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Date: January 23, 2017

To: Kolleen Onsrud

RE: Personalized Learning in Education: Leadership and Instruction II
We are pleased to inform you that the Professional Development course, Personalized
Learning in Education: Leadership and Instruction II, has been approved for graduate-
level credit at Edgewood College. This course has been assigned course number PDED-
3009-V for 1 - 3 credits. Tuition for this course is $175; $350; or $525 ($175 per credit).
Participants may apply this credit toward WDPI license renewal and as evidence toward
professional development plan accomplishments.

Your course will remain open for enrollment for two weeks after the final day of
instruction; however, you can communicate to participants an earlier deadline

A member of the Professional Development team will contact you to schedule the brief
Edgewood College credit introduction for participants.

Upon completion of your course, you are responsible for submitting grades. To do this,
access your grade roster at and log in as an instructor. Copy and
paste the grade roster page into an email or document, enter the grade for each person
and email to Jennifer Allen ( Professional Development will
enter the grades; students can then access their grades from the My Record tab in their

Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to working with you in providing
ongoing professional development needs for teachers and administrators.

Jennifer M. Allen
Coordinator of Professional Development

Kellie Murphy
Continuing Education Coordinator

Ken Syke
Professional Development Outreach Coordinator