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*1* The Protein Lie
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*2* The Protein Lie

Have You Been Duped ByProtein Propaganda? 4

PART 1 6 PART 2 35
Protein Foundation 6 Protein Supplements: theGood,
Protein 101 6 the Bad andtheUgly 35
Are Vegans Doomed? 8 Plant Protein Supplements 36

How Much Protein Do You Really Need? 9 The Ugly Truth About Protein Supplements 37

Does Protein Timing Matter? 11 My Top 4 Recommended

Protein Supplements 39
Is Too Much Protein Dangerous? 12
The Truth About Eggs 14 Conclusion 40
The Low-Down on Dairy 16
References 41
Whey vs CaseinWhats the Difference? 18
An Important Message for Carnivores 19 About the Author 43
Best High Protein Foods
(and The 12 Best Vegan Proteins) 20
Not All Protein is Created EqualHeres Why 22
The Stomach Acid TestDo This
for Better Protein Absorption 23
How Cooking Impacts Protein Quality 24
Soaking and Sprouting
for Maximizing Raw Plant Proteins 25
How Much Protein Can Your Body Handle
in One Sitting and How to Get More Bang
for Your Protein Buck? 27
Is Protein Helpful for Losing Weight? 29
Does Eating More Protein Build More Muscle? 31
Can Vegans Build Muscle? 33
Does Protein Timing Really Matter? 34

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*3* The Protein Lie
Have You Been Duped
ByProtein Propaganda?

Whether youre aprofessional athlete or simply ahealth conscious consumer, you have proba-
bly been told that in order to be healthy, build muscle, and lose weight you have to eat protein
and lots of it. While it is true that protein is critical for an array of important bodily functions,
according to countless studies, the notion that you need to consume copious amounts of pro-
tein might not be all its cracked up to be. In this special report, youll see exactly why.

After working in the fitness and nutrition industry The eat lots of protein message isnt shocking
for close to 2 decades, its clear that most people when you consider the nutritional supplement in-
are confused about how much protein they should dustrys sales hit 11.5 billion in 2012, and is forecast-
eat on daily basis, and rightfully so ed to hit 15.5 billion by 2017, which protein powders
being alarge component of those sales.1 Needless
The media is full of muscle bound fitness pro-
to say, they have agood reason to tell you that you
fessionals pushing their extremely high protein
should eat much more protein than you really need.
products so that you can look like afitness model
too. And even if youre not aregular gym go-er,
these protein lies have likely infected you as well.

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*4* The Protein Lie
But its not just the supplement industry that IF YOU WANT TO KNOW
stands to gain from misrepresenting how much THE TRUTH ABOUT:
protein you need on adaily basis. The billion dollar
beef, poultry, pork, and dairy industries do too.2 How your body uses protein
After all, the more protein you think you need, the
If it matters whether your protein
more of their animal products you consume.
comes from plants or animals

If too much protein is harmful

How much protein your body

actually needs, and

Pretty much anything else

about protein, then

You're in luck.
My goal with this report is to provide you with the
clarity you need to feel confident not only about
what youre eating but also what you spend your
money on. By end of this report you will have
a crystal clear understanding of your protein
needs and how to meet them so you can finally
do away with all the confusing protein myths for
good. Ihave afeeling you will be shocked by some
of the truths that will be uncovered in this report
so buckle up and lets dig in.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*5* The Protein Lie

Protein Foundation

Protein 101
Before we get into the specifics of how much protein you need, which types of protein are
best, and when you should consume them, you must first understand what protein does
in your body and why its imperative for good health.

After you eat a protein rich food, your digestive

system breaks down that protein into amino acids.
These protein building blocks are then absorbed
into the blood through the gastrointestinal tract.
Once absorbed, your body configures these amino
acids into amultitude of different proteins in order
to accomplish their specific tasks. For instance,
they can become the base of a hormone, an im-
portant component of your muscle tissue, etc...

To give you abetter idea of the import roles amino

acids play in the body see the list below:3

They help break down food

They help grow and repair body tissue

They help transport various substances

throughout the body

They become the base of enzymes, hormones,

neurotransmitters, and antibodies

As you can see, if your body doesnt have enough

protein coming in on aregular basis, acascade of
problems can occur.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*6* The Protein Lie
There are 22 different amino acids found in the THE NINE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS:2
body. Most of these amino acids are labeled as
non-essential, which means your body can create Phenylalanine
them on its own. In other words, it is not essential Isoleucine
that these particular amino acids are found in the
diet. There are, however, 9 essential amino acids Leucine
which the body cannot produce; therefore, they
must come in via the food that you eat.





Animal proteins contain all 9 of these amino acids

while plant proteins generally only contain some
of them. If these 9 building blocks are not pro-
vided to the body in sufficient amounts on areg-
ular basis your body could become deficient in
some of the amino acids it needs to perform the
important functions mentioned above. This is why
its important that you consume enough protein
on a regular basis. The question is, How much
protein is enough? and will you be ok if you dont
meet the minimum requirements on adaily basis?

Well get to those questions in a second, but let

me soothe any anxiety some of our vegan friends
may have about protein

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*7* The Protein Lie
Are Vegans Doomed?
As you just learned there are two kinds of amino acids: those that are complete (they con-
tain all of the essential amino acids) and those that are incomplete (they only contain
some of the essential amino acids).

Since animal proteins contain all 9 essential ami- This means that, since they are held in these reser-
no acids and most plant protein sources do not, voirs, you dont need to eat every essential amino
vegans have been told for decades that they need acid in one meal or even in one day. Your body will
to combine certain foods together (for example be just fine if you arent eating complete proteins
beans and rice) in order to make acomplete pro- at any given meal. With abalanced diet, youll get
tein. However, this has been shown not to be true.4 everything you need and your body will do the rest.

The truth is that our bodies have the amazing ability Now that weve covered some protein basics
to store amino acids in what are called amino acid and proven the case that plant-based proteins
pools found in our muscles and liver. This means are totally sufficient for any human, lets get to
that as long as you eat awide variety of vegan pro- the nitty gritty details and answer some of the
tein sources on aregular basis, your body will be big protein questions.
able to draw up these amino acid pools to fill in the
gaps to make the proteins your body needs.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*8* The Protein Lie
How Much Protein Do You Really Need?
This is easily the most common question people have asked me since Istarted as ahealth
and fitness coach almost 2 decades ago. And its agreat question because theres so much
confusion around it, isnt there?

You might be surprised to hear that protein con- TO FIGURE OUT

sumption in the United States is considered ex- HOW MUCH PROTEIN YOU NEED,
cessive.5 Although this is the case, the protein FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS:
pushers in the media continue to force feed us
the notion we do not get enough protein and that Step 1:
we should be eating much much more.
Divide your body weight in pounds
The current recommended daily allowance (RDA) by 2.2 kilograms.
for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight
(1 pound = 2.2 kilograms) to prevent deficiency in Step 2:
untrained, generally healthy adults.6 This is the rec-
Multiply your kg bodyweight
ommendation I give to most people that ask me,
by 0.8 g protein/kg bodyweight
unless youre aheavy duty athlete or bodybuilder.
(or 1.2g if youre ahigh level athlete).
Beyond the basics of preventing deficiency and en-
suring abaseline of protein for good health, those To give you an example, at 0.8 grams protein per
who work out at ahigh intensity on aregular basis, kilogram of bodyweight, a 150 lb (68 kg) person
may need abit more for optimal function, muscle would require about 54 grams of protein per day.
maintenance/growth, and good immune health. However, bear in mind that if you dont hit this
specific amount every single day of your life, then
According to the American College of Sports Med- youll be just fine.
icine (ACSM) and the Academy of Dietetics and
Nutrition, endurance athletes should consume What matters is your average protein consumption
1.21.4 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.7 The over time. After all, during a1-day fast you would
same is true for heavy duty weight-lifters and have zero protein intake whereas on another day
bodybuilders, even though theyve been told to you might have double the amount. So dont freak
consume FAR more. Ill show you why that doing out about hitting your target number every day.
so is nothing more than awaste of money. Youll go crazy just trying to figure it all out.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*9* The Protein Lie
And just in case youre wondering what 54 grams Ill show you some more high protein foods in
of protein looks like, here are afew common foods a moment but for now, I want you to remember
and the protein they provide (Ive kept them con- that you most likely dont need anywhere near the
sistent at 20g protein for easy comparison): amount of protein seen in magazines ads or com-
ing from the mouths of bodybuilders. As youll
Filet of salmon (200g) = 20 grams protein
soon learn, this is absolutely unnecessary, very
4 eggs = 20 grams protein expensive, and sometimes even dangerous.

Beef (100g) = 20 grams protein

Kidney beans (1 cup) = 20 grams protein

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*10* The Protein Lie
Does Protein Timing Matter?
When you eat your protein can just as important as how muchin some cases. This is es-
pecially true if losing excess body fat is your goal. For instance, the science shows that start-
ing your day with ahealthy dose of protein is crucial for maintaining ahealthy lean body.

Research presented at the Obesity Societys an- What this means is that, for lasting health and
nual scientific meeting on Nov. 13, 2013 found that leanness, you should start your day with at least
eating abreakfast rich in protein significantly im- 2030 grams of protein. Because protein keeps
proves appetite control and may help women to you full for a longer period of time, it decreases
avoid overeating later in the day.8 cravings and your desire to eat. Plus, its the most
thermogenic of all foods, which means it increas-
In this study women from the ages of 1855 con-
es your metabolic rate (far more than carbs or fat),
sumed either a protein-rich breakfast (3039g of
helping you burn more calories.
protein) or alow-protein breakfast (pancakes and
syrup) each containing 300 calories and similar Breakfast protein consumption is very important
amounts of fat and fiber. They were then asked to and commonly overlooked. Other than eggs and
consume a standard lunch meal until they were bacon, traditional breakfast meals are very heavy
comfortably full. Results of the study showed that on carbs, which is NOT agood way to start your day.
participants had improved appetite ratings (lower
The National Health and Nutrition Examination
hunger, more fullness, less desire to eat) throughout
Survey (NHANES) found that adults in the United
the morning and also consumed fewer calories at
States skew protein (and calorie) consumption
lunch after eating the protein-rich breakfast, com-
toward their evening meal.9 For example, protein
pared to those eating the low-protein breakfast.
consumption for adults is usually about 3 times
greater at dinner (38 g protein) than it is at break-
fast (13 g protein).9



Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*11* The Protein Lie
Is Too Much Protein Dangerous?
Every fluid in your body must remain within aspecific pH level (pH is ameasure of the
acidity or alkalinity in the body) in order to function properly. If your blood becomes too
acidic it can damage your vital organs and your health. This is why it is so important that
your bloods pH levels are tightly regulated and kept slightly alkaline (around 7.4).

Research has shown that the acid load in your

body can be manipulated by the foods you eat.10
In fact, Iwas on Dr. Oz discussing this very subject
and you can watch our conversation here.

Just understand that the foods you eat can have

a huge impact on the acidity or alkalinity of your
blood. Unfortunately, the modern Western lifestyle
and diet has led most people into astate of met-
abolic acidosisbasically, too much acid in their For example, meats and dairy are very high in pro-
body. Since excess acidity is known to cause unfa- tein and phosphorus and low in the calcium, mag-
vorable cellular mutations and increase unwanted nesium, and potassium, which makes them acid
inflammation inside the body, you need to do what forming.
you can to keep your acid-alkaline in check. Other-
Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are very
wise, serious health problems can occur.
high in alkalizing minerals and lower in protein and
Ok, so whats this got to with protein? Doing worry, phosphorus, making them alkaline forming. There-
were getting there fore, eating plenty of vegetable and fruit is import-
ant for keeping your blood pH in check, especially
Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) calculates the
if youre more than needed amounts of protein.
acid or alkaline load of a specific food once me-
tabolized in your body.11 If you add up the PRAL If you look at the following chart youll see that
values for all the foods you eat, you will get the net meat has aPRAL of 9.5 and cheese has aPRAL of
acid or alkaline load for that day. Obviously, Im 23.6, meaning both have amassive impact on the
not suggesting you do that otherwise youd drive acidity of your blood.
yourself crazy. So, let me make it easy for you.
Vegetables and fruit are the only foods that will
Whether a food is considered acidic or alkaline leave an alkaline ash in the blood. Grains are fairly
is dependent on how much protein, phosphorus, acidic while legumes are more neutral as are fats
potassium, magnesium, and calcium it contains. and oils. All of this matters because high acidity in
If a food has more protein and phosphorus (the the blood has been correlated to problems such
acidic components), than it does calcium, magne- as: osteoporosis,12 kidney disease,13 cardiovascu-
sium, and potassium (which are alkaline minerals) lar disease,14 high levels of cortisol,13 type II diabe-
its considered an acidic food. tes,15 and cancer16 just to name afew.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*12* The Protein Lie

(per 100g)

Low Fat Cheddar 26.4

Sunflower Seeds 12.1
Lean Beef 9.5
Amaranth 7.3
Almonds 2.2
Quinoa 0.2
Bananas 6.9
Strawberries 2.5
Dates, medjool 3.7
Soybeans, raw 4.7
Sweet Potato 5.6
Mung Beans 7.6
Swiss Chard, raw 8.1
Spinach, raw 11.8
Beet greens, raw 16.7

PRAL is just one reason you should consider

the health consequences of whether or not
you eat copious amounts of protein.
However, as long as youre within the 0.8g range
and eating your 510servings of veggies
and fruit per day, then youll be fine.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*13* The Protein Lie
The Truth About Eggs
Like most people, youve probably been brainwashed into believing that eggs are bad for
you. At least, the yolk. Thats because they contain cholesterol. Yikes!

The truth is that eggs are not the villain they have Before we talk about eggs I want to first explain
been portrayed to be. For decades it has been how this cholesterol myth got started. Back in
widely believed that cholesterol increases the risk 1951 an article called, Lipid Hypothesis by George
for heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. But Duff and Gardner McMillan was published in the
what if Itold you that cholesterol really isnt the American Journal of Medicine.17 This paper was
bad guy at all? Its actually avital nutrient neces- simply Duff and Gardners theory on how blood
sary for many important processes in the body. lipid levels might be associated with cardiovascular
disease and stroke. After the article was published
aman named Ancel Keys decided to design astudy
specifically to prove the Lipid Hypothesis right.18

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*14* The Protein Lie
The problem is that studies should never be pro- Either way, there is little evidence that the choles-
duced in order to prove something right. This au- terol in our food impacts our blood cholesterol lev-
tomatically creates bias in a study which, by de- els.20 Cholesterol is produced and secreted by our
sign, are meant to be unbiased. liver and simply acts a Band-Aid, repairing dam-
age inside our blood vessels caused by inflamma-
Keyes collected data from 22 different countries
tion and free radicals. So its really inflammation
for his study but only published the data from 7 be-
and free radicals you should fear, not cholester-
cause the data from the other 15 countries did not
ol. Thats why its agood idea to limit sugar and
back up what he was trying to prove. Even though
alcohol consumption, avoid smoking, and steer
Keyes chose to exclude over half of the data col-
clear of highly inflammatory omega-6 vegetable
lected, the American Heart Association endorsed
oils like soy and corn oils. These are all big-time
his Seven Countries study, which claimed to
inflammation and free-radical creating machines.
prove heart disease and strokes are caused by fat
consumption and cholesterol. Once this theory hit The truth is that eggs are one of the most nutri-
the market, it became the golden rule for heart ent-dense foods on the planet. They are an ex-
health even though it is based on flawed science cellent source of B vitamins, vitaminA, vitaminE,
and one of the biggest victims to this flaw was eggs. vitamin D, iodine, phosphorus, zeaxanthin, EPA,
DHA, and of course, protein with about 5 grams
Eggs are not the enemy. As a matter of fact, ac-
per egg. With nutritional stats like these you
cording to a review of the literature published in
would think eggs would be considered one of
Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Meta-
natures superfoods instead of a pariah. While it
bolic Care, eating eggs has no discernible impact
isnt important to limit your consumption of eggs
on blood cholesterol levels in more than 70% of
for heart heath it is important that that you buy
the population.19 In other words, only about 30%
high quality organic, pasture-raised eggs. Studies
of the population (termed hyperresponders),
show that commercially-raised eggs are up to 19
should limit their egg. Are you one of them? Possi-
times higher in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty
bly, if you have the ApoE gene, which is responsible
acids than the organic, pasture-raised variety.21
for raising cholesterol levels higher than normal.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*15* The Protein Lie
The Low-Down on Dairy
If you like to get your protein and calcium intake from dairy products like cheese and milk
you probably are not going to like what Iam about to tell you. As you learned in the PRAL
section of this report, dairy is among the most acid forming of all foods. This is due to the
large amount of protein and phosphorus it contains.

For instance, when you compare cows milk to hu-

man breast milk, cows milk contains four times
more protein and about 1,018mg of calcium per
100g, while human breast milk only has 33mg of
calcium per 100grams. Seeing this might automat-
ically make you think that milk is not only great for
your bones but also agreat way to get more pro-
tein in your diet, however, this isnt the case.

In the body, the relationship between miner-

als is much more important than the quantity of
any single one. The ideal calcium-to-phosphorus
ratio is 2.5 to 1. However, cows milk has a calci-
um-to-phosphorus ratio of 1.27 to 1. Human breast
has an almost perfect ratio of 2.35 to 1.

Cows milk has a lot more protein and calcium

because its intended to feed and nourish baby
cows, not humans. Cows grow to about one ton
in a year; therefore, they need far more protein
and calcium than we do. We dont need anywhere
near that amount of protein or calcium. Further-
more, since phosphorus directly inhibits calci-
um absorption in the digestive tract, getting too Today, the average person consumes about 740
much of it can have a negative impact on your mg of calcium per day. Ironically, the calcium in-
bones. Thats right, dairy can actually be bad for take of our Paleolithic ancestors has been theo-
your bones largely because of its acidifying ef- rized to be between 1,500 and 2,000 mg per day.
fects, which can leach calcium from your bones Yet, they never drank milk. It wasnt even available
to neutralize the excess acid in the blood. to them. These were hunters and gatherers who
ate large of amounts of vegetables, tubers, ber-
ries, and wild game. Not surprisingly, its these
foods, not milk, that are the alkalizing and nutri-
ent-rich ingredients for strong and healthy bones.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*16* The Protein Lie
Cows milk, depending on the source, can also Even though this is a report about protein I still
contain a substantial amount of hormones such want to give you an idea of all the non-dairy op-
as gonadotropins, thyroid releasing hormones, tions you have to get more calcium into your
ovarian steroids and insulin like growth factor.22 diet.23 Here are some of the best:
Dairy actually accounts for 6080% of estrogens
consumed in the diet.
Sesame Seeds (1 cup) 1,404 mg
One study compared diet and cancer rates in 42 Collard Greens (1 cup cooked) 357 mg
countries. It showed that milk and cheese con- Spinach (1 cup cooked) 291 mg
sumption are strongly correlated to the incidence Turnip Greens (1 cup cooked) 249 mg
of testicular cancer among men ages 20 to 39.
Kale (1 cup cooked) 179 mg
Rates were highest in places like Switzerland and
Denmark, where cheese is a national food, and As you can see, you can get more than enough calci-
lowest in Algeria and other countries where dairy um without milk. Better yet, green veggies are one
is not widely consumed.22 of the best foods you can eat to buffer the blood.

In the past 50 years in Japan, rising rates of dairy

consumption have been linked to rising death
rates from prostate cancerfrom near zero per
100,000 five decades ago to 7 per 100,000 today.
Breast cancer in particular has been linked to the
consumption of milk and cheese.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*17* The Protein Lie
Whey vs CaseinWhats the Difference?
Were not quite done with dairy yet. There are two types of protein found in dairy products:
80 percent is casein and 20 percent is whey.24 The difference between whey and casein is
how theyre digested and how they react in the body.

Whey protein is digested quickly and absorbed A study published in the European Journal of Nu-
rapidly into the bloodstream, which can cause trition found that those who consumed full-fat
a spike in insulin. This process stimulates IGF-1 dairy were no more likely to develop heart disease
(insulin growth factor) which has been found to or type 2 diabetes than those who consumed low-
increase cancer cell growth.25 While casein breaks fat dairy. Plus, the full-fat dairy group was less
down more slowly than whey it can also wreak likely to be obese.29
havoc on your health. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author
Another study found that alow intake of dairy fat
of The China Study, described casein as one of the
was associated with a higher risk of developing
most relevant cancer promoters ever discovered.26
abdominal obesity while ahigh intake of dairy fat
If that werent bad enough casein also contains (butter, high-fat milk and whipping cream) was
natural morphine-like substances called caso- associated with a lower risk of central obesity.30
morphins.27 When casomorphins enter the blood- I think the most important thing to take away
stream they act like opiates in the body by at- from these studies is that not that full-fat dairy is
taching to the opiate receptors in the brain. This good for you but rather WHOLE foods, in any situ-
means they can cause severe addictions to dairy ation, will always be better for your body, even if
products. Casomorphins trigger such an addictive they are fattier.
response that theyve been compared to heroine!
If you want to reduce or stop dairy altogether here
On top of that, caseins alarge protein molecule are some healthy options you can try instead:
that takes agood amount of time to digest. This
Unsweetened coconut milk,
can add unneeded strain to an already weak-
almond milk, hemp milk, or rice milk
ened the digestive system. And we havent even
discussed the digestive repercussions of lactose Coconut butter, avocados,
the sugar in milkto which most humans dont or coconut oil in place of butter
have the enzyme to digest. When you add up
these scary facts, iti no wonder that most of the Coconut or water kefir in place of dairy kefir
of the worlds adult population exhibits partial or Coconut or almond milk yogurt
complete lactose maldigestion.28
Nutritional yeast in place of dairy cheese
And if you think drinking non-fat skim milk is bet-
ter guess again. While Ido not condone drinking Plant-based protein powder
cows milk, if you choose to drink it you should at instead of whey protein powder
least make sure it is the full fat version, and ideally
unpasteurized (which is almost impossible to get).

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*18* The Protein Lie
An Important Message for Carnivores
Eating more of aplant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for your health. How-
ever, you dont have to be vegan if you dont want to be. Im not. Ieat meat and eggs several
times per week. However, Ialso get agood bulk of my protein for vegetarian sources. And
you can too without worrying about deficiencies.

As weve seen, eating too much animal protein

can have adetrimental impact on your bloods pH
level which can lead to amyriad of problems and
diseases. Yet, most people still believe its impera-
tive to have meat or dairy at every meal to ensure
they get enough protein. You now know that this
simply isnt necessary. Research shows that ani-
mal protein may significantly increase the risk of
premature mortality from all causes, among them
cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabe-
tes.31 Furthermore, heavy consumption of saturat-
ed fat and trans fats found in animal proteins dou-
bles the risk of developing Alzheimers disease.32 Remember, you are what you eat, so if you eat an-
Studies like these make agreat case for consuming imal products, what they ate truly matters. In oth-
amore plant-based proteins. er words, the animals you choose to eat should
have access to sunshine and the diet they were in-
I want to be clear; I am not telling you that you
tended to eat not the one that is cheapest for the
should become avegetarian or avegan. What Iam
farmers to provide them.
suggesting is that you limit your consumption and
that you pass on conventionally raised meats. You Lastly, if you do choose to eat meat, then please re-
should stick to good quality fish and organic/free- member that you really only need aserving as big
run/grass-fed meats and eggs because commer- as the palm of your hand. Those massive 16-ounce
cially raised animal products are loaded with hor- steaks they serve at restaurants is going over-
mones, antibiotics, and other additives that can board. The good news is that when you use your
disrupt your bodys physiology.33 palm to measure your meat it is relative to you. If
you are a bigger person you have a bigger palm
For instance, if you eat salmon, choose wild, not
and asmaller person will have asmaller palm. If
farmed, when choosing beef, go with grass-fed
you use the Palm Principle you will get more than
instead of commercially-raised. When choosing
enough protein in your diet. For example, asmall
eggs, those that come from free-range and organ-
6-ounce sirloin steak (about the size of apalm) will
ically-fed chickens, instead of chickens that have
give you around 32 grams of protein which is more
been cooped up and fed genetically modified corn.
than enough, especially at one sitting.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*19* The Protein Lie
Best High Protein Foods
(and The 12 Best Vegan Proteins)
Below you will find achart of some of the highest protein foods in our food supply. Ibet
you are surprised to see foods like kale, spinach, and apples on the list. However, bear in
mind that these are based on 100g servings, which means youd need to aLOT more kale
to get any significant protein compared small amounts of more dense protein foods near
the top of the list.

Even though spirulina tops that chart at 60% pro- FOODS HIGHEST IN PROTEIN
tein, youd have to eat aconsiderable amount to
reap its benefits. 1 cup is simply not realistic for (per 100g serving)

most sane individuals. I personally might use Spirulina (1 cup) 60g

12 tbsp of spirulina per day. So its important Cheese 2842g
to consider not only the percentage of protein in Soybeans (edamame) 40g
afood but how much of that food youd have to Beef 34g
eat to reap its protein benefits. Make sense? Pumpkin Seeds 33g
Lean Meats (chicken, lamb, pork) 3033g
Also bear in mind that there is more to food than
Yellowfin Tuna 30g
just protein; there are carbs, fat, minerals, vita-
Lentils, raw 26g (9g cooked)
mins, and vital nutrients as well. Animal proteins
Peanuts 24g
and grains have ahigher acid load than fruits and
Egg (whole) 6g
vegetables. And animal products generally have
Kale, cooked 2.5g
more protein per equivalent weighted serving
than plants, but plant foods are more nutrient Parsley / Spinach, raw 3g
dense and better for your health. Alfalfa Sprouts 4g
Banana (one) 1.3g
Apple 0.3g

If youd like to eat mostly vegan with alittle bit of

meat and animal products thrown in youll get more
than enough protein. Since meat and dairy are so
acidic in the body you can minimize their affect by
pairing them with leafy green veggies. Green leafy
vegetables not only contain protein but they also
provide a tremendous array of alkaline minerals
and vital nutrients that you dont get anywhere else.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*20* The Protein Lie
As mentioned in the Protein 101 section, anyone, even vegans, can get all the amino acids you
need as long as you eat enough and from varied sources on aregular basis. Below you will find
alist of the 12 best vegan proteins along with amenu showing you just how easy getting afull
days worth of protein is without animal products:

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*21* The Protein Lie
Not All Protein is Created EqualHeres Why
You might think that if you eat asteak with 30 grams of protein in it, 30 grams of protein
is what your body will absorb but this is not always the case. Having good digestion is the
first step necessary for the proper absorption of the protein you eat.

In order for protein to be digested into amino acids, In other words, the amino acids will remain par-
your stomach must secrete adequate amounts of tially digested. These partially digested protein
hydrochloric acid (HCl) and the enzyme pepsin.34 molecules can then pass into the small intestine,
If your stomach does not produce enough acid or which can cause aslew of health problems such
if it is overloaded with too much food from over- as irritation and inflammation of the gut lining.
eating, it will not be able to digest protein properly. Overtime, this can lead to problems like leaky gut
whereby these these larger, undigested proteins,
are able to slip into the bloodstream and cause all
sorts of problems.

Since these undigested food proteins are not sup-

posed to be in the blood your body identifies them
as foreign invaders similar to a bacteria or virus.
This prompts the immune system to fight them.
This is one of the ways food sensitivities, allergies,
and autoimmune disorders develop.35

Insufficient stomach acid also means that you

wont absorb all the vitamins and minerals in your
meals properly. In other words, you can eat all the
nutritious, organic, grass-fed food you want but
not absorb all of its nutrients.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*22* The Protein Lie
The Stomach Acid TestDo This
for Better Protein Absorption
If you suffer from indigestion, gas, bloating, or constipation there is agood chance it stems
from an underactive stomach. This is why Irecommend taking the HCl test. This simple
test can help you determine whether you have the appropriate level of hydrochloric acid
in your stomach for optimal digestion. You should not complete this test, however, if you
have ulcers or are currently taking antacid medications.

Start by taking one capsule of betaine hydrochlo- still do not feel anything, continue to increase by
ride (HCl) before your largest meal of the day. You one pill per day until you feel any change in your di-
should feel aburning or warming sensation in your gestive system or you reach the maximum of 14 pills.
stomach or upper abdomen. Dont worry, thats
Once you reach the point at which you feel the
what we want. You may also feel slightly acidic,
warming or burning sensation simply take one
or as though you have indigestion. Any reaction of
less pill the next day and remain at this number
this nature indicates you should stop taking the
of pills daily until the warming sensation returns.
pills and that your stomach acid is sufficient.
Continue to decrease in this manner by one pill
In my experience, however, one pill is rarely suffi- each time you feel the warming sensation. This
cient for most people. So, if no reaction is felt after weaning down process helps to restore your
taking the HCl pill, repeat the process the following stomach acid levels so you can properly digest
day with two pills before your largest meal. If you your food without the pills.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*23* The Protein Lie
How Cooking Impacts Protein Quality
Enzymes are another key element for proper digestion, which you now understand is im-
perative for absorbing the protein and other nutrients from the foods you eat. Sadly, cook-
ing not only denatures proteins, it also denatures important enzymes too. Enzymes dena-
ture at only 118 degrees Fahrenheit making them particularly sensitive to heat.

Cooking also creates aggregated proteins, which

not only reduce digestibility but can also increase
your risk for various diseases, such as Alzhei-
mers.36 Heating food causes chemical and molecu-
lar changes to specific amino acids. Lysine, trypto-
phan, methionine, cysteine, histidine, and arginine
in particular are sensitive to the heat of cooking.

Heating also causes the Maillard or browning re-

action, which decreases the biological value of
proteins so the body cannot absorb them.37 The
charred brown/black areas of barbequed meats are
an example of the Maillard reaction. This reaction
has also been linked to cancer which is yet another
reason why you should not overcook your food.38

Im not saying this to never eat cooked food again

but it is helpful to understand what happens
when you heat aprotein. Just think of what hap- The truth is that griling, baking and even steaming
pens when you crack araw egg into aheated fry- destroys many of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes
ing pan. Within afew minutes, the easier to digest and phytonutrients that are found in your food. In
raw protein in the egg quickly coagulates to form many cases, like with cruciferous veggies, it makes
amore solid fried or scrambled egg. The result is alot more sense to cook them since theyre very
aslightly tougher protein for your stomach to di- tough to eat in the raw. Nonetheless, your best is
gest and absorb. to get in several servings of raw veggies and fruit
throughout the day. A big green salad or smoothie
Again, Im not recommending that you become is asimple way to do so.
araw foodist but Iam suggesting that you consid-
er adding more raw foods into your diet because And obviously, if youre eating animal products
eating food in its raw state leaves all of its nutri- then youll want to cook them. Just dont crazy
ents intact, especially the protein. and char them black. And to help you digest, con-
sider taking a few HCl capsules before your pro-
tein-rich meals (as mentioned earlier).

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*24* The Protein Lie
Soaking and Sprouting
for Maximizing Raw Plant Proteins
Soaking and sprouting is agreat alternative to cooking foods like legumes and seeds. And
even if you dont want to, this section will give you astronger understanding for why fer-
mented or sprouted protein supplements are the best bang for your buck.

Soaking and sprouting enhances protein (and

most other nutrients) availability within a given
seed or legume by disarming enzyme inhibitors
and lectins that naturally keep many of the seed/
legumes nutrients locked up.

These anti-nutrients help the plant defend itself

against microorganisms like fungi and insects.
You can think of them like asuit of armor for the
plant and just like armor they are very tough. Be-
ing tough is great for providing the plant protec-
tion but they make it tough for the human diges-
tive system to break them down.

This can cause you anumber of problems, digestive

and other wise. Much like gluten, these anti-nu-
trients can damage the lining of your intestines,
causing inflammation. When your intestines are
inflamed their ability to absorb nutrients decreas-
es. Soaking and sprouting reduces these anti-nu-
trients much more than cooking does.39 For certain
foods, mostly seeds and select legumes, soaking/
sprouting is agreat alternative to cooking because
you can get more protein as well as other vital nu-
trients with less stress your digestive system.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*25* The Protein Lie
How to Soak
Step 1:
Soak the seeds/grains/legumes TIMECHART
in abowl of water for 1824 hours.
Step 2:
Adzuki beans 35 days
Drain and rinse.
Alfalfa 46 days
Step 3: Buckwheat, hulled 13 days
Clover sprouts 46 days
Using asprouting jar, sprouting tray,
Green lentils 13 days
or even acommon strainer, place your soaked
grain/legume/seed inside and make sure that Red lentils 1 day
there is enough ventilation. Mung beans 13 days
Tilt the jar at a45-degree angle and place it Peas 24 days
in your dish rack so that water from your seeds Oat Groats 23 days
can drain properly and to ensure Quinoa 12 days
the jar has good ventilation. Chick Peas 34 days
Amaranth 12 days
Note: You can easily make your own sprout jars Millet 12 days
bytaking awide-mouth glass jar and covering it with
some cheesecloth (secured with an elastic band).

Step 4:
During this process, be sure to rinse your
soon-to-be-sprouts once or twice aday
to maintain adequate moisture.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*26* The Protein Lie
How Much Protein Can Your Body Handle
in One Sitting and How to Get More Bang
for Your Protein Buck?
Is there adifference between eating 50 grams of protein at once or broken up throughout
the day? Is your body able to handle it all at once?

In anutshell, there is alimit to how fast your body increase the rate of protein absorption, youll be
can absorb protein. Generally, 810 grams of protein spending your hard earned cash on pooping away
per hour is what the human body can absorb. But, more protein than your body is actually using.
if you consume more than it can handle, some (em-
Turns out that it takes 1.5 hours for viscous liquids
phasis on some) of the excess protein can also hang
like protein shake to pass through the small intes-
out in your gut or liverin those amino acid pools
tine, where amino acids are mainly absorbed. But
we talked about earlieruntil it needs to be used.
since the maximum rate that of protein absorp-
But happens if you drink aprotein shake? Can your tion is about 810 grams per hour, it would take
body handle all that liquid protein at once? 5hours to fully absorb a50g protein shake!

Well, theres been some very interesting re- But remember, you have only 1.5 hours to ab-
search on this and the results confirm that the sorb a liquid shake. Therefore, youll likely ab-
days of slamming a 50g protein shake are gone. sorb only 15 grams. And the other 35 grams? Well,
If you dont find ways to slow transit time and/or theyre mostly wasted.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*27* The Protein Lie
Remember, no matter how good your digestion Remember, that 110% and 127% versus 30% in the
is, you can only digest so much protein in one sit- same time frame just by taking afew digestive en-
ting, the rest mostly goes down the toilet. Unless, zymes with their protein shakethats impressive!40
you know how to increase their absorption. And What does mean toyou?
thats exactly what one group of researchers set
First, its pretty clear that you probably arent ab-
out to discover.
sorbing all the protein in your protein shakes if youre
In this study, the researchers looked at what hap- drinking it plain and in viscous (liquid) form. From
pens when subjects drank a50g serving of whey this study (and others), it seems that under normal
protein alone. conditions, liquids rush through the digestive tract
too quickly and that only asmall amount of protein
It turns out that when participants drank whey
can be absorbed during normal transit time.
alone, it took 4 hours to reach maximum total
serum amino acids levels (fancy of way of saying As such, youre better off sipping your protein
amino acids in the blood), which only increased shakes, or drinking small amounts every 15 min-
about 30% from baseline. So, in this case, only utes or so, to improve absorption.
30% of the straight up whey protein was absorbed
Youll probably also want to slow down transit
after 4 hours. Thats not looking for promising for
time, by making a more complex shake that
big time protein pushers.
includes some fiber and healthy carbs so that it
The researchers then wanted to see whether pro- takes a little more time to work its way through
teolytic enzymes (that help digest protein) could your digestive tract. Thus, allowing more time for
help increase protein absorption. Here, one group your body to extract those amino acids.
drank whey along with 2.5 grams of enzymes; the
Another big takeaway from this study is that high-
second group drank the same amount of whey,
er doses of protein are better absorbed if you take
but with 5 grams of enzymes.
digestive enzymes at the same time. When you
As with drinking whey on its own, both groups do this, you get higher amino acid levels in your
had peak serum amino acid levels 4 hours after- blood, so that you have more available to your
wards. And the results were unbelievable to say muscles and other tissues, which is pretty much
the least the whole point of taking extra protein, right?

So, if youre looking for increased absorption,

youre best to slow down transit time AND sup-
AMINO ACID LEVELS WERE plement with proteolytic enzymes. Very few pro-
110% HIGHER AFTER 4 HOURS. tein contain the latter and thats why choosing
WITH 5 GRAMS OF ENZYMES, a sprouted or fermented protein supplement is
EVEN BETTER: 127% HIGHER! often best since the sprouting/fermentation pro-
cess increases and preserves the enzyme activity
in the finished product.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*28* The Protein Lie
Is Protein Helpful for Losing Weight?
When it comes to weight loss its clear that protein is king. There are countless studies
promoting the positive effects it has on fat loss. Among other beneficial effects, protein
consumption increases blood concentrations of the hormone glucagon, which has been
shown to reduce the effects of insulin in fat tissue, leading to greater fat breakdown.41 In
addition, glucagon decreases the fat and activities of the enzymes responsible for making
and storing fat in fat and liver cells.

A review article published in 2013, from the Depart- American Medical Association followed subjects for
ment of Medicine in Sweden looked at 20 weight loss 12 weeks. During this 12 week period subjects were
strategies (drugs, exercise, low calorie diets, etc.) made to overeat about 1,000 calories aday. The only
among overweight and obese individuals. Their difference was where the calories came from. One
findings revealed that successful weight manage- group was made to overeat protein while the other
ment was associated with consuming more protein was made to overeat carbs. The low protein group
and even using high quality protein shakes. In 2008 lost 1.5 pounds of muscle, and gained 7.5 pounds of
the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found fat while the high protein group gained 6.3 pounds
that even modestly increasing the proportion of of metabolically active muscle. They also gained fat
protein in the diet improves satiety (so you eat less), because they were being force fed but even though
body composition, facilitated fat loss, and improve they gained more total weight they had a lower
body weight maintenance after weight loss.42 One body fat percentage than the high carb group.43
interesting study published in the Journal of the

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*29* The Protein Lie
With all this talk about the importance of protein In 2012 the British Journal of Nutrition found that
and weight loss it might sound like Iam promot- consuming 1.2 g protein per kg of bodyweight is
ing alow carb, high protein diet, but Iam not. You beneficial to body composition and too little di-
know Im abig believer in eating the right carbs at etary protein contributes to weight regain. How-
the right times to keep your metabolism healthy. ever, the researchers were quick to point out that,
A topic Idiscuss in great detail in my book, The All- The success of the so-called low carb diet that is
Day Fat Burning Diet. usually high in protein can be attributed to the rela-
tively high-protein content per se and not to the rel-
atively lower carbohydrate content.44 Again, 1.2g/
kg is higher than what most of us need but if youre
between 0.81.2g/kg bodyweight youll be in the
protein sweet spot no matter your activity level.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*30* The Protein Lie
Does Eating More Protein Build More Muscle?
We know that protein is important for muscles, right? After all, protein and amino-acid
supplementation has also been shown to do have favorable effects on muscle growth such
as by increasing IGF-1, an anabolic hormone thats related to muscle growth.45 However,
does eating more protein help us build bigger muscles? Not quite.

We know that protein is important for healthy, Clearly, thats not the case. You see, the body can
strong muscles. But how much is enough? If it up-regulate and down-regulate the amount of
were amatter of simple math, then we would be protein that is absorbed from the intestinal tract
get bigger muscles in relation to eating tons of after ameal. Also when you start eating alot more
protein. If this were true it would mean that most protein your body can actually start using more
Americans should be thin and muscular, since of it for fuel.46 This is commonly seen when adiet
most of the U.S. over consumes protein as was is unnaturally high in aparticular macronutrient
mentioned at the beginning of this report. carb, protein, or fat. Whatever you eat alot of, your
body will favor as apredominant fuel source.



Well, one study published in International Jour-

nal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism looked at
42 men between the ages of 18 and 31aprime
time for building muscle. They were divided into
3 groups. The first group supplemented their diet
wit an additional 0.54 grams of protein per pound
of body weight (about 0.25g/kg extra).

To put this into perspective, for a180-pound (82 kg)

man thats approximately 100 EXTRA grams of pro-
tein per day from protein powder. This is the equiva-
lent of taking about 5 extra scoops of protein powder
every day in addition to your normal protein intake!

The second group took the same amount of ex-

tra protein plus an additional 0.045 grams of cre-
atine per pound body weight (about 10 grams of
creatine per day for a 180 pound man). Creatine
is well known to increase muscle size and volume.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*31* The Protein Lie
The third group acted as the placebo group and However, theres something else from this study
only received 0.54 grams of maltodextrin (a sim- thats interesting to note. The subjects in group 1
ple carbohydrate) per pound of body weight as had an average increase of about 5 pounds of lean
their supplement. Thus, no protein or creatine. body mass and they did it in only 6 weeks. This
suggests that extra protein, although it may not
The results showed that group 1the whey protein
be holy grail for building more muscle, may help
groupgained about 5 pounds in six weeks, while
you grow the same amount of muscle faster than
the placebo (no protein) group somehow managed
you would without the extra protein.
to gain 2 pounds. Impressively, the group taking
creatine gained 8.8 pounds of lean tissue mass!47 So remember, most of us only need 0.8 grams of
protein per kilogram of body weight to stay lean
These findings agree with the findings of the oth-
and healthy. And for most people, depending on
er studies that have shown that resistance train-
bodyweight, that will range from 70 to 120 grams
ing in conjunction with protein intakes above
of protein. Any more than that and youre getting
120grams of protein per day DOES NOT increase
little to no benefit and wasting your money.
muscle mass above the 25 pounds, which seems
to be upper threshold from resistance training, Whether that protein comes from food or protein
unless it is accompanied by the use of creatine. supplements is up to you. In my mind, protein pow-
ders are simply another form of protein that are
Thus, more protein does NOT lead to bigger mus-
much convenient than cooking up asteak or sprout-
cles. Theres an upper threshold above which youre
ing acup of lentils. Its not that one is better or worse.
simply peeing (or pooping) away all that extra pro-
Each have their own place in various situations. The
tein, while imposing alarge acid load on your body.
problem arises when we think we need to consume
far more than we actually need, whether the goal is
good health, weight loss, or more muscle.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*32* The Protein Lie
Can Vegans Build Muscle?
In 2003, the Journal of Sport and Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism looked at vegetar-
ians versus meat eaters performing the same training protocol over eight weeks.47 The
vegetarian group ate 450 fewer calories and less protein with only 79 grams versus 138.5
grams for the meat eaters. Thats almost twice as much protein in the meat eater group.

This study found that 79 grams of protein, regard- vegans to get enough protein in their diets and the
less of the source (from plants or animals) is ade- body has amino acid pools to pull from, its clearly
quate to build muscle. The meat eater group had not aproblem for vegans or vegetarians to build
138.5 grams of protein per day but had no greater muscle mass, assuming their following the right
increase in muscle mass. When you consider this type of training program.
study along with the fact that it is quite simple for

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*33* The Protein Lie
Does Protein Timing Really Matter?
Allow me to introduce my workout nutrition hourglass. As you can tell from the image
below, the further away from your workout, the more complex your meals should be. The
closer you get to your workout, the simpler your fuel intake should be (if at all).

and athletes before agame. For almost everyone

else, this quick sugar surge isnt necessary, espe-
cially if your goal is to burn fat, in which case exer-
cising in afasted or semi-fasted state is asmarter
idea since your insulin levels will be lower which
will favor fat loss instead of fat storage.

According to many, 15 to 30 minutes after your

workout is often considered the most critical part
of nutrient timing. However, unless youre a pro
athlete who requires as fast recovery as possible,
3 to 4 hours before your workout your meals consuming a carb or even protein based snack
should be predominantly carbohydrate based but this soon after aworkout isnt totally necessary.
paired with some protein and healthy fats. The
Studies have shown that even in the event of
carbs in this meal serve to stock up your muscle
complete glycogen depletion (which is very very
and liver glycogen stores and to keep your blood
unlikely), replenishment to pre-workout levels oc-
sugar ready for your upcoming workout.
curs as long as you eat ameal within 24 hours of
This is important for delaying exercise-induced fa- working out, even if you delay your post workout
tigue, especially from intense workouts since mus- carbohydrate intake by several hours.50, 51
cle glycogen becomes amajor fuel source for them.
Simiarly, 3 to 4 hours post-workout you dont have
Research has also shown that glycogen availabili-
to be too fanatical either. As long as youre getting
ty influences muscle protein breakdown.48 One
a well-balanced meal at some point after your
study showed muscle protein breakdown more
workout, then youll be giving your body what it
than doubled following about of exercise in agly-
needs to recover fully and bounce back stronger.
cogen-depleted versus glycogen-loaded state.49
So here, carbs are good. So, the days of fussing about guzzling a protein
shake right after your workout, obsessing over
30 to 60 minutes before your workout simple car-
branched chain amino acid supplement before
bohydrates like bananas, grapes, peaches, plums,
your workout, or other minute details are really
watermelon, or dates are your best bet. This sim-
unimportant in the long run. Just eat real food
ple carb intake is meant to get your blood sugar
when youre hungry and stop when youre and
to alevel that will sustain your workout. Iwould
youll be fine.
recommend this option for intense glycogen-de-
pleting exercisers like CrossFitters, triathletes,

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*34* The Protein Lie

Protein Supplements:
theGood, the Bad

Theres no shortage of protein powders and supplements on the market. The sheer number can
leave even the smartest consumers perplexed. In this section, Im going to provide some much
needed clarity to help you understand the difference between them and which ones are best.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*35* The Protein Lie
Plant Protein Supplements
Protein powders can be helpful if you arent getting in enough protein, you dont enjoy
eating breakfast, or you are on the go. They are portable and dont need to be refrigerated,
which makes them aperfect go to protein when you are in apinch. In my mind, theyre
simply another protein food that is super convenient. Ilike that.

THE MOST COMMON Protein hydrolysate: Hydrolyzed protein is cre-

PLANT-BASED PROTEINS INCLUDE: ated by adding water to protein polymers and
breaking them down into peptides.
Brown rice
Ion-exchange protein: Ions are atoms or mole-
Pea cules containing charge-bearing groups.
Hemp Ion exchanging separates protein molecules from
Soy other fractions in the food by taking advantage of
electrical charges.
Ill go into more detail about the first 3 since they Fermented protein: In my opinion, this is the best
are most commonly sought-after plant protein type of protein you can get because fermentation
supplements. Soy should be avoided since its is a natural process that uses no chemical sol-
heavily processed and one of the most allergenic vents making the protein more clean and protein
foods in our food supply. easier to digest and absorb.
Before Iget into the details of each of these proteins, Again, most of these methods, except fermenta-
lets look at how ANY protein powder is created. tion, use chemical processes to liberate the pro-
tein from the food its in. Chemicals are never good
Protein powders are created by extracting the pro-
for the body which is why I really only promote
tein from the raw ingredient (ie. pea, hemp, whey,
buying fermented or sprouted protein sources.
etc) using any of the following processing meth-
ods. On the supplement, youll find one of the fol- Even more shocking is that regardless of the type
lowing descriptions: that you choose, even if its the most expensive
or made by the biggest named brand you are not
Protein concentrate: Concentration uses aheat dry-
guaranteed aquality product. As amatter of fact,
ing process and acid extraction to lessen the whole
you arent even guaranteed that what is on adver-
food source into aconcentrated protein powder.
tised on the label is actually what is in the contain-
Protein isolate: This process separates most of er as you will see in the next section.
the protein from the original food. This is accom-
plished through an alcohol wash, water wash, or
ionization technique. This will yield ahigher quali-
ty, more absorbable protein than concentrate.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*36* The Protein Lie
The Ugly Truth About Protein Supplements
You might be surprised to hear that agrowing number of well-known companies have
been accused of selling workout supplements with protein levels that fall far below whats
written on their label.52

MusclePharm for example was sued in January of Testing of MusclePharms Arnold Scharzenegger
2015 for lying to their customers about how much Series Iron Mass revealed that less than half of
protein their products contain, and they are not the the 40 grams of protein listed on the label were
only ones. Many different products have been found actually present in the powder. Tests of Inner Ar-
to contain cheaper amino acid fillers that are mour Mass Peak, Nitro Peak, Casein Peak,
counted as grams of protein. These fillers allow sup- Whey Protein, and Super Quad Protein found
plement companies to increase their profits since that all 5 products were short in protein when
they come at acheaper price than the real stuff. compared to their labels.

Just afew of the companies that have been tested As you can see, many protein supplement compa-
are: Giant Sports, MusclePharm, CVS Health, 4 Di- nies are blatantly lying to consumers. Most of the
mension Nutrition, NBTY and Inner Armour.53 Test- time (unless you buy from aqualified, reputable
ing revealed that Giant Delicious Protein Blend company that you know you can trust) you wont
only contained 12 grams of the 27 grams of protein get what you paid for. Clearly the protein supple-
listed on the label. Even worse, it was also found to ment industry is taking advantage of consumers
contain filler ingredients that were not listed at all. who believe that more protein is better. As soon
as demand for protein powder went up they came
out with an array of different types with no regard
to the quality of their products or your health.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*37* The Protein Lie


Brown rice protein can be made in a number of Like the other two, pea protein is hypo-allergenic yet
ways; however, the vast majority of the brands on often processed with chemicals, although aselect
the market are made using chemical processes. few use the more ideal fermentation process. Pea
If abrown rice protein has been processed using protein is natures most complete plant protein with
water and enzymes or if it is sprouted it is ahigher an amino acid profile that rivals whey protein only
quality, but again these are hard to find. without all the negative side effects. Pea protein,
often called yellow pea protein, is one of the better
Since brown rice is considered hypoallergenic the
tasting proteins since it has abit of asweet flavor.
end result is a hypoallergenic protein which, for
Unlike rice or hemp protein it is very high in lysine.
most people is pretty easy to digest. Approximately
Also, approximately 93% of pea proteins calories
80% of the calories found in brown rice comes from
come from its protein making it abetter choice than
its protein,54 making it avery high source of protein.
both rice and hemp.53 Leucine, isoleucine and valine
One negative is that its low in the amino acid lysine.
are the 3 coveted BCAAs and together they make up
This amino acid is often low in vegan and vegetari-
40% of the daily requirement for essential amino ac-
an diets since it is most commonly found in meat.
ids in humans. This means they are needed in great-
Thus, if you want a complete vegetarian protein,
er quantities than other essential amino acids.
brown rice would not be your best bet.
Pea protein is one of the only plant proteins that
HEMP PROTEIN is asignificant source of these important BCAAs
and thats important because these branched-
Hemp seeds themselves are great because they
chain amino acids (particularly leucine) stimulate
have a balanced omega-6 to omega-3 profile of
protein synthesis (building), and might do so to
3 to 1. Most North American foods have more
agreater extent than anormal protein on its own.
omega-6 to omega-3 which is problematic since
Not only that, but they also work in your favor by
omega-6 is pro-inflammatory in the body. A pro
reducing the rate of protein breakdown.
of hemp protein is that its mostly comprised of
a type of protein called edestin, which aids in
digestion and immune function. Its also low in WHEY
phosphorus which means it has less of an acid- Whey protein is the most popular non-vegan
ic affect in the body than animal-based proteins. protein supplement. Along with pea protein, its
Approximately 45% of hemps calories comes the richest and most complete protein. However,
from its protein making it less protein-rich than Idont personally recommend it since most brands
brown rice protein.53 Another downside is that use less than desirable sources (think cooped up
hemp is not acomplete protein because it is low cows) that ultimately trickle into your body upon
in lysine and leucine. ingestion. Whey can also present some allergenic
issues in some people.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*38* The Protein Lie
My Top 4 Recommended
Protein Supplements
After all of the information you have received in this report, using protein powder might be
the last thing you want to do. Fear not! As long as youre using agood quality brand, with-
out going over board, using aprotein powder is asuper convenient to meet your protein
needs and curb cravings.



1. The first brand is Sunwarrior, which carries 3. The third brand is Manitoba Harvest, how-
a number of 100% vegan and non-chemical- ever, what I recommend from them is not
ly processed protein powders. They also use asupplement, but rather awhole food. Their
sprouted brown rice protein, which contains hulled hemp seeds are great addition to any
all the essential amino acids. Remember, in smoothie and can even be used to make high
the sprouting section we looked at the power protein bars like these. They are 100% vegan
of sprouting for reducing anti-nutrients and and have 11 grams of protein per 30 grams.
increasing the protein availability of foods.
4. The fourth and final brand is my own Pure
You can learn more about Sunwarrior protein
Plant Protein. This protein is unique because
powder at
it is afermented pea protein which you now
2. The second brand is Progressive Nutritionals know is very hard to find. It is produced with
who make many high quality supplements. anatural fermentation process which uses no
Their harmonized vegan protein is 100% veg- chemical solvents. This fermentation process
an and has 25 grams of protein per scoop. is not only cleaner and better for your health,
They use acombination of yellow pea protein but it makes the protein more bio-available
isolate, organic sprouted brown rice powder and easier to digest and absorb. With 20
protein concentrate, sulfur containing ami- grams of protein per scoop it is a significant
no acids, organic hemp protein concentrate, source of branched-chain amino acids which
cranberry seed protein and chia protein. This stimulate protein synthesis. The best thing
is available at about it is that is that it tastes like achocolate
and many local retailers. milkshakeone thats actually good for you!
Learn more here.

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*39* The Protein Lie

In this report youve learned that eating tons of protein isnt what its cracked
up to be. You certainly do not need as much protein as supplement compa-
nies and the meat and dairy industries have led you to believe.

While getting enough protein in your diet is important important for good health, weight
loss, and muscle maintenance, downing a50-gram protein shake 3 times aday is not
necessary, nor is it healthy for your body.

Remember, that there is more to the food you choose than just the amount of protein
it contains. There are many other important nutrients that you need to consider too. By
simply adding in more plant based sources of protein you can kill two birds with one
stone and ensure you get great protein and plenty of vital nutrients often absent in most
animal proteins.

When it comes to protein powders buyers beware. Its important that you stick ahigh
quality protein powder (Im biased toward plant based options) by awell-respected and
trusted brand.

I hope this report has given you the clarity and confidence to help you become asmart-
er health conscious consumer and that all your future protein choices are made from
aplace of knowledge, rather than hype and false promises.

Your friend andcoach,

Yuri Elkaim

NYT bestselling author, The All-Day Energy Diet

and The All-Day Fat Burning Diet

Head Honcho,

Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*40* The Protein Lie

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Elkaim Group International, Inc.

*41* The Protein Lie
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*42* The Protein Lie
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