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Unit 2 Grammar practice

Relative clauses Relative pronouns and prepositions

1 Choose the correct alternatives. 4 Choose the correct alternatives.

That is the restaurant when / where my parents celebrated their High school proms, about / to which people wear formal
wedding anniversary. clothes, are held every year in the USA.
1 Sandra is the girl which / who won the Halloween costume 1 Stellas designs, for / about which she is very well known,
competition. are unique.
2 Spain is a country which / when has many beautiful cities. 2 My grandfather returned to the Spanish city on / in which he
3 The two weeks before Christmas is the time who / when was born.
many people go shopping. 3 The book True Grit, on / about which the film is based, is
4 Thats the boy whose / who sister is getting married fantastic.
tomorrow. 4 I was invited to a party to / for which I wore a
5 Those are the people which / who arranged the wedding fancy-dress costume.
ceremony. 5 Their customs, in / about which he didnt know a lot,
6 Those are the gifts who / which I got for my birthday. seemed very strange to him.

2 Cross out the relative pronoun in the sentences if it is not 5 Complete the sentences with who or whom and write
necessary. whether the sentences are formal (F) or informal (I).
Is this the dress which youre wearing to the party? The man who is celebrating his birthday is over there.I
1 Thats the caf which I like. 1 To ___________________ did you send the flowers? _____
2 Those are the guests who are friends of the bride. 2 I dont know ___________________ he went to the party
3 How much did you pay for the ring that you bought? with. _____
4 Thats the man whose car is parked in front of the church. 3 ___________________ did they ask to babysit the child?
5 This is the place where the festival is held every year. _____
4 With ___________________ will they be dining this
3 Complete the sentences with the relative pronouns /
adverbs who, which, when, where and whose. Add commas evening? _____
where necessary to the sentences that contain non-defining 5 He didnt tell me ___________________ he had been
relative clauses.
seeing. _____
The documentary, which we saw last night, was about
American customs. 6 Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.
1 Patricia ___________________ is starting university this the man / last year / lived with / who / Hes / I
week is my older sister. Hes the man who I lived with last year.
2 The dress shop ___________________ you took me to is 1 whom / to / did / she / the festival / With / go / ?
amazing! __________________________________________
3 Can you return the books ___________________ you 2 visited / the house / We / the author / in / was born / which
borrowed from me, please? __________________________________________
4 Theres the boy ___________________ broke the window in 3 a festival / Diwali / is / at / people / light / candles / which
the school. __________________________________________
5 That caf ___________________ we had lunch yesterday 4 saw / a boy / I / went / with / to school / Today /
was very expensive. who / I
6 Tom ___________________ father works with me is coming __________________________________________
to my house later. 5 famous / My sisters cakes / delicious / which / are / for / is /
7 She cant remember ___________________ the exam she
starts. __________________________________________