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Ruby Bridges

Alyssa Carpenter
Junior Division
Individual Website
Student-Composed Words: 1,167
Process Paper: 418
I chose my topic by looking at a list of example topics. After looking at that list, I

discovered an interest for the Civil Rights Movement, and began to research important people

and events of that time. I narrowed the broad subject of the Civil Rights Movement down to two

topics: Ruby Bridges and Brown vs. the Board of Education. After further research, I chose Ruby

Bridges as my topic.

I started my research on Ruby Bridges by looking at different websites to get a

general idea of what she was known for. Then, I got her book, Through My Eyes, which was by

far my most important resource, and it answered many of my questions. I found many other

books, but most of them were childrens books with a small amount of information. However,

there were a few books that did have important information. For example, these books were very

helpful: Travels With Charley, Ruby Bridges, The Story Of Ruby Bridges, and Twelve Children

Who Changed The World. I used many websites in my research as well. The most helpful website

was From there, I navigated to several other websites and found primary

resources from the La Crosse Library and from the internet.

I chose to do a website because I had done an exhibit last year, so I wanted to

explore new ways to present information. I am very glad I did so because I learned how to use

many different tools to make my website look organized and professional. I used my notes, other

information saved on USB drives, videos and pictures that I found, and uploaded it all to my

website. Then, I used a wide variety of tools to make it easy to read and organized.
The life of Ruby Bridges clearly relates to the 2017 NHD theme of Taking a

Stand in History. Firstly, Ruby Bridges stood up for desegregation in schools and paved the way

for future colored students by being the first African American to attend William Frantz.

Secondly, she inspired others to fight against segregation in schools, and she gave other students

the courage to stand up for what they believed in. Lastly, she started the Ruby Bridges

Foundation in 1999 to create change through education, to inspire children, and to eliminate

racism. Therefore, the life of Ruby Bridges obviously relates to the 2017 NHD theme of Taking

a Stand in History.