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Day 6 - Monday 13th, March 2017

In the table below:
List the function of the transitions that you observe during the lesson
(see Table 3 for examples)
Identify strategies used by the teacher to facilitate transitions
Comment on these strategies in terms of promoting positive behavior
and minimizing the incidence of challenging behavior

Type and function Strategies used Efficacy of the Suggestions for

of transitions to facilitate strategy in terms further
transitions of promoting development
positive behavior
and minimizing
1. Sing (clean up) It was I think this
song and successful and strategy is
countdown. interesting. very useful
From corners Because its and motivate
to the encourage students to
restaurant. children to clean the
clean quickly classroom.
and finish
before others.

2. From circle Its new and Its funny

time to the nice strategy way ,children
play ground. Close the light. because kids interest and
automatically they make line
know that they up
should stop automatically
playing in the when the light
corner and closed
make line.