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PORORO the Little Penguin

We're Friends
1_Were Friends

In a cold country, in a small village, in the forest lives a curious little penguin
named Pororo.
Pororo Chacha

Pororo Hi, Im Pororo.

Pororo Ohohoh?

Pororo Ooh ahhh~!!!

Pororo Ooh ahh!

Pororo What is this? Ugh.

Pororo Yay, its an egg~

Narration Hungry Pororo came home with an egg.

Pororo Ooh heh heh heh

Pororo Ugh~! hew~

Pororo Oh? Oh? Oh? Oh? Umhee hee (I dont know)

Pororo Ah yah!

Narration Oops, a dinosaur came out of the egg!! (Ding!)

Crong Crong??(Whats this?) Crong??

Crong Crong? Crong~~!!

Narration But Pororo thinks that the baby dinosaur is a scary monster.

Crong Crong~ Crong!!

Pororo Ahhhh!

Pororo Ahhhh~!!

Pororo Oh oh

Pororo Whaa!

Crong Crong! Crong?!

Pororo Whaa!

Poby Whaaa~

Loopy Hahaha~~!

Poby/Loopy/Eddy Hi, Pororo.

Pororo Hi, friends!

Eddy Pororo, what are you doing?

Crong Crong!! Crong!!(Lets go together)

Eddy Pororo, lets go together~!

Loopy/Poby Huh??? Hahaha.

1_Were Friends

Poby One, two! One, two!

Pororo Oh oh?

Pororo Huh??

Pororo Ahhhhh~!!

Crong Crong!!

Poby One, two! One, two!

Friends Ooh ahh~!

Poby Huhhh???

Pororo Oohcha!

Pororo Ha~! Ha~!

Crong Crong!! Crong!!!

Crong Crong!!

Pororo/Poby/Loopy/Eddy Ooh.ack~!

Crong Crong! Crong!

Pororo Ooh ahh! Ooh ahh!

Poby Ooh oh oh~

Eddy Ooh! Huh?

Crong Crong? Crong~

Eddy/Poby Whew~

Pororo Uhh..ahhahhh

Crong Crong!

Crong Crong Crong!

Eddy/Poby/Loopy Ooh ooh~

Pororo Brrr

Crong Crong!!

Pororo Hi, my name is Pororo, and you?

Crong Crong, CrongCrong!!

Pororo Crong?

Crong Crong!

Pororo Hi, Crong! Nice to meet you~

Everybody Hi! Nice to meet you!

Crong Crong! Crong!!

Everybody Ha ha ha
Today, the little penguin Pororo made friends with a baby dinosaur named

1_Were Friends