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Prologue Post Apocalyptic Mage

It wasnt much, but it would have to do. Bagging the few cans salvaged, she
ducked under the fallen rafter, marred with scorches and scratches, and left the
wreck of the building. The small orb of light followed her out barely piercing the
dense darkness, despite it being only early evening. With a simple thought she
could make it brighter; but there was no point attracting unwanted attention.
Especially, since night was coming.
The crunch of a foot on the refuse covered ground. She span, whipping her oak
staff from its place propped against the wall, raising its silver cap towards the
sound. What was it? Where had it been? Unsure jabbed forward. A canine yelp
bounced around the street. Could be wild dogs. Readying her staff, she prepared
to strike again.
From behind her there was a low, rumbling growl. This one was big. Trapping her.
Turning herself back into the building, shielding herself best she could, she
caught a glimpse of the goliath dog in the fast setting sun. Not a dog. A wolf.
It stepped in front of her, not facing her, but the other dog. The first wild dog,
dropped its tail and ears, flopping its self to the ground presenting its neck and
underside. Submitting. The wolf took a step forward, and the dog bolted
whimpering. In something akin to surprise, she watched apprehensively as it
turned towards her, amber eyes meeting hers. Then, then it started to wag its
tail, and cocked its head. Lowering her staff, somehow she suspected it meant
her no harm, she watched as its form became an amorphous mass, neither wolf
nor whatever it was becoming. Human?
Now instead of a wolf in front of her, there was a man. Young and slender, but
with a muscular build, and of a medium height. The same amber eyes she had
just been looking at looked back at her still. She noticed, having been distracted
by the wolf to human transformation, that he was naked. She felt herself flush,
and looked away. There was a smirk on his face. Then he reached up to a tear
shaped pendant around his neck. With a touch, it seemed to sheath him in
Time to go, he said getting late.
Right. But, who are you?
Later. he replied Do you have anywhere to stay?
She shook her head. Recently, home was wherever was safe.
Come on then. The wolf boy said as he began to jog down the road.
Following, in the alleys and side streets they passed, she saw Them.
- - -
Keeping up? He called back to her.
She gave no reply. Fair enough, she didnt know him. They rounded a corner,
again onto a wide open street. Moving into the side, up onto the pavement as
they had previously been running down the centre of the road. He pulled up by
doorway, covered by a shutter, and called her over. Not bad, they had been
running at a decent pace for about ten minutes and she was hardly showing any
signs of tiring. Suppose you dont make it this long if you cant run.
Lifting the shutter, and tipping his head, she ducked under. A quick look up and
down the street, showed everything to be quiet. Save, or at least safe enough.
Dropping himself under the shutter, he blinked a few times, allowing his wolfs
eyes to adjust to the deeper darkness.
Well? she asked.
Oh, right. Dont suppose you have a light? I dont usually bother.
Vaguely, he could make out her face in the darkness. Eyes clamped shut. An orb
of light, like the one he had seen her with earlier, bloomed into existence.
Showing the stair case down, and the door way at the bottom.
Reaching the bottom landing, they turned into what had been a home for him,
over the last week or so. It had been an old caf with comics and card games.
Nerd stuff.
Any chance you could do anything about the light? the mage enquired.
Sure, he ducked behind the counter by the wall on the left, flicking the set of
three switches, illuminating the room, hows that.
Much better.
His eyes, now able to see in their normal form, changed from the amber of the
wolf back to the green of his human form.
The room was nothing much, old yellow paint peeling from the walls. Around the
edge of the room was discoloured paper and various bits of refuse, and sever
tables and chairs stacked around the perimeter. In the centre of the room was a
larger round table, littered with various maps and books, open at a number of
various dog-eared pages. On the counter were a few pots, the kind you would
take for camping, and a two ring gas stove. In the top right corner was his
sleeping bag and a rolled up blanket for a pillow.
Please sit, proffering a chair. Once she was sat, he walked over to the gas
stove. Hungry?
Yes, but please dont go out of your way for me
Dont worry about it. I have no problem hunting. Thinking about it was one of
the perks of this therianthropy these days, the ability to hunt without a gun. It
also allowed him to slip under Their guard. They seemed to be drawn to humans
more than other animals, not that They discriminated in who they targeted, bit
seemed to have a preference.
Taking one of the pots over to his supplies at the end of the counter, he reached
in and took out a bag of rabbit jerky several of its larger bones, dropping them
into the pot. Covering it with water, he put it on to boil.
Taking a seat beside her, he clasped his hands, they both had questions for each

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