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Chapter 08: Memory

Quiz #8
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1. Remembering ________ is a good example of episodic memory.

A. how a hamburger tastes even though you have never tasted it yourself
B. how to use the microwave
C. what the word January means
D. your first day of school

2. In order to remember his lines for the play, Guy repeats his lines over and over again. This process is
called ________.
A. declarative memory
B. hyperthymesia
C. rehearsal
D. relearning

3. I am trying to learn the names of all 50 states. While I am actively remembering and recalling this
information, it is considered ________.
A. explicit memory
B. implicit memory
C. procedural memory
D. sensory memory

4. Which of the following is a good example of semantic encoding?

A. being able to hum the tune to a song after hearing it only once
B. dreaming about a beach and deciding to take a vacation
C. remembering the colors of the rainbow with the acronym ROY-G-BIV
D. thinking about a car you plan to buy and having the image of the car appear in your mind

5. When people say you never forget how to ride a bike, they are referring to ________ memory, also
called non-declarative memory.
A. explicit
B. implicit
C. semantic
D. sensory

6. Remembering ________ is a good example of procedural memory.

A. how a cookie tastes even though you have never tasted it yourself
B. how to use the phone
C. what the word inconceivable means
D. your least favorite vacation trip

7. If I am looking at a snake and processing the fear caused by the snake, what part of my brain am I
A. amygdala
B. cerebellum
C. hippocampus
D. prefrontal cortex

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Chapter 08: Memory
Quiz #8
8. For many in the baby-boom generation, the Kennedy assassination represents a ________, an
exceptionally clear recollection of an important event.
A. flashbulb memory
B. flashpoint
C. hyperthymesia
D. sensory memory

9. Sharmila cannot remember what she had for breakfast last week, but she can remember the day she got
married ten years ago as clearly as if it just happened. This example illustrates the ________ theory.
A. arousal
B. emotion
C. equipotentiality
D. flashbulb

10. When experiencing ________ amnesia, you experience loss of memory for events that occurred prior
to the trauma. When experiencing ________ amnesia, you cannot remember new information.
A. antero-retro; flashbulb
B. anterograde; retrograde
C. flashbulb; retro-antero
D. retrograde; anterograde

11. People may not intend to distort facts, but ________.

A. it can happen in the process of retrieving old memories and combining them with new
B. other people will influence bystanders to change details in their short term memory
C. people are unreliable and dont pay attention, so they make things up
D. research proves it always happens when the event is unimportant

12. Dozens of people witness a purse snatching. One of the eyewitnesses loudly yells the man with the
blue shirt did it. Later, when questioned by police, several other eyewitnesses remember the purse
snatcher wearing a blue shirt, even though the purse snatcher was a woman in flowered dress. This is an
example of ________: the effects of misinformation from external sources that leads to the creation of
false memories.
A. sexism
B. suggestibility
C. recognition
D. reconstruction

13. Lisa puts five quarters into the parking meter every time she goes downtown. However, when asked,
Lisa cannot say if the head on a quarter is facing left or right. This may be an example of ________,
because Lisa never paid attention to the picture in the first place.
A. effortful processing
B. effortless processing
C. encoding failure
D. enigmatic processing

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Chapter 08: Memory
Quiz #8
14. Giorgio memorizes the German poem The Erlking to recite in his eighth grade German class. He
remembers it well for weeks after the presentation, but gradually his ability to recite the poem fades. This
is an example of ________, one of the seven sins of memory.
A. blocking
B. misattribution
C. persistence
D. transience

15. Quincy is struck on the back of the head and finds, while she can remember her life up to the time she
was struck on the head, she can no longer make new memories. Quincy has ________ amnesia.
A. anterograde
B. flashbulb
C. graduated
D. retrograde

16. The formulation of new memories is sometimes called ________, and the process of bringing up old
memories is called ________.
A. coding; recoding
B. construction; reconstruction
C. equipotentiality; amnesia
D. information; misinformation

17. Which category of memory failure associated with the seven sins of memory is exemplified by the
following? Amantha left her phone somewhere, but she cant remember where.
A. distortion
B. forgetting
C. imposition
D. intrusion

18. Jason studies Spanish for three years, and then switches to Pashto. When asked to remember Spanish
vocabulary he cant, instead he can only remember Pashto vocabulary. This is an example of ________
A. active
B. inactive
C. proactive
D. retroactive

19. Which part of the brain is most involved in creating implicit memories?
A. amygdala
B. cerebellum
C. hippocampus
D. primary cortex

20. When Benito was five he cut his leg on some glass and needed stiches. Years later, his mother tells
him the scar came from being bit by a dog. Now, when people ask about his scar he distinctly remembers
the dog biting him. This is an example of the ________.
A. Deese-Roediger-McDermott paradigm
B. equipotentiality hypothesis
C. levels of processing theory
D. misinformation effect paradigm

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Chapter 08: Memory
Quiz #8
21. Elena finds it very difficult to remember a long string of numbers, so she tries to memorize three
numbers at a time. Later, she is able to repeat the numbers correctly because she grouped the numbers
into more manageable groups of three. This is an example of ________.
A. chunking
B. elaborative rehearsal
C. mnemonic device
D. persistence

22. Which of the following is an example of a mnemonic device?

A. dividing your telephone number into groups of numbers to remember it easier
B. drinking coffee when you study for your math exam, then drinking coffee at your exam to
reproduce the mental state you had when you studied
C. using a biofeedback machine to track your alpha waves during an exam
D. using the acronym HOMES to remember the names of the five Great Lakes

23. Which part of my brain is probably damaged if I am unable to recognize basic objects around my
A. amygdala
B. cerebellum
C. hippocampus
D. prefrontal cortex

24. Which of the following is an example of retrograde amnesia?

A. Jane Doe can provide a second-by-second account of what she ate for dinner.
B. Jane Doe emerges from a coma with no idea who she is, and she is unable to provide any
details about herself, where she came from, or what happened to her.
C. Jane Doe is in a boating accident. Every day she wakes up with no memory of what she did the
day before.
D. Jane Doe remembers her first day of school more clearly than any other day because her best
friend was not there.

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