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St Raphaels Catholic School

Term 1, Week 8/B Newsletter

14 March 2016

the school, you are automatically a member of the

Association and you are invited to participate.

From Friday evening this week the Cowra community

Dear Parents
will be celebrating the Festival of International
Learning research clearly shows the strong link Understanding with particular focus this year on
between a childs learning and parental involvement in Belarus. Check out your childrens decorations in the
the learning process. Making that learning process shop fronts on Kendal Street, hear your children sing
really count for the child comes largely from a close the Belarusian National Anthem (in Belarusian) at the
connection between home and school, between Peace Bell and participate with us in the Parade on
parents and teachers. The stronger that connection, Kendal Street on Saturday.
the better the learning. For that reason Parent /
Teacher discussions are pivotal events in every
Michael Gallagher
semester. Thank you to parents of Primary children
who participated in such large numbers last week.
Secondary Progress Reports are about to be
circulated and these are designed to be the basis of
discussions between teachers and parents early in the
new term. Please get in early to make your
appointments electronically.

A huge portion of the work of teachers centres on

Syllabus documents and Class Programmes. This
goes largely unseen outside the school. 2017 marks
the release of a whole raft of new Syllabus documents
and that, in turn, demands an enormous investment God of infinite love,
from teachers to translate those learning requirements I thank you for this reminder of your love
into a meaningful sequence of learning experiences for and your call that we be more patient,
the children. It also entails a massive increase in the gentle and compassionate with others.
Professional Learning events teachers must engage Here in the middle of Lent.
in. I want to publicly acknowledge the increased Amen
pressures on staff this year in particular and give you a
heads-up about the about the additional training
required. We will, of course, minimise impact on

Tomorrow is when we mark the National Day against

Violence & Bullying. We want to help deliver a
powerful message that bullying and violence is never
okay. We want to enable those who experience such
events to have the inner strength to overcome the
impact. We want to enable perpetrators of such events
to become better and stronger individuals who never
have to resort to such pathetic methods.

Tonight the P&F Association holds its Annual General

Meeting at 7pm in the school staff room followed by
the monthly General Meeting. As parents of children in

P.O. Box 7, Cowra 2794 Email:

Tel: 6342.2940 School Website:
Eoghan Killick, Lachlan Pullen and Ben Smith all made
it into the Rugby Union side.
Many of our students made the Possible/Probable
games, just missing out on final selection.
Monday 20 Congratulations to all 19 of our representatives. You
Happy birthday to Harry Frazer, Madeleine Savage and
are a credit to our school, your parents and
Maguire Sciberras.
P&F Meeting AGM at 7pm. yourselves.

Tuesday 21
Happy birthday to Georgia Campbell, Michael McNamara
and Charli Raynolds.
Diocesan Basketball Gala Day.
National Day against Bullying and Violence. Canteen Update
This weeks roster is as follows:
Wednesday 22 Tues Wed Thurs Fri Mon
Happy birthday to Ben Smith. 21 22 23 24 27
Outward Bound Parents meeting. Tammie Heather Anna Katie
Penyu CLOSED Keen Thirkell Wilson
Thursday 23
Happy birthday to Lily Carson, Dominic Henderson and Dee Dianne Carmen Fiona
Mitchell Franks Haran Kerin
Anthony Smith.
Friday 24 Bruncher
Choir singing at Peace Bell at 5:45pm. th
On Monday 6 March, Week 6, a child ordered something
from the canteen. Their order required change. Unfortunately
Saturday 25 Donna was away and there was a slight mix up in sending
Festival of International Understanding Parade 11:15am. the change home. If anyone came back from school on that
Choir singing at Festival 12:30pm. day with no change, could they please come to the front
office so we can sort this out.
Happy birthday to Aiden Triming for the 25 and Brendan ad Thank you.
Joel Stendell for the 26 .

Altar Servers Roster Congratulations to the following students who have achieved the
Sat 25 March: Tianna and Alisha Azzopardi. next level on the
th Behaviour Management Programme.
Sun 26 March: Ky Garrett.
Level 5
School Readers for Weekend Parish Masses: Luke Britten 3 Green Brianna Goricki 3 Green
th Drew Langfield 3 Green Pyper Muddle 3 Green
Sun 26 March: Ms C Spora.
Charlotte Tindall 3 Green Josee Bruncher 4 Green
Jack Campbell 4 Gold Amelia Cranney 4 Green
School Eucharistic Ministers for Weekend Parish Ky Garratt 4 Green Jazmine Millar 4 Gold
Masses: William Pearce 4 Green Lucy Tydd 4 Green
th Abby Baker 5 Gold Sophie Falconer 5 Gold
Sat 25 March: Miss K Slaven, Miss R Downes.
th Jyedon Goard 5 Gold Orlando Perry 5 Gold
Sun 26 March: Ms C Spora. Lachlan Shady 5 Gold Grace Shepherd 5 Gold
Zoe Simunic 5 Gold Georgia Williams 5 Gold
School Computer Roster Inka Wilson 6 Green Emily Beath-Pearce 7 Green
th William Harris 7 Gold Rachel Myers 7 Gold
Sun 26 March: Isobella Lynch.
Depp Ryan 7 Green Charles Williams 7 Gold
Bella Bright 8 Green Catherine Gallagher 8 Green
Aedan Leatherland 8 Green Kalia Williams-Martin 8 Green
James Gregory 9 Gold Jack Harper 9 Gold
Ashleigh Harding 10 Green Brooke Lewis 10 Gold
Lucas Meredith 10 Green
Winter Sports Trials
Last Friday, 19 St. Raphael's students travelled to Your Teachers are very Proud of You!
Bathurst to compete at the Diocesan Trials, attempting
to make it into the Bathurst Diocese team. We had
boys and girls at Rugby League, Netball, Hockey,
Soccer and Rugby Union.
Six of our students have been successful in gaining
selection in the Bathurst Diocese team that will now Annual General Meeting
trial for Polding selection on the first Friday of next Tonight - Monday 20 March Parents and Friends
term, 28 April, except for Rugby Union which will trial Annual General meeting 7pm in St Raphaels Catholic
in Forbes later in the year. School Staffroom.
Stanley Rush made it for Opens Rugby League. All executive positions will be declared vacant. Calling
Carter Langfield made it into the 11s Rugby League. for nominations for office bearers.
Kai Fitzgerald made it into the Soccer team. All welcome!
P.O. Box 7, Cowra 2794 Email:
Tel: 6342.2940 School Website:
Jackeroo Ranch Horse Riding
Jackeroo Ranch is once again running the popular horse
riding camps in the Autumn Holidays.
st th th
1 Week: Sat 8 April - Sat 15 April
nd th rd
2 Week: Sat 15 April Sun 23 April
These camps are for horse-mad children aged 6-16 years.
Five to six hours per day are devoted to horse activities
including a one hour lesson and three hours trail riding in the
beautiful Turon Valley.
Previous experience is not necessary as beginners to
advanced riders are catered for. We specialise in teaching
nervous riders and developing their confidence.
This is not just a camp it is a wonderful farm experience
your child will treasure forever.
Enquiries: Mrs. Pattie Hudson. Ph 6337 7173 (nights are

P.O. Box 7, Cowra 2794 Email:

Tel: 6342.2940 School Website:
Sleep and kids' mental health
want to co-sleep with adults
Did you know that childhood sleep problems are really use stalling techniques (just five more minutes, wanting a
common? It is thought that about 40% of primary school kids drink etc.)
have an issue of some sort, and the rates are higher in early refuse to go to bed (engaging in long conversations, tears
childhood. or tantrums)
It makes sense that sleep and a childs mental health and get out of bed frequently (for a drink, the toilet, to talk)
wellbeing go hand-in-hand. wake often
have difficulties getting to and returning to sleep (e.g. lying
In fact, insufficient and broken sleep has been associated awake worrying)
with numerous issues, such as: increased behavioural,
experience anxiety-related insomnia (more common in
social-emotional and academic problems; trouble starting
primary-age children)
primary school; ADHD-like symptoms (i.e. concentration,
have nightmares or night terrors.
attention, and impulse-control difficulties); and even
According to Associate Professor Hiscock, there are many
possibilities for why sleep issues are so wide-spread.
Associate Professor Harriet Hiscock, paediatrician and
Theres most likely better recognition and help-seeking for
researcher with the Centre for Community Child Health at
sleep problems so more kids are coming to health
The Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne, says that
professionals, she says. Theres definitely an increased use
behavioural sleep problems make up the bulk of issues seen
of mobile devices and computers in the bedroom that can
in kids. Chances are youve already experienced some of
cause difficulties quieting down, and which reduce the brain's
them at your place. For example, she says children may:
production of melatonin that helps us go to sleep. Kids are
P.O. Box 7, Cowra 2794 Email:
Tel: 6342.2940 School Website:
also doing more in their day, so time to sleep is probably not
prioritised. This is an example of cognitive restructuring. Seek help -
speak to a health professional like your GP or a psychologist
Its really important to put a good nights sleep at the top of if nightmares continue and are overwhelming for your child.
the to-do list. When your child is sleeping well, chances are The great news is that nightmares are easily treated. For
you will be too, which means the whole family will be at their more information about dealing with common childhood
very best, mentally and physically. sleep issues, see The Boss of My Sleep Book by Dr Sarah
Blunden and Dr Kirrilly Thompson, available at
Dealing with bedtime worries and nightmares

Sleep problems tend to be emotional rather than physical in Sleep strategies for the whole family
nature. These expert tips from Associate Professor Harriet Hiscock,
paediatrician and sleep researcher, are great for managing
Dr Sarah Blunden, the head of Paediatric Sleep Research at common sleeping speed bumps or simply getting the family
Central Queensland University, says that fear is the biggest into the swing of a great nights sleep.
factor when it comes to common sleep issues like bedtime
nervousness and nightmares.
Golden rules for kids sleep
We know that children who are more fearful or anxious Establish a bedtime routine - so they know what to expect
generally tend to sleep less well, says Dr Blunden. This is and have time to wind down.
one of the main reasons why kids have problems getting to Keep bedtime consistent (within 30 mins), even on the
and staying asleep. Kids who are less fearful still wake up in weekends - big variations can disrupt their body clock and
the night (due to natural sleep cycles), but they find it easier undo all your good work.
to get to and return to sleep. Make sure they fall asleep in their bed - snoozing off on the
couch or in front of the TV can affect their routine and make
them less likely to want to sleep alone.
About bedtime worries Remove all TVs, computers and mobile devices from their
Bedtime is the time of day that we are alone with our bedroom - the light stimulation alone will make it harder for
thoughts, says Dr Blunden. Nerves at bedtime often mean them to settle down.
we dont want to be by ourselves. This is especially so for Avoid caffeinated foods and drinks after 3pm - caffeine is a
children. Young children tend to fear things in their stimulant which is likely to keep young bodies awake.
surroundings, like monsters under the bed, nameless noises, Have a wind-down period yourself - show kids that a bedtime
and shadows. Older kids are better able to interpret their routine is important for the whole family. When your child
environment (i.e. a noise or shadow might be a robber trying wont stay in bed
to break in), and ruminate on their relationships and life Limit the number of times they can come out of the bedroom
issues. (one or two times works well).
Reward them for complying with the rules (e.g. a stamp or
How to deal with bedtime worries sticker in the morning).
Help them to be brave - use a reward system (e.g. stickers or If they keep coming out, take them back to their room with
treats). Try not to get frustrated - kids naturally want to do the minimal fuss or arguments.
right thing, so try and understand why they are fearful and
avoid escalating emotions. Give the child some control - When your child wont fall asleep alone
allow them to choose a tool to help them be brave (worry Identify who (e.g. mum or dad) or what (e.g. music) they
dolls, monster spray, a radio to cover noises, a torch etc.) need in order to fall asleep and return to sleep if they wake in
and contribute to their sleep environment (e.g. a special the night.
blanket, pillows, toys). Negotiate - get their input on aspects If its you, slowly withdraw from the bedroom in stages (also
of their routine, like how many stories to read before bed, known as camping out).
and when you will return to check on them. If its something else (such as music), gradually reduce the
amount of time the child spends with it before going to sleep.
About nightmares Looking after yourself
All of us have had a nightmare, Dr Blunden says. We Go to bed soon after your child - if your child wakes often in
believe they are the brain subconsciously processing the night, you may be up again shortly after you turn in.
information from the day, which is why we dream about real Follow good sleep hygiene rules - i.e. limit media use in the
things in our lives. However, they can become a problem for bedroom and have time to wind down.
children if they are frequent, persistent, and more and more Limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol before
distressing. Dr Blunden says the main contributors of bedtime - they can lead to poor sleep.
nightmares include an anxious or fearful temperament, being Do some stress-busting - try things like relaxation, yoga, and
a light sleeper, a genetic predisposition (e.g. if mum or dad mindfulness meditation as often as you can.
has regular nightmares), physical and mental stress
(including trauma) and, possibly, diet and eating before bed For more information
(which stimulates the metabolism and brain activity and may Sleep Health Foundation fact sheets
prompt nightmares). The Royal Children's Hospital sleep tip sheets
Raising Children Network information by age group
Healthy Kids Seminar Series - a free seminar by Murdoch
How to deal with nightmares Childrens Research Institute on common child sleep
Talk it out - explain to your child that dreaming is a natural problems and sleep tips for parents
process, that they are safe, and that the dream will not come Infant Sleep e-Learning Program an evidence-based,
true. This is particularly important for young children who online course by Murdoch Childrens Research Institute for
cannot yet understand that dreams arent real. Change the professionals but it also suits families ($50, 1 hour duration,
ending - have your child describe, write or draw a more includes parent resources)
positive ending to their dream (e.g. the robber is caught by

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Thursday 30 March, 2017

This year our school carnival focus is participation! As in previous years students will move from event to event as an
age group in a circuit of Athletic event. Because we are following this structure we are able to stay very closely to the
times allocated for the event on the program. This hopefully assists our families who would like to come and watch in
the lunch hour to know where everyone will be. I encourage the families to come along and watch their children
participate. It fills children with such pride to know that mum or dad is watching.

We require the assistance of several parents this year, if you are able to help please contact Miss Tahni Isedale by
phoning the school (63422940) or emailing her directly ( so we can ensure a smooth
running and fun day for all. Lunch and snacks will be provided for our helpers.

Date Thursday 30 March (Week 9)

Time Secondary Students: 8.45am at River Park

Primary Students: Normal school arrangements

Transport Secondary students must arrive at River Park for Roll Call no later than 8.45a.m
Primary students will arrive at school in the usual manner and walk with their teachers
All students will walk back to school at the conclusion of the carnival to be released as usual onto the
buses or other modes of transport.

Lunch All students are to bring their own lunch; Mrs Stokes will be running a modified canteen on the day
with snacks and drinks. There are no provisions made for lunch orders.
Bring Hats, sun screen, water, joggers and your competitive spirit.

Wear School sports uniform, or house colours. Blue Kilbreda, Yellow Xavier, Red - Raphael
All students are to wear joggers for competition as it is a Diocesan rule that no student can compete
in socks or bare feet or football boots. Spikes are permitted in track events (except 800m & 1500m),
high jump and javelin.

Events There will be no practice jumps or throws time does not allow this. Students are encouraged to
warm-up and be ready. Their teachers can help with this.
At each event students will have the option to compete and be involved. Owing to time restrictions,
not all students will be guaranteed three attempts at each event. Make em count!

Infants Infants students will be attending the athletics carnival between recess and lunch. Please see
additional note in in next weeks newsletter for details. The school canteen will not be operating at
school on this day.

We all hope that the students have a great day and involve themselves in as much as possible. Help others and
support your peers.

Miss Tahni Isedale - Sports Coordinator

P.O. Box 7, Cowra 2794 Email:

Tel: 6342.2940 School Website: