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David M.

Cox Elementary
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the School Organizational Team (SOT)
March 7, 2017
5:00 PM

Location of the Meeting

David M. Cox Library
280 Clark Drive
Henderson, NV 89074

Present at the meeting

Todd Nash
Kristy Coleman
Ryoko Ball-Aguilar
Ana Pisano
Anna Sowell
Jill Stackel
Tara Imboden

The meeting was called to order by SOT team member Ana Pisano at 5:06 PM. It was seconded by Jill

Approval of the Agenda

The agenda for the meeting was distributed and unanimously approved.

Review of Previous Meetings

The SOT Committee reviewed and unanimously approved the notes from the last meeting. Ana Pisano
motioned for the minutes to be approved; Jill Stackel seconded the motion.

Issues That Were Discussed This Meeting

(See attachment) The district has re-examined our school, and has allocated an additional $84,000.
Therefore, we were able to save staff and allocate more money into general supplies. On page one of the
new budget, it shows hows we will have four teachers in fourth and fifth grade; on pages 3-4, it shows
how additional monies will be allocated into general supplies.

Next on the agenda, we discussed the ways how David M. Cox Elementary plan on going green the
following school year. The following is the ways that we have discussed with a lot of positive affirmation
among our members:
Digital newsletters instead of paper newsletters
Sending home just quarter progress reports with unsatisfactory notices if necessary (please note
that with Infinite Campus, grade books are available online and in real time)
Having teachers supply a wish list on-line in which parents that wish to stay in touch and donate
items can do so easily (for example, including links to
Sending home a semester two wish list to help replenish any supplies that may have been
depleted throughout the school year
In regards to paper, instead of having them stocked in the staff lounge and in work rooms, it
would be more beneficial if a paper is passed out to the teachers each semester. (A case for
primary and a case and a half to intermediate due to numbers.)

Other things that were discussed:

As of March 1st, Instructional Aides have added an extra hour to their work day
We are hoping that STAR will be available for intermediate grades next year
David M. Cox Elementary is on the list to have our computer lab refurbished
Kristy Coleman brought up the idea of beginning to streamline the apps utilized by primary and
intermediate grade levels to help lower costs
We then discussed great free programs such as Front Row, Xtra Math, and No Red Ink

Agenda and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting date will be announced at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM by SOT member Jill Stackel. PTA meeting following at 6:00 PM.

Minutes were submitted by Ryoko Ball-Aguilar

Minutes to be approved by the SOT Committee