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1. Convert 4.

5 revolutions to radians
2. A 0.025m radius toy top is spinning at a rate of 150rpm, what is the angular
velocity? What is the linear velocity of the paint on the outside edge?
5Pi rad/s
3. Find the rotational inertia of a cylinder. Mass is 2.0kg, radius .21m
0.09 m/s
4. A horse trots around the rink at a constant linear speed of 4m/s. The circle
rink is 30m wide. Calculate the angular velocity of the horse and the
revolutions per minute
2.5 RPM
angular velcocity = pi/12
6. What is true about my daughters torque? Where did Aurora have to sit in order
to balance this seesaw?
7. A shark swims around his circular pool. What is the centripetal force of the
681kg shark if the pool has a diameter of 14m and it is swimming 1 lap in 80s
105944 N
8. A fan that is turning at 10 rpm speeds up to 25 rpm in 10 seconds. How many
radians and rotations does the blade require to alter its speed? (Note: You
must first convert the rpm to rad/s)
35 rad
17.5 revolutions
9. An old phonograph played some records at 45 rpm or 4.71 rad/sec. Lets say the
phonograph is turning at 45 rpm and then the motor is turned off, taking 0.75
seconds to come to a stop. (records rotate clockwise)
a) What is its average angular acceleration? 6.28 rad/s
b) How many rotations did it make while coming to a stop? 1.47 rotations
10.A flywheel turning at 1200 rev/min (125.7 rad/s) constant angular velocity
has a radius of 2.5 cm (0.025 m). As it turns, a string is to be wound onto its
rim. How much string (in meters) will be wrapped in 10 seconds (i.e. how high
will it lift the weight)?
15.7 m
11. A race car is on a circular track with a radius of 0.30 km (300 m). The driver
accelerates from rest with a constant angular acceleration () of 4.5 x 10^-3 rad/s .
The driver constantly accelerates as he drives one lap around the track. Mass of
race car 1545kg
(a) How long does it take for the driver to make one lap around the track?
(b) what is the centripetal force at the top speed? There is no top speed, the driver
is accelerating at a constant angular acceleration.
12.A 7.0 kg solid ball, radius .10m, is rolling at 10m/s. Calculate the angular
momentum of the ball.
7.0 kg m^2/s
13.. An ice skater rotating at 1 rad/s reduces her rotational inertia from 3.6
kgm^2 to 0.3 kgm^2. Neglecting friction, what is her rotational speed after
21.6 J
14.4. A wheel makes 4.0 rotations in 1 second, rotating at constant angular
velocity. What will its angular displacement be after 13.0 s?
104pi rad
15.CDs are not only used in the music industry, but are also utilized in the
computer industry. The information of a huge library can be stored on a single
CD. The CD spins around and information is read or written to it as it rotates.
One CDROM drive I saw mentions it has a stated angular velocity of 8560
rpm. If the CD starts from rest, what is the angular acceleration if it takes 120
milliseconds (0.12 seconds) for the CD to reach this angular velocity?
7470 rad/s^2

16. Starting from rest, the tub of a washing machine reaches an angular speed of
5.2 rad/s, with an average angular acceleration of 4.0 rad/s2.
(a) How long does it take the spin cycle to come up to speed? 1.3 seconds
(b) What angular displacement (in radians and rotations) does the tub rotate
through as it reaches this angular velocity? 542 rad/s