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Gas fittings, appliances and gas storage vessels must only be installed by a
Glazing in "critical" areas, i.e. within 800mm of floor level, patio doors, person with the required competence. And any person having control to any
glazed doors and windows adjacent to opening doors, to be toughened extent of gas work must ensure that the person carrying out that work has the
safety glass to BS6206. required competence. And any gas installation businesses, whether an employer
or self-employed , must be a member of a class of persons approved by the HSE;
All new drains to be 100dia Hepworth SuperSleve or similar in min 150mm for the time being this means they must be registered with Gas Safe. Building
granular bed and surround. Fall min 1/40 or 1/80 if connected to W.C. Control is to be provided with the Gas Safe licence number and its start and
expiry dates before the commencement of any gas work.
Where drains cross through internal or external foundations or walls, wrap
drain in 50mm compressible material (polystyrene or similar). Provide
Lintels over pre-cast 2No. 150x100mm wide twice bitumen painted. Fire alarm system. A hard wired mains operated interconnected fire detection
Ensure drain carefully wrapped to prevent ingress of material. and alarm (Grade A Category LD2) system as described in BS5839-6 should
be installed.
All window units to be double glazed incorporating low "E" glazing,
Windows to be white PVC to match existing and to have elemental U- value
All works to the domestic hot water and heating systems are to be carried out under
of 1:1 or better.
the terms of an authorised competent person self-certification (CP) scheme. At the
Catnic cougar insulated lintels used to all external openings unless stated completion of the works the CP is to provide the building owner with a certificate
otherwise, 150mm end bearing. confirming that the installation has been carried out in accordance with requirements
of the relevant regulation, and the scheme operator notifies the local authority to that
All new electrical work is to be designed, installed, inspected and tested in effect.
accordance with BS7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations) approved document (part
p), The works are to be undertaken by an installer registered under a suitable
electrical self-certification scheme or alternatively by a suitably qualified
person, with a certification of compliance produced by that person to building
control on completion of the works. Fire protection to structural steel to provide 30 minute fire resistance. Encased
with two layers of 12.5mm
Energy efficient lighting. A minimum of three per four new fixed light fittings gypsum plasterboard laid to break joint on softwood soldiers. Bind with Expamet
are to be energy efficient units, The fixed lighting units are to be capable of 20x1mm multipurpose
only accepting lamps with an efficacy greater than 45 lumens per circuit watt. fixing band binders at 100mm c/c. Finish with 7mm gypsum plaster set.
Alternatively paint steel work with
proprietary intumescent paint to achieve 30 min fire resistance.
Primary circulation pipes for new domestic water circuits to be insulated
throughout their length subject only to practical constraints imposed by the
need to penetrate joists and other structural elements.
Secondary circulation pipes kept hot by that circulation should also be
insulated. Frames, Castings, Skirting, Architraves:- New external windows to be UPVC and double
glazed. Internal doors liningsshall be 100x38mm
New foul chamber, Hepworth 450mm diameter polypropylene, Depth to with planted stops. Skirting boards shall be 100x19mm chamfered. Architraves shall be
inverts to suit drain run. New foul water drains to be run in 110mm 75x19mm chamfered. Windows frames to be
drainage pipework bedded and surrounded in pea shingle. double glazed with safety glazing to all doors, side panels, and all areas extending below
800mm from floor level. New or replacement
Ventilation (kitchen/dining), Mechanical ventilator operated by switch or windows double glazed with 16mm air gap or 12mm argon filled gap and a both finished
humidistat to give min. extraction rate 60 litres per second. May be reduced
to 30 litres per second if via venting cooker hood. soft low E caoting to acheive U value of 1.6.
Rapid ventilation by means of opening doors & windows 1/20 floor area, New doors with more than 50% internal glazing area to have a U value of 1.8 and 1.8 if
8m2 trickle ventilators in window / door frames. Ventilation (habitable less than 50% internal glazed area. Installed
rooms). Rapid ventilation opening door & windows min. either by Fensa registered installer or compliance via certification from Bulding control.
area 1/20 floor area. Background ventilation by means of trickle vents in Max area of windows, doors and roof lights should
window frame or air brick with hit & miss internal grille, min. area 8m2. not exceed 25% of floor area of the extention.