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connector insertion loss / constant voltage power supply

joins the ends of two optical fibers together high resistance, making it very suitable for
temporarily. precision wire-wound resistors and for form-
connector insertion loss The power loss (in ing thermocouples with iron, copper, silver,
dB) by an optical signal as it passes through a and so on. Used as a negative lead in types E,
fiber-optic connector. J, and T thermocouples.
connect time 1. The length of time a user is constant-bandwidth (CBW) The spacing of
connected to a computer system measured FM subcarriers equally with relation to each
from logon to logoff. 2. The amount of time it other. See proportional bandwidth.
takes a switching network to connect the constant cavitation An early level of cavita-
calling party to the called party. tion that is characterized by mild, steady
consecutive access A method of data access popping or crackling sounds, which may be
that is characterized by the sequential nature audible or detected by vibration measure-
of the I/O device involved. For example, a ments. It is the next higher inflection point
card reader is an example of a consecutive on the cavitation profile above the point of
access device. Each card must be read one incipient cavitation. This level is represented
after another, and no distinction is made by the constant cavitation coefficient sc. [ISA-
between logical sets of data in or among the RP75.23-1995]
cards in the input hopper. constant-current potentiometer A type of
conservation of charge The principle that null-balance instrument for determining an
states that the total charge of an isolated sys- unknown DC voltage, usually less than 10 V,
tem is constant. Also known as "charge con- under conditions that maintain constant cur-
servation." rent in the detector circuit. Resolution of up
conservation of energy (first law of to one part in 103 can be achieved with a sin-
thermodynamics) The principle that gle potentiometer slidewire and up to one
energy cannot be created or destroyed, part in 107 with a multidecade device.
although it can be changed from one form constant-current transformer A type of
into another. Also known as "energy conser- transformer that automatically adjusts the
vation." output of its secondary circuit to maintain a
consistency A qualitative means for classify- constant current under varying load imped-
ing substances, especially semisolids, accord- ances when its primary windings are con-
ing to their resistance to dynamic changes in nected to a constant-voltage power supply.
shape. constant-delay (filter) See bessel.
console 1. A main control desk for an inte- constant-head meter A flow measurement
grated assemblage of electronic equipment. device that maintains a constant pressure dif-
Also known as "control desk." 2. A grouping ferential by varying the cross section of a
of control devices, instrument indicators, flow path through the meter, such as in a pis-
recorders, and alarms that are housed in a ton meter or rotameter.
freestanding cabinet or enclosure to create an constant-load balance A single-pan weight-
operator's workstation. 3. The cabinet or ing device that has a constant load and in
enclosure for a floor-model radio or televi- which the sample weight is determined by
sion receiver, or similar electronic device. 4. hanging precision weights from a counter-
That part of a terminal that provides user poised beam.
input and output capability. 5. A control cen- constant-resistance potentiometer A type of
ter, or part of a control center, that has one or null-balance instrument for determining an
more inclined surfaces for mounting instru- unknown DC voltage, usually less than 10 V,
ments and controls within a range, for conve- by using a constant scaling resistor in paral-
nient viewing and manipulation lel with the potentiometer circuit.
constant 1. A value that remains the same constant status A status attribute that has
throughout the distinct operation. The oppo- both the high- and low-limit indications set
site of variable. 2. A data item that takes as its and is used to indicate that the downstream
value its name (hence, its value is fixed dur- block cannot respond to the output of the
ing the execution of a program). upstream block. [ISA-TR50.02, Part 9-2000]
constant-amplitude (filter) A reference to the constant voltage power supply A power
characteristic of a butterworth filter. See But- supply that is capable of maintaining a fixed
terworth. voltage across variable load resistance and
constantan An alloy of copper (50% to 60%) over defined input voltage and frequency
and nickel that has a very low temperature change. Output current is automatically con-
coefficient of resistance and comparatively