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TCT NO. 325898 * Lot Area: 7,960 square meter * Location: Alijis Road

The following are considered to be as its advantage/selling points

1. Highest and Best Use: Commercial Development.

2. Accessible : Transportation such as Jeepneys and Buses. Road access
at the back of the property which is concrete.
3. No squatters/informal settlers.
4. Big Lot Size: Ideal for Warehouse, Hotels/Pensions, Church, Class A Car
Wash Business , Car Service Centers similar with Rapide in Brgy Bata,
Vocational Schools like TESDA and etc.

Disadvantages such as:

1. Low Lying area: The property has to be landfilled. The buyer incurs
another expenses.

2. Adjacent to St. Peters Chapel: Chinese businessmen are very particular

when it comes to the location of their businesses and what are the
proximal commercial establishments encircling them. They believe in
the effectiveness of Feng Shui which can contribute in their businesses
prosperity and success. One of the comparable property presented is
situated in front of the cemetery, therefore, apparently there is a
significant effect on the value per square meter of the property which
is currently being sold at 5,000 per square meter. Another comparables
which was sold just recently at 15M with lot measuring 2000 square
meter and structure is more or less valued at 7500 per square meter.
The location of this property is very suitable for commercial

3. Although the area has been considered as Commercial Zone, It has

not yet shown great progress compared to the busy streets of Lacson,
North Drive and Libertad Market.

4. No Corner Influence. The property is located in the middle of Alijis Road

and within this area, there are a few large scale commercial
establishments such as Shell Gas Station. Small Local Businesses are
found to be of greater number. Businesses such as sari sari store,
vulcanizing shops and etc.
Based on the data gathered, the suggested market value for the lot containing
7,960 square meter situated at Brgy Alijis Bacolod City is ranging from 5000Php
5500Php per square meter.

- LOT 834-A-1-A-1-D-6-0 (A=606 sqm)

Market value is from 3,000-3,2000 per sqm
- Lot 6-B, C, D, E & F (A=500 sqm)
Market value is from 3,000-3,200 per sqm
- LOT 834-A-1-A-1-E-1J (A=6,585)
Market value is from 3,000-4,000 per sqm
- LOT 843-A-1-A-1-E-1-A (A=311 sqm)
Market value is from 5,000-5,500 per sqm
- LOT 5 (A=600 sqm)
Market value is from 3,000-3,200 per sqm