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9/5/2014 How to Be an AntiCapitalist: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Be an AntiCapitalist
Anti-capitalism describes a wide variety of movements, ideas, and
attitudes which oppose capitalism. Anti-capitalists, in the strict sense of the
word, are those who wish to completely replace capitalism with another system;
however, there are also ideas which can be characterized as partially anti-
capitalist in the sense that they only wish to replace or abolish certain aspects of
capitalism rather than the entire system.


1 Read books about ideologies There are many ideologies that seek a
replacement of the capitalist system. They include political ideologies from both
the left and the right. From the left, Anarchism, Socialism, Communism, Anti-Globalization,
Participatory Economics and Inclusive Democracy. From the right, mostly just Fascism can
be considered anti-capitalist (by some, not all) because it's strong adherence to state-
corporatist ideals.
Anti-capitalism: A Beginner's Guide by Simon Tormey
Parecon: Life After Capitalism by Michael Albert
Realizing Hope: Life Beyond Capitalism by Michael Albert
A Movement of Movements:
by Tom Mertes
Is Another World Really Possible?
Limits to Capital by David Harvey
Confronting Capitalism by George Katsiaficas

2 Study the historical events. The World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in
1999, the Zapatistas, Paris in 1968, and the rise of trade unions throughout the
A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
Fences and Windows:
by Naomi Klein
Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate
No Logo by Naomi Klein
Capitalism and Its Economics: A Critical History by Douglas Dowd
Understanding Capitalism :
by Douglas Dowd
Critical Analysis from Karl Marx to Amartya Sen
A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey
The Enigma of Capital by David Harvey
How to Succeed at Globalization:
by El Fisgon
A Primer for Roadside Vendors (American Empire Project)

3 Participate in an organization that works to subvert, counter and dismantle

the capitalist system and it's inherent exploitation. There are several anti-
capitalist political parties, non-profits, advocacy groups and direct action organizations.
You don't just "join" these groups like some kind of e-mail list, you have to participate in 1/3
9/5/2014 How to Be an AntiCapitalist: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
them. Because capitalism destroys the environment, many of these groups are focused on
both environmental liberation and anti-capitalist ideology.

4 Just to name a few,

Earth First!
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Freegan/dumpster diving meet up groups
Socialist Party USA

5 Read Journals, magazines, DIY ZINES!!!!. There are many anti-capitalist media
sources, and they include
[1]In These Times[1],

"Anarcho-Syndicalist Review"
[2] CounterPunch,
Common Dreams,
Red Pepper[3],
Socialist Worker[4],
Monthly Review[5],
Mother Jones[6],
The Nation,
New Politics,
New Internationalist[7],
Political Affairs[8]
and ZMag[9].

6 Join a union. This might be difficult, and you will probably anger your employer
considerably. Move forward with the campaign, and be aware of your legal rights
wherever you live.

7 Attend the World Social Forum[10].


No Logo and The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein are also worth
Anti-Capitalism : A Guide To The Movement by Emma Bircham & John
Charlton is a good place to start. 2/3
9/5/2014 How to Be an AntiCapitalist: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

A True Anti-Capitalist Never Asks To Borrow Money.


Be mindful of your security culture and the safety of yours and of others
while campaigning for whichever ideology you support.
Understand the gravity and potential repercussions of any and all illegal
actions violent and non-violent.
Be aware that historically capitalists have fought back against anti-
capitalist movement with both violent and non-violent repression.

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