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The new game market helps the economics of

ASEAN countries and brings benefits.

LI Jung Huang
(Kelly) G.1106
The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

The new Southeast Asia game market


Nowadays, an increasing number of people are starting to play games on their

phones, computers, or other kinds of platform. They play games when they are bored,

play as their job, in which some kinds of game do help people to earn profits. People

play games at whenever they want because they can feel relaxed when playing games.

And which the game can influence people's life in different sides. It may affect from

their lifestyle, social and a hobby, to something as big as the economics of the country.

The game industry is becoming more popular and is developing very quickly, which

makes the game industry market grow slowly in the South East Asia. According to the

reports of NewZoo, the famous game market researcher, the games revenue of game

companies in Thailand can reach to 2.3 billion per year, which shows the possibility

of it, and this is a new type market that has a lot of potential. Some of relative

companies see the possible business from it and further investment or attach the

important of this market. Moreover, the money people spend on games to buy the

props or the characters are increasing every year, everyone can see the growth rate of

income change in an amazing speed, which helps to spur the economics. So, this

brand new game market influences the economics of South East Asian countries and

benefits the country in many ways, such as the chance of career, the flow of money,

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

Growth of income rate

Due to different researches, the income rate of game market increase every single

year. As we all know, people nowadays stick on different kinds of games, and since

the online payment is more convenient than pass, they can buy games in App store,

Google play or in Steam, then spending plenty of money in those games for props and

characters. Some of the game companies even corporate with the famous comic or

animations to attract the attention of customers and pay for the game, and is a kind of

common method to increase the revenue at present. The first of all, the data that

analysis from different game companies shows that how much money people spent on

game. According to the report from Newzoo (Newzoo: Analysis of market data of six

countries in Southeast Asia, 2016), the total game revenue of South East Asia

achieved to 1.1 billion dollars in 2014. Which is a 28% rate of growth compare to

2013, and shows the rate of people consuming in games growing a lot, Newzoo also

expected the number of revenue will grow in double in 2017.The report from Newzoo

point out that the revenue of this game market keeps growing every year. And since

the internet is getting more common for the publics, most of people have the ability to

consume in games, which is another reason why the game revenue is increasing.

Second, the report from the game market researching company who consider about

the global game market trend, they found out that the mobile gamers are another large

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

group who affect the income rate a lot. According to Newzoo (Qi, 2016), there are

140 million mobile gaming players in South East Asia contribute 1.4 billion dollars in

gaming revenue of 2016. The market expect to grow a CAGR of 45.3% by 2015 to

2019, which eventually approaching to 4 billion dollars. This tells that how much

money people can spend on those games, and then help to drive the flow of money in

these countries. Now you can see these mobile games try to get your money by

different ways, you may need to pay for the energy to play, or even to unlock the new

stage, which those above all lead to the growth of total annual revenue in this game

market. These two are the examples that show how the gaming revenue increasing

every single year, or why the new market can help to promote the consumption rate of

people. And there is no doubt that the market affects the local economics very much,

which we can see from the data above.

Drive the prosperity

This new game market also helps to drive the prosperity of related industries,

such as hardware market, or other kinds of game industry. At present, the fastest

growing region of global game market is in Southeast Asia, and the main reason for

this phenomenon is because of the new mobile users increasing every year. With more

intense competition in the mobile gaming market, in order to gain a greater profit,

some company decide to enter the Southeast Asian market, and begun to explore more

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

other possible business such as the gaming industry. According to the latest data, it

shows that Southeast Asian gaming enthusiasts to reach 9.5 million in 2016, and this

figure will become double in 2019 (Zhang,2016). Which show a huge opportunity in

the part of gaming industry, because many people may start want to buy the gaming

devices or something related after watching gaming competition, and experience the

game by themselves and also promote the popularizing of internet caf and the use of

PC games. Research from the IDC (International Data Corporation) tells about the

Thailand electronic equipment market conditions, which mainly focus on the smart

phones, tablet, notebook, and desktop computers. Due to the research (Overview of IT

electronic equipment market in Thailand in 2016., 2016), Thailand's PC market is in a

phase of continuous growing. In 2016, computer sales were about 2.55 million units,

and grow 6.6% from 2.38 million units in 2015. For the total sales of 2016, it reaches

to a number of 52 billion baht, and compared with the revenue of 2015 that which was

49 billion Baht, it increased 6.4% in a year. This evidence shows how do the market

helps to drive the prosperity of the hardware market, and tells the sale of e-sport

computer do increase as people pay close attention to this new kind sport. We all

know that the a computer can use for 3 to 5 years depends on how you use, and as

people can use their computers for so long, the revenue of the computers still reach to

this kind of high number, which is quite remarkable. As the Pc games have always

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

been the first choice for players, some famous game companies publish several new

PC games which need to have high quality computer equipment such as graphic card

or other devices. Jon Peddie Research, the market research institutions new report

tells about the sales of gaming hardware. The report of Jon Peddie Research (2016 PC

game hardware market sales of over 30 billion US dollars.2016), which shows that in

2016 the global PC gaming hardware market sales for the first time exceeded with the

revenue of 30 billion US dollars, which is expected to remain a growth rate of 6% in

2019. JPR has this statistical report includes the DIY installed, hardware upgrades,

mouse and keyboard peripherals and audio equipment and so on. In the PC game

hardware market the Southeast Asia region has a very spanking growth, which is

because of the huge population in these countries, and also due to the populate of the

PC game culture, these leading the market value reached to $ 11.3 billion in 2016.

There are a number of factors that have contributed the global consumer to keep

sustain the PC gaming platform, which including the PC hardware can provide with

better gaming performance, said Ted Pollak (2016), the senior gaming industry

analyst at JPR. The report tells that the gaming hardware is another potential market

that spur by the game market, you can see a growth of revenue every time when there

is some high quality PC game which needs a crazy equipment requirement is on sale.

And this is because the better equipment can give you a higher enjoyment during

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

gaming. These above all prove the connection between of hardware market and game

market, and show how the new Southeast Asia game market drives the high popularity

then cause a huge profit in the related industry. The new game market also helps the

economics of ASEAN countries, and brings plenty of benefits

Job opportunity

Lastly, and also the one benefit people the most is that the market helps to

increase the chance of career. As there are more companies and game developers start

to notice and paying attention on the South East Asia gaming market, they might

investment or open a branch office at those countries. These kinds of action lead to a

growth of career opportunities, and makes these countries become a place where lots

of people would choose to start their new careers. According to the article of Jiun

Chan, she talked about the profile of the game market and the possibility of it, and

also the raise of jobs opportunity in these countries. Mobile gaming is set to shape

the job market in Southeast Asia, opening plenty of opportunities for passionate

gamers to start a career. Consequently, this is defining the nature of IT jobs in this

sector, with those who grew up playing video games now having even more channels

to turn their passion into a career. Southeast Asia in particular will become a hotspot

for candidates looking for these jobs, as growth in this sector looks to outpace

competing markets. (Chan, 2016). This evidence shows about the relationship

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

between the game market and the South East Asia job market, and how do these

countries become the hotspot for finding new career. According to the primary search

from different job websites such as from Taiwan, there are plenty kinds of

new type jobs that are related to the gaming raise recently. The job websites have

shown that, there are many different companies post the job opportunity in the sites,

which are all related to the gaming. For example, Cowinn International Inc needs a UI

game designer to work in Philippines, which is one of the counties that have a high

potential in game market. Moreover, the company named Viron wants some game

data analysist, mobile gaming product manager, etc. These all show that the game

market do increase the opportunity of job and lead to new type careers that are about

games, which people can have more choice of job compare to pass. From what I had

found, there are many chance of careers growth as the game market grows compare

with pass, and it will keep growing when there is more company start an investment

in the South East Asia game market. These two evidences show how the market help

to increase the chance of jobs, and also increase the type of the career or the choice

that people can make. You can see how the South East Asia game market helps the

economics and brings benefits to the publics form these evidences, too.


In conclusion, the new game market helps the economics of Southeast Asia

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106

countries and brings benefits. First, from the report of different companies, we can see

the income rate of the market is growing every single year, and which help to drive

the economics of these countries. Second, the market helps to drive the prosperity of

related industries such as the hardware market that has a close relationship with the

gaming market. Finally, this potentially market also increases the opportunity of jobs,

as what had found in different kinds of job website, we can see there are many new

type jobs raise as the market is growing. My argument is supporting by the research of

the famous researching companies such as NewZoo and IDC, which they provide a

report with a detail data of this market, and they all agree South East Asia game

market is the fastest growing market in recent years. My position in the argument is

important because people nowadays have deep affection for playing games, so they

can have a chance to know about the influence and the benefits of this new born

market by this essay.

The new Southeast Asia game market Li Jung Huang (Kelly) G.1106


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