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r sweeps OUPLICATESTATEMENT CREDIT CARD STATEMENT (aaa kd We understand your world All Figures in INK Gaydeicmber’s Name aad Number Sistewent Date Payment Due Date SAGAR KAUSHIK 16/01/17 05/02/17 4893 T7XK XXKX 7959 red Lier Available credit Limit* Available Gach Limit 29,000 35 35 ‘ig SINCERELY THAN YOU FOR CHOOSING TO USEOUR SHARAT CASHBACK C4RDIT WILL BE OUR PRIVILEGE TOSERVE YOU. Date Details ‘Merchant City Amount SAGHR KAUSHIK 21/12/16 PAYTH MOBILE SOLUT INR wu, PAY 1,000.00 50/12/16 RS MOBILE HOSE MUZAFFARNA 167500:00 31/12/16 OMEGA HOLIDAY HOMES PV T MUZAFFAR 2,435.00, azyoas19 Netbanzing Finds Trens ter 38.00cr 03/01/17 PAYTH MOBILE 30LUT IR wut. PAY. 3,000.00, oayo1s17 ARORA FOOTWEAR MUZAFFAR 500.00 04/01/19 MOTE MAHAL DELUX MUZAFFARNA 289.00 ag yo1/37 PAYTH APP. woiba 1,400.00 08/01/17 M/3 MEW UTTREJA MEDICA Lo MUZAFFAR 2/000.00, Reward Points Summary Opening Balance = Earned Adjusted "Closing Balance o oO Oo ao Opening Balance Payment/ Credits Purchase and Debits Finance Charges Total Dues 0.00 59.00 27,124.00 0.00 27,065.00 Past Dues, if aay Overlimit 3 Months+ 2 Months 1 Month CurrentDues Minimum Amouat Due 0.00 o.00 0.00 0.00 1,360.00 1,360.00 “tlote: All Contents of the Statement wil be deemed to be correct and accepted hy you, unless you inform us of any discreoancies within 60 days from the date of this statement.” "The available credit umm shown Nerein takes into account charges incurred but not piled Please Tear Here. Statement Date Payment Due Date Minimum Amouat Due Card Number 16/01/17 05/02/17 1,360.00 4893 77XX XXXX 7959 Name and address SAGAR KAUSHIK 12/1 SOUTH BHOPA ROAD NEW MANDI MUZZAEF ARNAGAR uP O02 Cheque Number Date Bank and Branch Cheque Amount “Please note that the contents of the above duplicate statement are bound by the terms and conditions of the vardmember agreement” Page: 1 of 1