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Banking & Finance is a much sought after field in the industry today. It is perhaps the only
field to have got a shot in the arm due to recession owing to shortfall in managerial talent.
Close to 5lac banking professionals are going to retire in the next five years, which accounts
for 50% of the total work force. Add to that the rapid expansion plans of Banks within the
country to service a growing work-force and you have about 2 lacs vacancies in this year

That is the reason why SMU-DE has introduced the MBA in Banking & Finance. The 4-
semester course will cater to working professionals in banks who would want to position
themselves at par with fresh MBAs who would typically join the banking sector as assistant
mangers and above. The course syllabus has been created by industry based professionals and
SMU-DE faculty, taking cues from market demands of the banking sector. The degree will
provide flexibility to upgrade skills across space and time by embracing technology.

The Indian Banking sector has seen an exponential growth since 1991 primarily due to
liberalisation, granting license to small private banks and the entry of big private banks into
the market. The banking sector is growing at a pace of CAGR of 7% since the year 2000.
Even with this robust growth rate, the penetration of banking services stands at a measly 35%
in India, which is much lesser as compared to other countries. On the backdrop of such low
penetration levels, the Indian Banking sector has a significant potential for growth.

SMU-DE is geared to create trained professionals who will stand up to this demand and meet
the challenges going forward. With faculty boasting more than 15 years of industry
experience and industry experts for interaction on a weekly basis, the course focuses on all
aspects of Banking & Finance and has a high dependency on imbibing skill sets with
emphasis on statistical techniques, risk management procedures, communication strategies
and financial planning.

Candidates pursuing this course can start from the level of Assistant Managers. A quick recon
of current SMU-DE students throws up each and every public and private bank in the
country. SMU-DE students are employed across various functions within banks, including
audit managers, centre heads at Cooperative banks, Economic Analysts, heading banking
operations and so on. Adding on crucial work experience while they learn opens up further
opportunities not just in the country but abroad as well.

For more information just visit MBA in Banking and Finance or call 1800 266 7979 toll free.