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17) A connective tissue [DPMT 1993]

A) Binding together other tissues

A) Has no matrix
B) Supporting various parts of the body
B) Covers the skin
C) Forming a packing around organs
C) Has abundant matrix
D) All the above
D) None of these

23) Which of the following is not correct

18) Most of the cells in areolar tissue are [CBSE PMT
1992] A) The brown adipose tissue cell has a single large
droplet surrounded by a small amount of cytoplasm,
A) Fibroblasts whereas the white adipose tissue cell has many small
droplets of fat suspended in a larger amount of cytoplasm
B) Macrophages
B) Brown fat cells contain many mitochondria, while
C) Mast cells white fat cells have comparatively few

D) All the above C) Brown fat has a larger capacity for generating heat
than white fat

19) Histiocyte is a connective tissue cell, the function of D) Brown fat is mainly found in new born mammals
which is [CPMT 1987]

A) Phagocytic 24) The main difference in white and yellow fibres is of

B) Secretion A) Protein

C) Substanance B) Colour of the fibres

D) Fibre production C) [a] and [b] both

D) None of the above

20) Rapid healing of wounds is found in

A) Epithelial tissue 25) Healing process is helped by

B) Muscular tissue A) Heparin

C) Connective tissue B) Histamine

D) Nervous tissue C) Serotonin

D) None of the above

21) When collagen fibres are removed from the areolar
26) Function of adipose tissue is
A) Tissue becomes hard
A) Fat storing tissue
B) Tissue becomes loose and elastic
B) Helps in homeothermy
C) Tissue becomes hard and inelastic
C) Acts as shock absorber
D) Remains unchanged
D) All the above

22) The main function of connective tissue is

27) New born mammals generally do not shiver inspite of 32) Arbor vitae is composed of [AIIMS 1998]
lower temperature outside because of
A) Grey matter
A) Brown fat which has larger capacity for generating
heat B) Neurogleal cells

B) White fat which has larger capacity for generating C) White matter
D) All of these
C) Chromatophores present in them

D) Skeletal tissue present in them 33) Ligament is a [CBSE PMT 1999; BHU 2000]

A) Modifed white fibrous tissue

28) Reticular connective tissue is found in
B) Modifed yellow elastic fibrous tissue
A) Liver
C) Inelastic white fibrous tissue
B) Spleen
D) None of these
C) Kidneys

D) Skin 34) Which of the following is loose connective tissue

[CPMT PMT 1999; JIPMER 2001]

29) Where would you find mast cells [MP PMT 1996] A) Areolar

A) Adipose tissue B) Adipose

B) Areolar tissue C) Blood

C) Yellow fibrous tissue D) Nervous tissue

D) White fibrous tissue

35) In mammals, histamine is secreted by [CBSE PMT
1998; AFMC 2002]
30) The ground substance of connective tissue is
basically composed of [MP PMT 1997] A) Fibroblasts

A) Mucopolysaccharides B) Histiocytes

B) Lipids C) Lymphocytes

C) Monosaccharides D) Mast cells

D) Phospholipids
36) Which of the following cells is phagocytic in nature
[AFMC 2000]
31) Adipocytes are mainly found in [MP PMT 1997]
A) Mast cell
A) Bones
B) Podocytes
B) Cartilages
C) Macrophages
C) Connective tissue
D) Fibroblast cells
D) Nerves

37) Connective tissue is [Orrisa PMT 2002]

A) Elastin
A) Ectodermal in origin with intercellular spaces
B) Collagen
B) Mesodermal in origin without intercellular spaces
C) Myosin
C) Ectodermal in origin without intercellular spaces
D) Albumin
D) Mesodermal in origin with intercellular spaces

43) Which among the following is not characteristic of

38) Mast cells are found in [MP PMT 1997; CPMT 1977, yellow fibres of connective tissue [Kerala PMT 2004]
A) Contain elastin
A) Connective tissue
B) Fewer in number
B) Muscular tissue
C) Straight and branched
C) Nervous tissue
D) Provide toughness and strength
D) Blood
E) Occur singly

39) Collagen is [CBSE PMT 2002]

44) Debove's membrane is a layer of [BHU 2004]
A) Lipid
A) Muscular tissue
B) Carbohydrate
B) Epithelial tissue
C) Globular protein
C) Connective tissue
D) Fibrous protein
D) All of these

40) Which one of the following contains the largest

quantity of extracellular material [CBSE PMT 2003] 45) Adipose tissue is found in mammals [JIPMER 1985]

A) Myelinated nerve fibres A) In epidermis

B) Striated muscle B) In muscles

C) Areolar tissue C) In dermis

D) Stratified epithelium D) Below dermis

41) Vitreous humor is [BVP 2003] 46) White adipose tissue contains [MP PMT 2003]

A) Mucoid connective tissue A) Multilocular fat cells

B) Solid crystalline B) Bilocular fat cells

C) Watery fluid C) Unilocular fat cells

D) All of these D) Alocular fat cells

42) Which one of the following is not a fibrillar protein 47) The connective tissue that connects the skin to the
[Kerala CET 2003] underlying structures is
A) Areolar tissue

B) Serous membrane

C) Reticular tissue

D) Dense connective tissue

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