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Feudal Europe 7) What did NOT happen after the Fall of
Key Version A Rome?
a) Decline in the size and power of
1) What is the Key Version? government
a) A b) Disappearance of cities and rise of
b) B rural villages and farms
c) Growth of numerous Germanic
2) After the collapse of Rome, what is the kingdoms
1,000-year period from 500-1450 C.E.? d) More people could read and write
a) Bronze Ages Latin
b) Early Ages e) Reduction in long-distance trade
c) Ice Ages
d) Middle Ages 8) What was a group of Germanic people
e) Stone Ages that established one of the most
powerful kingdoms in Europe during the
3) In Latin, what does aevum mean? Middle Ages?
a) Avenue a) Abbasid
b) After b) Franks
c) Age c) Tokugawa
d) Average d) Umayyad
e) Awesome e) Yuan

4) Europe is a peninsula because what 3 9) Today, Gaul is now what country?
bodies of water surround it? a) China
a) Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and b) France
Mediterranean Sea c) Greece
b) Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and d) Ireland
Nile River e) United Kingdom
c) Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and
Indus River 10) Who was the Frankish that defeated the
d) Artic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Tiber last Roman army and ruled most of
River Western Europe until 511?
e) Artic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Ganges a) Caesar
River b) Cleopatra
c) Clovis
5) What is the longest river in Europe? d) Constantine
a) Amazon River e) Kublai Khan
b) Ganges River
c) Nile River 11) Who was Charles Martels son?
d) Tiber River a) Charles the Bald
e) Volga River b) Pepin of Italy
c) Pepin the Hunchback
6) What crops did farmers in Western d) Pepin the Short
Europe grow? e) Pepin the Tall
a) Corn
b) Rice
c) Salt
d) Watermelons
e) Wheat and barley
12) In the year 800, on what date did the 18) Serfs were part of what group in
Pope crown Charlemagne Emperor? European feudal society?
a) January 1 a) Church Officials
b) February 14 b) King
c) July 4 c) Knight
d) December 25 d) Nobles
e) December 31 e) Peasants

13) After Charlemagne was crowned 19) During European feudalism, many
Emperor of Western Europe, lands vassals were from what group in
controlled by the Franks became known European society?
as what? a) Church Officials
a) Abbasid Empire b) King
b) Byzantine Empire c) Knight
c) Holy Roman Empire d) Nobles
d) Umayyad Empire e) Peasants
e) Yuan Dynasty
20) People that worked the same jobs
14) During the Middle Ages, what was built formed what group to protect their
for monks to pray and worship? interests?
a) Feudalism a) Guilds
b) Guilds b) Lords
c) Monasteries c) Manors
d) Lords d) Monasteries
e) Serfs e) Serfs

15) What was the name of Charlemagnes 21) Why did feudal systems in Europe and
son that became Emperor in 814? Japan develop?
a) Charles Martel a) Powerful emperors
b) Louis I (1) b) Long distance trade
c) Louis III (3) c) Not a lot of peasants for farming
d) Louis VIII (8) d) Weak central government
e) Louis XIII (13) e) Weak military leaders

16) What did NOT weaken the Franks? 22) What was the main economic activity
a) Dividing the empire into 3 parts during feudalism in Europe and Japan?
b) Magyar attacks a) Building
c) Muslim raids b) Farming
d) Rule of Charlemagne c) Fishing
e) Viking terror d) Sailing
e) Trading
17) Who was atop European feudal society
and ruled over large areas of land? 23) During feudalism in Europe, what were
a) Church Officials landowners called?
b) King a) Daimyo
c) Knight b) Lords
d) Nobles c) Manors
e) Peasants d) Peasants
e) Serfs

24) What were soldiers during feudalism in 30) What were codes of behavior for
Europe? soldiers during feudalism in Japan?
a) Guilds a) Bushido
b) Knights b) Chivalry
c) Samurai c) Guild
d) Peasants d) Lord
e) Serfs e) Serf

25) What were codes of behavior for 31) According to the map, which statement
soldiers during feudalism in Europe? is correct? (DO NOW 02/21/2017)
a) Bushido a) The coastal regions have the highest
b) Chivalry elevation.
c) Guild b) The entire continent of Europe is
d) Lord mostly flat.
e) Serf c) The Iberian Peninsula and England
have similar land features.
26) Most people during feudalism in Europe d) The surface features include high
believed in what religion? mountains and low plains.
a) Buddhism
b) Christianity 32) Which statement best summarizes the
c) Confucianism geography of Europe? (DO NOW
d) Islam 02/21/2017)
e) Judaism a) Europe climate and land features are
uncommonly uniform
27) What are long poems that tell a story of b) Europes geography has had little
heroic adventures that were popular impact on its people.
during feudalism in Europe? c) Europe has numerous waterways
a) Bushido and varied climate.
b) Epic poems d) Europe has an extreme climate and
c) Guild harsh land forms.
d) Haiku
e) Serf 33) The efforts of missionaries before the
fall of the Roman Empire? (DO NOW
28) During feudalism in Japan, what were 02/22/2017)
landowners called? a) Prevented Rome from being overrun
a) Daimyo by invaders.
b) Lords b) Led to the conversion of Germanic
c) Manors leaders and people.
d) Peasants c) Enabled Christians to escape
e) Serfs persecution by the Romans.
d) Helped Romans expand their
29) During feudalism in Japan, what were political power.
the soldiers?
a) Guilds
b) Knights
c) Samurai
d) Peasants
e) Serfs

34) Which statement about Medieval 38) How did Europes geography contribute
Christianity is true? (DO NOW to the development of the manor
02/22/2017) system? (DO NOW 02/23/2017)
a) Christianity did not spread beyond a) High mountains ranges separated
the borders of Italy and France. areas of Europe, dividing the land
b) Most Europeans belonged to the naturally into manors.
Eastern Orthodox Church. b) Manors developed where numerous
c) Christianity became a dividing force trade routes crossed.
in Europe c) Plentiful natural resources allowed
d) Christianity was firmly established in manors to be self-supporting.
western Europe. d) Scarcity of farmland and water
forced Europeans to band together
35) The Battle of Tours affected the spread on manors to survive.
of Christianity because it (DO NOW
02/22/2017) 39) What was one result of the feudal
a) Caused Russians to convert to system? (DO NOW 02/23/2017)
Eastern Orthodoxy. a) A decline in Church power
b) Kept the Muslim in the southern part b) A return of order and security
of the Iberian Peninsula. c) Great prosperity for the peasants
c) Kept northern Italy and southern d) Increased regional interaction
France Christian.
d) Strengthened Islam along the North 40) How did early towns in Europe fit into
African coast. the feudal system? (DO NOW
36) Which factor probably contributed most a) Most towns grew from trade and
to the spread of Christianity by the early were independent of the manors.
800s? (DO NOW 02/22/2017) b) Serfs lived in towns and worked on
a) Election of a new pope the manors.
b) Establishment of monasteries c) They were founded by feudal lords
c) The growth of the Frankish empire as a way to increase income.
d) Germanic and Celtic converts d) Towns were begun and governed by
37) In which group are the classes of feudal
society listed in order of descending
power? (DO NOW 02/23/2017)
a) King, lord, serf, knight
b) Merchant, knight, lord, serf
c) King, lord, knight, serf
d) King, knight, guild member, serf