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Camryn Rogers

Product Proposal and Timeline

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

Many people enjoy ice skating, but they do not play ice sports. There
are ice skates designed specifically for hockey players and figure skaters,
however there are no skates designed to accommodate the recreational
skater. Hockey and figure skates do not retain the qualities that would
maximize the success and enjoyment of a recreational skater. Therefore, I
am going to design a blade specifically for the recreational skater. This
design will prioritize the balance of the skater while still allowing for speed
and maneuverability. My design will be based off of a pre-existing blade,
while making the necessary feature adjustments to maximize balance while
still retaining the nature of skating.

My project will consist of four components: videos, a flyer, a report,

and a 3D model. I will begin by taking videos of 6 recreational skaters of
varying skill levels and physical backgrounds. They will perform a series of
actions in both figure and hockey skates, testing their ability to balance, gain
speed, and maneuver around obstacles on the ice. I will then analyze these
videos, observing how people interact with the different blades and which
blade features maximize balance and speed. I will use this information as
research for my design. Then based off of both the videos and my previous
internet research, I will craft an innovative and practical design for a
recreational blade. Then I will write a professional engineering report over
the creation of the design, the outline of which I have already obtained from
the Purdue Owl website. This will enhance my communication skills and
ensure that I properly document all of my research and justifications behind
my design. I will then put this information on flyers that I can distribute to
people at final presentation night, and that I can put on my engineering
portfolio. The purpose of the flyer is to communicate what the design is, how
it varies from what is currently available, and why the new design will be a
better blade for the recreational skater. Lastly, I am going to model the blade
and have it 3D printed as a tangible representation of the design.

Review of Skills and Research

I have already conducted research into the features of figure and

hockey skates. I consolidated this information into a chart that compares the
function, features, types, size, and considerations of each blade. I have also
already conducted research on how to write a professional engineering
report and double runners. I have found a good website to create my flyers
(LucidPress) and I already know that I am going to be able to make the 3D
model on Autodesk Inventor.
Camryn Rogers
Product Proposal and Timeline
The information that I still need includes the video research that I am
going to conduct and more in-depth research into the science behind the
blade. I need to secure a location for the printing of the 3D model. I also
need to research the physics and dynamics behind the blade of an ice skate
and how altering certain features will affect its performance. Basically, the
remaining research will be any information that I need in order to create the
design. Ill need to be able to identify the parts of the blade and their
functions, and how changing them will change the way that the blade works.
I will also need to learn how to write an official report. The main skill that I
will need is the ability to analyze pre-existing goods and innovate new ideas
in order to enhance and improve those goods.


My methodology is largely spelled out in my timeline, which includes every

step that I am going to take in order to accomplish my goal. The timeline is
present below.

Completed In Progress Issue

Date (all Due

February 25 Timeline
Product debrief
Comparison chart (figure and hockey)

March 4 Requirements based off of a survey I create

gauging the important qualities of a recreational
skate**included in debrief under constraints
Research on how to write a professional
engineering report
Research on where to get flyers done and
software to design it

March 11 Take 3-5 people to skate and video them

(weekend after using hockey and figure skates doing certain
Spring Break) activities
Written us analysis of all of the videos that I
Including conclusions based on
video research
States current issues with using
hockey/figure skates as recreational skates
Initial ideas for blade design
Camryn Rogers
Product Proposal and Timeline

Including justification based on

videos and previous research (including

March 18 Revised design based on feedback by

instructor, mentor, and peers

March 25 First draft of completed research paper

April 1 Final draft of paper due

Initial flyer completed online

April 8 Revised (final) flyer design due

Order to have printed by Sunday after
revising (30 copies)

April 15 Location and date of 3D printing confirmed

April 22 3D computer model due

April 29 3D printed model, speech, and visual


May 6 Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!


The materials that I anticipate needing and their costs*:

Videos Flyers 3D Modeling/Printing

Materials Anticipated Cost

6 recreational ice skaters (Praneetha, Preetika, $0.00

Manu, Rozha, Brandon, and Alec)

Admission into the ice rink in order to take the $12.00


Video camera and memory card $0.00

LucidPress software $0.00

50 copies of the flyer (8.5x11) glossy $24.00

3D printer (CTE center) $0.00

Camryn Rogers
Product Proposal and Timeline

AutoDesk Inventor $0.00

Video editing software $0.00

Total Cost: $36.00

*note: one requirement that I placed on this project is that it will cost no
more than $100.00


I anticipate that my project will be a large success, as it is something

that I am passionate about. I have already put much thought into how I am
going to create my design and communicate it to others. Through this
experience, I will learn how to coordinate with others and conduct research
myself. I will also learn how to edit videos, write a professional engineering
report, request materials and aid from outside entities, and create an
effective flyer. Furthermore, I will have to learn from my mentor what it
actually means to design a product and the process that leads up to the final
design. I may end up needing more than the two allotted weeks that I gave
myself for the design, but I anticipate it being a largely fluid design until I
finalize it in the flyer and 3D modeling. Time permitting, I hope to create an
argument for adopting the recreational blade into ice rinks. In the end, I
believe that the result will consist of a very proud and exhausted Camryn
and an applicable ice skate blade that fulfills its requirements. However, I am
not sure how I am going to test the blade to see if it actually does increase
balance and allow for moderate speed and maneuverability because the
farthest that I am going to go is a 3D printed model. This will be something
that I need to speak with my mentor about and get her opinion on.

This blade will obviously be useful to the recreational ice skater.

Realistically, my design will not be adopted by any companies or rinks, so it
will have no application to the real world. Though, it may introduce the
question of creating a recreational blade and if it would be a financially
beneficial thing that would bring in more business and encourage people to
learn how to skate. If I end up creating a really good and practical design, I
will probably pursue a patent for the design and try to get it manufactured.
Previously, I had never thought about literally manufacturing the blade, but
my mentor said that I may be able to convince a company to work with me,
or she may know someone, who would manufacture the blade. If that
happens, then I can attach the blade to a boot that I could buy on Amazon
Camryn Rogers
Product Proposal and Timeline
and actually test the blades! That would be amazing! However, I don't know
how the manufacturing process works, so it may not be feasible, but its an
inspiring thought. I am going to speak more with my mentor about this idea
and begin asking around to discover if this can be an addition to my existing
plan. I have a strong feeling that with spring break coming up I will be able to
accelerate my schedule, so Im expecting great things.