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Career Pathways SSEM 200

So, you want to be a Lawyer?

Course Details

Fall 2017

USC Dornsife is offering a 2-unit Sophomore Seminar titled So ,
Art Auerbach
you want to be a lawyer in the Fall 2017 semester. This course is de-
signed to address students intellectual interests and their rela-
SSEM 200 tionship to the development of professional pathways and spe-
Section 61801 cific career goals in Law. The seminar will focus on:

CR/NC academic and career preparation

2 units best practices for career exploration

transferable skills

Sophomores, rising Sophomores, and Juniors with Dornsife
23:50 p.m. majors interested in Law are encouraged to register! USC
Dornsife elective credit available.

VKC 150 Register @

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