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A single 1500p army list, using at the most 2 different formations or

40k or 30k lists are allowed.
You may include a single superheavy unit.
For missions in this campaign, you must select parts of your primary army to do
specific tasks, in these cases, you may claim all bonuses from your formations as
if the models not present had been killed earlier in the battle. If the bonuses
would be lost when models are removed, you may not claim these bonuses for
that mission.
Mission 1 Fortune favors the bold CRAZY
Modified corner deployment, 12 from the corner
NO RESERVES ALLOWED for this mission! Any units which have to begin in
reserve must begin on the table turn 1, flyers in hover mode.
Every turn, after the movement phase.
each non-vehicle unit not embarked in a vehicle suffers a d3+3 s3 hits. Very
bulky models suffer s4 hits.
Vehicles suffer a single s7 hit in the rear facing. These hits may only glance the
vehicle, all pens are reduced to a glancing hit.
Superheavies suffer a single wound or hp with the ignore armour special rule, but
may be prevented using cover or invul saves (or FnP).
Exception: All units which claim coversave from ruins or fortifications
do not suffer this damage. If a squad with several models, the majority
must be in cover in order to benefit from this rule.

Marked for destruction: Make a secret note of 4 units in the opponents army,
each of these units are worth 1 VP if destroyed. Any unit marked for destruction
must be worth more than 75p.
Slay the warlord 1vp
Linebreaker 1vp
Special mission achivements (may only be claimed once)
I dont give a damn! A unit stayed out of cover for the entire game (and was
not embarked on a transport), and stayed within 6 of the center at the end of 2
consecutive turns. 1vp.
Challenger. At the start of the game. Pick one of your units or models, then
issue a vocal challenge to an enemy unit or model worth at least 2x the value of
your unit/model. If your Challenger kills the last model or wound of the target for
your challenge, gain 1 vp. The challenged unit/model may not be one marked for
destruction. 1vp. The challenger unit must begin the game on the table or arrive
by reserve from your table edge at the start of your first turn (so no drop pods,
from the shadows etc).
Mission 2 Tremors
The planet crust shattered under the intense bombardment, setting off intense
Mission rules
Standard deployment.
Divide the table into 3 48x24 parts. They must be spaced 6 apart.
Mission special rules
Every turn, the tremors move everything around. All units on the table are
moved 3 in a random direction as if they moved on their own accord. They stop
if they would end up in another unit or impassible terrain, but must take a
dangerous terrain test.
Outflanking due to the destruction of the planet crust, outflanking is difficult,
and as such a reserve roll for an outflanking unit will only succeed on a 5+. Units
that automatically arrive by reserve instead arrive on 3+. If successful, the
outflanking unit may arrive at either short edge of the tables (the 24 sides).

Objectives, 1 on the middle of the centerline of each part. Score 1 vp from each
one you hold at the end of a player turn. No unit can move or fire across different
table parts unless they completely wiped the enemy in their part, then they may
leave their table part by walking off the edge, at which point they are placed in
ongoing reserve.

Slay the warlord

Mission 3, unlocking the future

3 secret markers along the centerline, spaced evenly apart
3 key slots along each players deployment zones, spaced at the same distance
from each other but along the 12 line from the table edge.
Uncovering the key: The secret markers can be unlocked in any phase by
being inside 1 of them. Any non-vechicle or monsterous creature can uncover a
marker. The first marker uncovered, roll a d6, on a roll of 5-6 the key is
uncovered. The second marker, roll a d6, on 4-6 the key is uncovered. The third
marker is always the key if it has not been uncovered yet. As soon as the key is
uncovered, remove all secret markers.
Retrieving the key: The key can only be carried by infantry or jump infantry. To
retrieve it, select a model which is friendly to the active player which is 1 from
the key at the end of any game phase and declare that they pick up the key. A
model which has picked up the key may not move further in that game turn.
Place a single marker in base contact with the model carrying the key, it can NOT
be transferred inside the unit unless the model carrying it dies, in that case a
new model may pick it up if within 1. Models carrying the key cannot ever move
more than 6 in a single game turn, if they do, the key is dropped. Models carrying
the key cannot shoot or fight in close combat, and are hit automatically in close
combat if they are the only model in the unit or in a duel.