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Day 4 - Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Lesson Presentation
Learning activities
Complete the following table and answer the questions below

Types of activity the Describe what they were doing for each
students were engaged activity if it was used in the class
Whole class activities

Circile time
While the children are in the circle time the
teacher gives them some activities on the
board and they solve it together.

Small group/paired

Children start to make shapes by using legos

Design and as a group.
construction And try to finish quickly to move to another

Independent activities

Reading story
In reading corner children try to read stories
and find the letter that they learned it in the
last lesson .

1. How does the teacher make sure the students are prepared for the
day? By doing worm up in the begging of the lesson .

2. How many tasks do they complete in one hour? Between 2 to 3 tasks.

(worksheets , carpet area).

3. Did the teacher use a variety of different types of learning activities?

The teacher use different activities during the day .

4. What materials did they use?

Glues, seizers , worksheets , colors , pencils , papers

5. Were the instructions, explanations and questions clear and

appropriate for the students needs? Give examples.
Yes she uses cards, pictures, songs to teach the children. And kids
learn more by seeing pictures and sing a song.

6. What strategies did the teacher use to ensure the students understand
what they are about to do?
Evaluate students by doing activities in each corner.

7. How does s/he make sure all students are involved and attentive?
When they finish their worksheets and participate in the class.

8. What signals can you identify that they have had enough?
When they look sleepy ,taking ,shouting and moving.

9. What signals that they are proud of their achievement or disappointed?

If they were showing the teacher and the students their works.
And when the smile is in their faces.

10. How do they demonstrate their frustration?

Some of them feel sad and the some of them were about to cry.

11. Do they observe others?


12. Do they interact with another child during the task? YES

13. What do they say or do while completing the tasks?

Sometimes children sing a song to thank the teacher and

help their friends.