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Literacy 7- The Lie Detector

LESSON PLAN OBJECTIVES - Students will: (within this lesson)

By the end of the lesson...

The students will apply their knowledge of reading skills and read
The students will apply the knowledge gained in the story and have an
insightful discussion about it.


The Lie Detector

Lesson 151 & 152 instruction manuals


The Lie Detector

Kids polygraph explanation-
Jimmy Kimmel Fake Lie Detector-

Pre-emptive Tasks for Teacher

Teacher will read and fully understand the book and essential elements
Teacher will prepare discussion points to guide class discussion
Teacher will prepare YouTube video to view in class


Introduction (10 min.)

Welcome class and gather attention in preparation for discussion

Introduce book title and author
Discuss that from the title can we: tell what its about? Can we tell if its
fiction or non-fiction? What kind of fiction book might it be?
Discuss what a lie detector is
Transition into reading of the book

Body (25 min.)

Learning Activity #1: (XX minutes)

Read book using selective student reading
Stop book at various points to discuss any wording or issues that arise
Pg. 3- what does the author mean when they say doubtful
Top of pg.4- what are some of the feelings that Daniel might be
feeling at this point? What about Ty?
After pg.13- How reliable do you guys think this detector is? From
what we know about lie detectors are they 100% accurate?
At the end of the book- Who did it? How do we know this? What in the
book exactly says that Ryan did it?
What type of fiction book is this? Does it seem like it could be fairly
realistic? What might a realistic fiction book be like? What are some
Learning Activity #2 (May extend into 2 days depending on time
Kids polygraph explanation-
Start at 1 min
Jimmy Kimmel Fake Lie Detector-
Play until 3 min
Discussion about what a polygraph really is and what exactly happened in
the Jimmy Kimmel video.
Play the 2 truths and a lie game with students--- Conditional sponge if
lesson is bumped
Discuss with the student who the characters are, the setting of the story,
the problem, and how it was solved.

Closure (5 min.)

Have students discuss who might use a lie detector and how difficult it
might be to actually make one.
What was the problem in the story? How did Daniel resolve it?

(Observations, Key Questions, Products/Performances)

Ongoing formative in relation to assignment completion

Did students.
o Read the book with little to no help without struggling
o Use various different techniques and strategies to overcome any
difficult words that they struggled with.
o Participate in any