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Name: Luna Quezada

Use this GMO SQWORL of websites, VIDEOS, (& article from yesterday) to
research the benefits and concerns of GMOs and include
quoted citations with hyperlinked resources at the end in
Citations for Citations for
Benefits: Concerns:

May be more nutritious For example, engineers are May cause allergies BT toxin, designed to kill pests
able to create rice that has that eat crops, caused allergies and
(better for your health) vitamin A and iron. The (have allergens) other responses (Genetically
modified rice is more Modified Foods).
nutritious (Should the U.S.

Genetically engineering Animals being There have been isolated

food could help feed the 800 killed/affected cases of animals dying after
It could help with hunger million undernourished people eating genetically modified
around the world in the world (Should the U.S foods (CNN).
Engineers genetically Possibly develop new Viruses and bacteria are used
modify foods to make them diseases. in the process of modifying
Changes the taste or tastier, healthier, or easier to foods, which means that there
appearance, making it is a possibility that they could
grow (Should the U.S
better or prettier cause the development of a
new disease (Pros and Cons
of GMOs).

Some GMO foods have been They harm the environment They reduce bio-diversity,
modified to make them more pollute water resources, and
resistant to insect pests (Pros are unsustainable (10
and Cons of GMO). Reasons To Avoid GMOs)
Insect resistant
Name of Findings: Benefit or
GMO: Concern?
What did you find out? What makes it a
Modified Papaya It can be a benefit
because they wont be
GM papayas are GMOs because when they were being affected
affected by the ringspot
greatly by the Ringspot Virus, researchers found a way to create
virus, which can ruin the
papayas that were resistant to ringspot. Certain viral genes that
growth of papaya around
have proteins transferred to the papaya. These viral proteins
the affected ones.
extract something that is similar to an "immune response" from
the papaya fruit.

Zucchini This can be a concern

because they can be
GM zucchini are considered GMOs because they are genetically
harmful to people since
modified to have toxic proteins that are resistant to insects.
the proteins are toxic.
Eat Local Grown stated,
...secticide, has recently
been found in human
blood, including that of
pregnant women and
fetuses. ..making its way
into our bodies.

Corn This can be a concern

because GM maize has
caused controversy with
GM corn are GMOs because Corn has been modified to express impact on other insects
desirable traits, like resistance to pests and to different and plants. They can be
herbicides. harmed or infected by
these strains.