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Day 2 - Monday, March 6th 2017

Planning and Preparation

Learning environment
Familiarise yourself with the location of the classroom environment
that you will be observing in
Draw a map of the indoor learning environment (see Table 2 for a
Describe each area and write down possible reasons for creating these
areas (photographs as well if possible)

Description of each area (and Possible reasons for setting this area
Here where the children try to
read stories when they move to
the corners .

This corner children play and
review the letter that they took
it in the last lesson by using
educational programs .

In this corner children draw the
shapes that they learned in the

When the student finish the first
part of the lesson the teacher
told them to do line up to come
here to eat their meals .

1. Were the materials, resources and equipment well prepared by the

teacher? Why do you think so? Yes , because she divides the lesson ,
first she teaches them by using cards then she showed the children
videos about the letters .

2. Did the topic of the lesson, learning activities, together with the
structure of the lesson appear to maintain students interest and
motivation? How do you know this?
Yes , the children were involved with the teacher they were answering the questions
and doing the activities with enjoyment .

3. Is there anything you observed that you would/would not do in your

planning and preparation as a teacher? Yes , like the way when the
teacher start the lesson with a music.