Bids 3d OZ1030
OZ1050 Received
Project Schedule 4d OZ1030
OZ1060 Technical Details 9d OZ1020
Schedule Drafted
OZ1070 Costs from 2d OZ1040
OZ1080 BidsDocument
Bid Compiled 3d OZ1050,OZ1060
Drafted ,OZ 1070
OZ1090 Draft Bid Document 1d OZ1080
OZ1100 Design Validated 1d OZ1090
OZ1110 Proposal Draft Bid 1d OZ1090
Document Revised
OZ1120 Component Work 6d OZ1100
OZ1130 Negotiated
Bid Document 1d OZ1120,
OZ1140 Submit Bid 0d OZ1130

2.Hide the Activity Name bar. (hint: right click in Gantt Chart -> select Bars)
3.Make sure logic links are displayed
4.Make sure Milestones and bars are displayed
5.Add the Total Float Column
6.Reschedule the project

Task 4
You will add steps to activity OZ1050. Steps allow you to break down individual
activities into more specific tasks.

1.Make sure activity OZ1050 is highlighted

2.Add the Steps tab to the activity details window (if it is not there, right click
and add it)
3.In the Steps tab, click on Add From Template

You can add Steps manually (by clicking Add) or use the templates that Primavera

4.Double click on Interactive Planning

Task 5

You will now add activity codes to activities OZ1050 and OZ1070. Activity codes
allow you to organize activities according to whatever category you would like.

1.Highlight activity OZ1050

2.Click on the Codes tab in the project details window
3.Click on Assign
4.In the Global category, go to Activity Code: Department and select
Construction Department
5.Do the same for activity OZ1070 but select Purchasing Department

You can use these codes to organize you activity table or create filters based on
these codes.

Task 6

Now youre going to create a filter so that only the activities that start within a week
are displayed. Filters are helpful in determining specific situations within your
schedule. When projects have thousands of activities, filters are a good way to sift
through all the data.

1.Click on the Layout tab right above your activities table.

2.Select Filters

There are already several default filters that you can use.

3.Select New
4.Name your filter 1 Week Lookahead
5.Under parameter pick Early Start
6.Under is pick Within Range of
7.Under value pick DD (data date)
8.Under high value type in DD+1W
9.Hit Ok on both windows
Now only the activities that are starting in the next week should be displayed. You
can save this layout and associated filter by clicking on the layout tab, going to
Layout and then clicking Save As.
10. Remove the filter so that all activities are shown.

Save file in .XER format according to the following

convention: P6_OzBuild_(First Name)_(Last

Name)_(DayMonthYear) Upload the file to the

dropbox on eCOW2 by the due date.