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Official e-Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit

The Dove
February 28, 2017 Rotary Club of Holy Spirit Club No. 69935 RI District 3780 Philippines Vol. IX No. 24

RC Holy Spirit, partner organizations and volunteers serve

1167 indigent patients during annual medical/dental/
optical/diagnostic mission
On February 25, 2017, RC Holy Spirit organized and con- Dr Jesson Jay Vinas of RC SFDM conducted eye check-up
ducted its annual large-scale medical/dental/optical/diagnostic services and dispensed free reading glasses to 126 patients.
mission held at the covered court of Don Antonio Heights in Other services availed of were: ECG 81; FBS/RBS 91;
Barangay Holy Spirit. Cholesterol 5; Uric acid 1; Bone
scanning 156. In addition to
The mission was in partnership with sending two (2) medical doctors
the Don Antonio Heights Home- and diagnostic services (FBS, cho-
owners Association, the usual main lesterol, uric acid testing), SMFI
partner in this annual program. The distributed toys to children-patients.
other partners this year are the
Salamat sa Biyaya Foundation of The pharmacy desk was manned
St Benedict Parish, Quezon City by ASP Peth Rivera, and assisted
Realtors Board (QCRB), DZRH by PP Ammie Bagain, Associate
Operation Tulong and SM Founda- Member Grace Cabading and DA-
tion Inc, with invaluable support HHA volunteers.
from the Holy Spirit Interactors and
Rotaractors. Registration and reception of medi-
cal and dental patients and other
A total of 1,167 indigent patients services was done by Interactors
benefited from the mission. led by President Monique Palmiano
and Rotaractors led by Secretary
There were fifteen (15) medical Jayson Monte de Ramos, under the
doctors that included RCHS mem- supervision of PP Marites Ne-
bers Rtn Dr Jovina Andres and Dr Aleli Francis Rivera-Onia pomuceno with the assistance of Rtns JR Delgra and Caro-
who gave free medical consultations to 63 senior patients, line Vargas. PP Ped Condeno and Rtn Abet Sevilla con-
199 adults and 268 pediatric patients. The medical team also trolled the traffic of patients, while PP Beth Sy and Rtn Jerry
included Dr Grace Angeles of sister club RC Midtown San Sy made sure the volunteers were served food and drinks.
Mateo and Honorary Member Dr Rogelio Belleza who came Rtn David Kim was on hand helping with the traffic of patients
with his two (2) sons and daughter in-law, all doctors. The and in assisting dentists. Tokens for the medical and dental
patients were free given medicines and vitamins. professionals were provided by PP Chinchin Jurado.

A large contingent of dental practitioners catered to the needs Overall coordination was done by IPP Angel Castro and by
of 183 patients. Among the dentists were RCHS member Dr PP Marcia Salvador in behalf of both major partners RCHS
Marlene Martinez and IPP Dr Tery Amado of RC Midtown and DAHHA.
San Mateo. Eleven (11) dentists were assisted by seventeen
(17) senior dental students from UE and CEU resulting in the Indeed, it was a successful partnership project serving the
early completion of the mission. Interactors and Rotaractors community resulting from teamwork and collaborative efforts.
of Holy Spirit assisted in cleaning and sterilizing dental tools
and implements.

Providing assistance to the doctors and dentists were nine (9)

nurses from QCRB and DZRH. Medicines were provided by
Pictures of Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, their partners
and volunteers Serving Humanity during healthcare mission on
25 Feb 2017

Holy Spirit Rotary family of Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians 2

RC Holy Spirit joins District celebration of Rotarys 112th birthday
and World Understanding & Peace Day
Rotarys 112th birthday and World Understanding and Peace
Day on February 23, 2017 was celebrated at the Rotary Cen-
ter. In the past, the commemorative activities had been done
at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

An intermission during the program was the performance of Holy

Spirit Interactors who did an Around the World number which
brought amusement and laughter to the audience. Before the pro-
gram ended, there was community singing of the iconic song Let
There Be Peace On Earth with everyone holding lighted candles.
Turn-over of the renovated Rotary Plaza to District 3780. The com-
memoration of Rotarys anniversary started with the formal turn-over
What followed was sheer fun and fellowship where everyone got to
of the Rotary Plaza across the Rotary Center building, by Best Class
taste culinary delights from different parts of the world. The whole
Gov Sam Pagdilao and donors, to All Star DG Dwight Ramos in the
Rotary Center was truly transformed as an International House of
presence of Barangay officials.
Friendship and Dining. RC Holy Spirit presented delicious Korean
dishes (kimchi, chapchae, kimbab, bulgogi) meticulously prepared
DG Dwight Ramos then led Rotary leaders in the wreath-laying rites
by Rtn David Kim and wife who even wore Korean costumes. ASP
at the foot of the bust-monument in honor of Rotary founder Paul
Peth Rivera and PP Marcia Salvador also wore the traditional Ko-
rean hanbok.

There was dancing, too! To capture the moment, there was a photo
The Rotary Center was transformed into and opened as Interna-
booth where everyone had their pictures taken in funny poses.
tional House of Friendship. This is intended to emphasize that the
place is venue to showcase a colorful and delightful display of cul-
tural diversity. For the day, participating Rotary clubs prepared their The District event was hosted by the Peace Presidents
chosen international cuisine like American, Mexican, Spanish, led by PDG Penny Policarpio and chaired by PP Marcia
French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indo- Salvador. Invaluable assistance came from All Star
Malay, Mediterranean, and Filipino. President Peth Rivera who rallied her classmates into
The formal program to commemorate Rotarys birthday and World joining the food festival. Giving support to the event
Understanding & Peace Day at the Silver Hall started with an inter- were IPP Angel Castro, PP Marites Nepomuceno, PP
faith invocation that was said in Arabic, Italian, Filipino, Korean, Ammie Bagain, GML EiC
Chinese and English. Rtn David Kim said a prayer in Korean. The Ric Salvador, and Rtn
guest speaker, Dr Michael Zablan, an international peace advocate,
spoke on Paradigm Shift to Global Peace: The Culture of a Parent,
Abet Sevilla who came
Teacher and Leader. with his wife Mary Ann
and daughter Angel.
Another feature of the program was the launching of the TRF Cen- Holy Spirit Interactors led
tennial Hall where Governor Dwight Ramos and DRFC chair PDG by President Monique
Jess Cifra exhorted all Rotarians to contribute to The Rotary Foun-
dation to support RIs efforts to achieve world understanding and Palmiano were also
peace through international humanitarian, education and cultural garbed in international
exchange programs, and, more specifically, to eradicate polio from costume.
the face of the earth.
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of the virtual website of
Rotary International District 3780

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What a joyous fellowship meeting! dental/optical/diagnostic mission on February 25,

On February 21, 2017, members of RC Holy Spirit 2017.
gathered at the house of President Peth Rivera for
It also became an enjoyable fellowship event to
its regular weekly meeting to discuss two (2) very
celebrate the birthday of PDG Francis Rivera.
important up-coming events: World Understanding
There was good food and wine that went with the
and Peace Day on February 23, and the medical/
fun and good fellowship.

Lets Celebrate in Atlanta

RC Holy Spirit is on . .
D3780 1905 History of Rotary
District Governors Message
By Governor Dwight Hilarion M. Ramos, Rotary International District 3780

The Key to the Rotary Center

We recently bid goodbye several Philippine corporations, most recently as

to our dear PDG Oscar Chairman of the Board of Philippine General Insur-
Oca A. Inocentes, who ance Corporation and Sytengco Philippines Corpo-
of course is a great loss ration. He held various positions of leadership in
to all of us in Rotary. organizations including as past president of the In-
Not only did we lose a tegrated bar of the Philippines, Quezon City Chap-
great friend, mentor and ter and executive vice president for the National
leader, but the driving Capital Region in the Peoples Economic Council.
force in the establish- He also served in different roles in civic, charitable
ment and operations of and religious organizations including the World
our very own Rotary Cen- Federation for Mental Health, Rotary International,
ter. Capitol Jaycees, Philippine Jaycee Senate, Legion
of Mary, Christian Family Movement, Cursillos in
Christianity, Holy Name Society, Adoracion Noc-
turna Filipinas, Immaculate Concepcion Catechet-
zon City was called back to his Makers side on
ical Mission, Extra-Ordinary Lay Ministers of the
February 3, 2017. He was born to the late Fran-
Eucharist, Parish council Officers, and Rotary Inter-
cisco and Francisca Inocentes, September 16,
national D-3780 Rotary Center Foundation, Inc.,
1931. Oca, a lawyer by profession, spent most of
where he served as President and Chief Executive
his life in the faithful service of the Philippine Gov-
Officer until his untimely passing. He was a leader
ernment acting in various capacities under four
among men and wise mentor to many.
Philippines presidents, notably as: assistant city
fiscal; city judge of Quezon City; member of the
Board of Trustees of the Government Service In- Here is a man who has truly achieved so
surance System (GSIS); Undersecretary for Political much in his lifetime. But notable among his lega-
Coalition Affairs, National Capital Region, Office of cies, he was able to put up our own Rotary build-
the President, Malacaang; Presidential Assistant ing. PDG Oca is the key to the Rotary Center. It
for Judicial Affairs, Office of the President, Mala- was through his vision, hard work and steadfast
caang; and Chairman of the Metropolitan manila dedication that we saw the birth of our own Rotary
Development Authority (MMDA). He was a two-
Center and enjoy its continued use. For this, we
time Presidential Awardee (Presidents Macapagal
shall forever be grateful.
and Marcos) for meritorious acts in the prosecution
service and was inscribed in the Roster of the Or-
der of Lakandula with the Rank of Bayani by presi-
dent Arroyo.

A self-made man, Oca was an astute busi-

nessman and served on the board of directors of

Source: D3780 Governors Monthly Letter, January 2017

Service February is Peace and Conflict Resolution Month

February 2017 | Promoting world peace and global understanding

Rotary brings together a Click on image to watch Hub Peacebuilder Tour
In the United States,
global network of volun- the Rotary Club of
teers from diverse back- Branchburg Township,
grounds, cultures, and New Jersey, hosted an
professions. With unique interfaith dinner and diver-
perspectives and exper- sity award program. The
tise, members address club recognized people,
many of the most pressing businesses, and commu-
humanitarian challenges, nity groups that embrace
which include creating a peace and embody the
more peaceful world. values of civility, coopera-
tion, and global and community awareness. The
Through service projects, peace fellowships, and program brought together community leaders and
scholarships, members are taking action against the Rotary family to foster peace, understanding,
the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, and goodwill.
inequality, ethnic tension, and lack of access to
education. Here are just a few examples of how The Rotary Clubs of Radolfzell-Hegau, Ger-
Rotarians are advancing world peace: many, and Istanbul-Sisli, Turkey, worked together
to organize an exchange for university music stu-
The Rotary Club of Marikina, Philippines, hosted dents in the two countries. The clubs aim is to fur-
a peace forum to exchange ideas on progressing ther international and cross-cultural understanding.
toward a more peaceful world. Rotary clubs from During the exchange, students not only study mu-
the area attended the half-day forum, aiming to fur- sic, but also discuss their countries and cultures,
ther global peace through service. helping bridge divides and build new friendships.

Interactors of Holy Spirit interact with victims of armed conflict to help

build understanding and share hope for peace
By ASP Monique Palmiano of Interact Club of Holy Spirit National High and RC Holy Spirit Youth Service Chair PP Marcia Salvador

It came to the attention of members of the Inter- Lumads refer to indigenous and etho-
act Club of Holy Spirit National High School that linguistic groups in Mindanao. They were
hundreds of Lumads were camping out at the welcomed at the UP Diliman campus
grounds of the University of the Philippines. grounds to be able to share with students,
scholars and the public their distinct culture
and their issues including human rights
violations allegedly committed against

On October 21 and 25, 2016, the Interac-

tors led by President Monique Palmiano
met with the Lumads and gave them assorted members of the rebel group National Peoples
used clothes, story books and school supplies. Army. Because of the armed conflict, their
More significantly, the Interactors listened as the schools are being used as evacuation centers
elder Lumads ventilated their plight. They also and this keeps the school children from attending
conversed with the younger Lumads. The Inter- classes. The Interactors had a conversation with
actors learned that the Lumads were being one of the Lumad tribe leaders. The tribe leader
driven out of their ancestral homes, with some expressed gratitude for the Interactors attention
allegedly being killed on suspicion that they were and concern.
Member Spotlight: Reading is fundamental
By Sarah Sugden, Rotary Club of Waterville, Maine USA THE ROTARIAN February 2017

Sarah Sugdens love Times.

of libraries started
early when she dis- Sugden also participates in the Waterville clubs Rhoda
covered the joy of Reads program, the brainchild of current club President
perusing the endless Tina Chapman, who hoped to engage children in read-
stacks of free sto- ing at a very young age.
Through the program, volunteer readers receive a kit
I just fell in love with that includes a selection of age-appropriate books in-
the fact that I could cluding a story featuring Rhoda the Owl, the program
come here every day mascot, and a plush toy version of Rhoda. Its story-
after school by my- time in a bag, basically, Sugden says.
self and read, says
Sugden, director of The volunteers are matched with a child care facility
the Waterville that they will visit regularly to read to the children.
(Maine) Public Li-
Since the program began in 2013, about 40 Rotarians
have received training and about a dozen participate at
A past president of any time. Ten preschools and child care facilities are
the Rotary Club of participating.
Waterville, she has spent her career finding ways to
The club estimates that it has reached more than 800
pass along that love. In 2014, she was one of 10 librari-
children and hopes to expand the program, making it
ans nationally to win the I Love My Librarian Award,
accessible to other clubs.
sponsored by the Carnegie Corp. and the New York

Weekly reading-feeding program, advocacy initiative

of PP Linda Palattao, motivates interest to learn and
consequently raises literacy of indigent kids
By Pres Marcia C. Salvador, RC Holy Spirit Quezon City, Philippines Posted on ROTARY SHOWCASE

Introduced in July 2012, the weekly learning-feeding of the weekly

program motivates interest to learn and consequently learning-
raises literacy of young children from poor families in feeding ses-
the garbage dumpsite areas of Payatas, Quezon City. sions spon-
sored by PP
PP Linda Palattao and PP Beth Sy of RC Holy Spirit RI Linda Palat-
D3780 observed the young children as they learn read- tao. The activi-
ing and arts ties are held at
skills last the campus of
Saturday, Elite Business,
August 4, Science and
2012. Technology
School owned by the Palattao family.
The children
sing and There are up to forty beneficiary children in most Satur-
play games day sessions. The kids are tutored by volunteer stu-
and are dents from the Elite School and from other schools
served food, nearby.
too, as part
The 1989 Council on Legislation
vote to admit women into Rotary 1987
clubs worldwide remains a water- On 4 May, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that
shed moment in the history of Ro- Rotary clubs may not exclude women from
tary. membership on the basis of gender. Rotary
issues a policy statement that any Rotary
club in the United States can admit qualified
"My fellow delegates, I would like
to remind you that the world of women into membership.
1989 is very different to the world
of 1905. I sincerely believe that The Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise, California
Rotary has to adapt itself to a (formerly Larkspur Landing), is chartered on
changing world," said Frank J. 28 May. It becomes the first club after the
Devlyn, who would go on to be- U.S. Supreme Court ruling to have women as
come RI president in 2000-01. charter members.
Sylvia Whitlock, of the Rotary Club of Duarte,
California, becomes the first female Rotary
The vote followed the decades- club president.
long efforts of men and women
from all over the Rotary world to allow for the admission of women into
Rotary clubs, and several close votes at previous Council meetings.
In November, the RI Board of Directors issues a policy statement recognizing the right
of Rotary clubs in Canada to admit female members based on a Canadian law similar
The response to the decision was overwhelming: By June 1990, the to that upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.
number of female Rotarians had skyrocketed to over 20,000. By 2010,
the number of women was approaching 200,000. 1989
At its first meeting after the 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision, the Council on Legisla-
TIMELINE OF WOMEN IN ROTARY tion votes to eliminate the requirement in the RI Constitution that membership in Ro-
tary clubs be limited to men. Women are welcomed into Rotary clubs around the world.
An enactment to delete the word male from the Standard Rotary Club Constitution is 1990
proposed by a Rotary club in India for the Council on Legislation meeting at the 1950 As of June, there are about 20,200 female Rotarians worldwide. The Rotarian runs
RI Convention. a feature on women in Rotary.

1964 1995
The Council on Legislation agenda contains an enactment proposed by a Rotary club In July, eight women become district governors, the first elected to this role: Mimi
in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) to permit the admission of women into Rotary clubs. Dele- Altman, Gilda Chirafisi, Janet W. Holland, Reba F. Lovrien, Virginia B. Nordby, Donna
gates vote that it be withdrawn. Two other proposals to allow women to be eligible for J. Rapp, Anne Robertson, and Olive P. Scott.
honorary membership are also withdrawn.
1972 Carolyn E. Jones begins her term as the first woman appointed as trustee of The Ro-
As more women begin reaching higher positions in their professions, more clubs begin tary Foundation.
lobbying for female members. A U.S. Rotary club proposes admitting women into
Rotary at the 1972 Council on Legislation. 2008
Catherine Noyer-Riveau begins her term as the first woman elected to the RI Board of
1977 Directors.
Three separate proposals to admit women into membership are submitted to the
Council on Legislation for consideration at the 1977 RI Convention. A Brazilian club 2010
makes a different proposal to admit women as honorary members.
More than 199,000 women are members of Rotary clubs worldwide, with an increasing
number serving as district governors.
The Rotary Club of Duarte, California, USA, admits women as members in violation of
the RI Constitution and Standard Rotary Club Constitution. Because of this violation,
the club's membership in Rotary International is terminated in March 1978. (The club
was reinstated in September 1986.) Elizabeth S. Demaray begins her term as treasurer, the first woman to serve in this
The RI Board of Directors and Rotary clubs in India, Sweden, Switzerland, and the
United States propose an enactment to remove from the RI and club constitutions and Anne L. Matthews begins her term as the first woman to serve as RI vice president.
bylaws all references to members as male persons.

Profile of Some Outstanding Women Members
Rotary News
In a lawsuit filed by the Duarte club, the California Superior Court in 1983 rules in favor
of Rotary International, upholding gender-based qualification for membership in Cali- 28-MAR-2014
fornia Rotary clubs. In 1986, the California Court of Appeals reverses the lower court's
decision, preventing the enforcement of the provision in California. The California
Supreme Court refuses to hear the case, and it is appealed to the U.S. Supreme History of Women in Rotary
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District 3780 GOVERNORS MONTHLY LETTER The Rotarian March 2017

February 2017

Gyrator Newsletter of RC Chicago THE DOVE of RC Holy Spirit D3780

Issue 1 Year 113 Feb 28, 2017 Issue 23 of Year 9 February 21, 2017
THE DOVE is the official newsletter of
the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit, Rotary
International District 3780.
The digital publication features
hyperlinks or web-links which make it
a true electronic newsletter/e-bulletin. The following piece of proverbial wisdom is remarkably
Distribution: astute:
THE DOVE is published in 3 ver-
sions: printed, digital PDF, and Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a
online. day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him
PDF version sent by email to for a lifetime.
nearly 1,000 addressees, Rotari-
ans and non-Rotarians in the club,
in the district, in Philippine Rotary The origin of this thought is highly contested. There are
and outside including RI. claims that that the adage is Chinese, Native American,
Italian, Indian, or Biblical. Sometimes it is linked to Lao-
Posted on social media networks
Tzu, Maimonides, or Mao Zedong.
and groups
Printed copies for meetings
The general principle of alleviating poverty by facilitating
First issue of THE DOVE: 4 June 2009 self-sufficiency has a long history. The 12th-century phi-
(Vol I, No. 1) losopher Maimonides wrote about eight degrees in the
Editorial team: duty of charity. In 1826 an explication of the eighth de-
Marcia Salvador - Editor gree was published in a journal called The Religious
Ric Salvador - Asst Editor Intelligencer.
Address: Don Antonio Clubhouse, Lastly, the eighth and the most meritorious of all, is
Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City PH to anticipate charity by preventing poverty, namely,
to assist the reduced brother, either by a considerable
gift or loan of money, or by teaching him a trade, or by
putting him in the way of business, so that he may earn
an honest livelihood and not be forced to the dreadful
alternative of holding up his hand for charity. . .
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Holy Spirit D3780