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Art- Drawing Strategies: Grade 1

Jordan Logan
Art Lesson Plan #4- Creating a number line
LESSON PLAN OBJECTIVES - Students will: (within this lesson)

By the end of the assignment...

The students will attain new drawing strategies to apply across other
The students will create connections between the drawing strategies and
their own strategies.
The students will demonstrate an ability to apply the drawing strategies to
the lesson activities.
The students will apply the drawing strategies in different contexts to
create a greater image.

By the end of the lesson...

The students will demonstrate their number sense (math curr.)
The students will apply their drawing ability with shapes to the number line
The students will incorporate various different creative elements to their


Alberta Program of Studies



Long blank paper

Drawing materials
Pre-drawn examples

Pre-emptive Tasks for Teacher

Teacher will prepare materials prior to lesson.

Teacher will prepare discussion points prior to lesson.
Teacher will ensure exemplar is prepared prior to lesson.


Introduction (5 min.)

Welcome the students to the class and gather their attention.

Review with the students the image drawing concept completed in the
previous lesson. Have the students review their previous work and decide
what their individual drawing will be.
The teacher will explain the number line concept of the lesson today, hand
out the long pieces of blank paper, have the students write their name on
it, and then wait for instruction.

Body (20 min.)

Learning Activity #1: (XX minutes)

The students will start by drawing a line across the page turned horizontally.
The students will then draw out 10 evenly spaced ticks and write the
numbers above the ticks from 1-10.
The students will then draw their image, symbol according to the amount of
the number above the tick.
The students will have the period to work on their number lines and will be
strongly encouraged to focus on neatness of their drawings.
The teacher will collect the number lines for summative assessment at the
end of the period

Closure (5 min.)

Have the students clean up all materials and prepare for health class

(Observations, Key Questions, Products/Performances)

Ongoing formative in relation to assignment completion

Did students.
o Complete their number lines to the best of their ability.
o Demonstrate an understanding of how shapes are contrasted to
create images.
o Apply their drawing strategies to the number line creation.