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Renewable Energy in Greece

Center of energy Western Thessalia

Its fully functional since 1998. Municipalities and non-

speculative organizations are co-operating in order to
make the best out of this project. They are trying to reduce
pollution in their area by stop using non- renewable
energy. The center specializes in biomass for heating and
as a fuel, solar energy with solar panels and aeolic energy
with wind generators.

The dam of Tavropos

It was built in 1959. It has been helping Thessalia by

producing hydroelectric energy and provides the area with

Center of energy Central Macedonia

It opened in 1997 and it is one of the largest in Greece. The

center is a member of the European network for bioenergy
where they are trying to absorb energy out of biomass. They
are also trying to absorb energy from the Earths heat in
order to warm up villages and small towns far from the city.
Last but not least with solar panels they take advantage of
solar energy and they are also trying to produce and sell

The dam of Sfikia

It was built in 1985 and it specializes on hydroelectric

The dam of Thesauros

Built in 1996, the dam of Thesauros is now producing

around 384MW of hydroelectric energy. It also helps the
surrounding area by providing water.

In Macedonia we can also find plenty wind generators in

mountains and generally places where wind is powerful,
for example in Grebena, Drama, Kastoria, Kilkis and more.
Positive energy solar panel park

It is located in Drama and its the 6th bigger solar park in

Greece. It provides Macedonia with around 5MW.

The dam of Gratini

It is located in Rodopi and it was built in 2002. Its focusing

on providing clean water to the area but it is also
producing a small amount of hydroelectric energy.
Aegean Sea Ionian Sea

To begin with, in Aegean Sea, as far as the wind power is

concerned there are a large number of wind turbines in
almost all the islands. For instance, there are 89 turbines
in Milos, 62 in Kos, 44 in Amorgos, 27 in Kythnos, 21 in
Sikinos, 20 in Kimolos, 18 in Astipalaia, 16 in Folegandros
and 5 in Tilos, while impressive is the fact that the small
island of Polyaigos, located east of the Kimolos island,
has at its disposal 31 wind turbines. All that kind of wind
power is available in Greece and more specifically in the
Aegean Sea where there are the highest values of wave
power in the Mediterranean, in the range of 4-11 KW / m.
Particularly characteristic is that the technically exploitable
wave potential for the EU Member States estimated total
of 150-230 TWh / year, of which 5-9 TWh / year
corresponding to the Greek seas. Thus, it can easily occur
that our country includes locations of particular interest in
installing wave devices such as areas outside Kymi, the
Athos peninsula etc. Also, the South Aegean Sea is
characterized by a particularly high utilizable wave
potential closely between: Crete-Kythera and Crete-
Kasos. In the strait between Karpathos-Crete and
Karpathos-Rhodes wave energy is about 6 KW / m. Finally
in the Ionian Sea, the wave power is annually in a range
4-8 KW / m.

In Crete, we can say, that the wind power plays a very
important role. If we want to talk about the modern times,
then Crete holds a world first in the Wind Energy sector,
especially in the plateau of Lassithi. It is estimated that in
the mid-20th century, thousands of traditional windmills
total capacity of 5 MW, intended almost exclusively for
pumping underground water supplies and irrigation of
crops had been installed in the Lassithi plateau region in
eastern Crete. This is the first wind farm in the world total
power of this class. As far as the solar energy is
concerned, in Crete, in the region of Atherinolakkos in
Lassithi the NUR-MOH company has received a
production license of this kind of energy. The solar thermal
plant will consist of 24,000 heliostats (mirrors) area 19
sq.m. per each, which estimated that will emit the sunlight
in a solar tower height of 200 meters. The centralized
solar energy will heat water and produce steam for the
steam turbine insertion enabled power at rated load of 52
megawatts and a range of up to five hours.

Central Greece

Solar panels

The biggest solar panel installation in an airport is being

built in Eleutherios Venizelos International Airport. This
solar panel park has 8MWp power and is constructed in
160cm^2 area. The generators of the airport will produce
11.000.000KW of electric energy every year.

Hydroelectric stations

The hydroelectric station of Kremasta in Aitoloakarnania is

the biggest in Central Greece. It was built in 1966 and its
hydroelectric power reaches the 437,2MW.
Wind power

One of the biggest wind power parks in Greece is in

Boiotia in mountain MaristiMaurovouni. It was built in
2014-2015 and its wind power reaches the 42MW.

Hydroelectric plant

Hydroelectric plant in the prefecture of Arta: A modern

station with expansion and increase production capacities.
The station's first operation was the year 1981. It has 3
power plants.
Specifically, Epirus operates two large Hydroelectric
Stations PPC and 17 Small Hydro Plants of total capacity
47 MW.
During 2020: Two Small Hydro Plants, total capacity of 9
MW, in the prefecture of Ioannina.
In large rivers such as the Acheloos and Aliakmon Nestos
manufactured hydroelectric projects.

First Net Metering in Epirus

Work-station together with the project of 25kW.

Wind Power Stations

Nine wind farms totaling 148 MW in the prefectures of
Preveza, Thesprotia and Ioannina .

Photovoltaic plant
A photovoltaic power station 5 MW in operation in the
prefecture of Arta.