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Day 9 - Sunday 19th, March 2017

Students Behavior
Focus on one student who displays negative behavior and fill the table

What the student did What the teacher did Possible reasons for the
students behavior
Gives them stickers and To get many stickers and
Participate in the who will complete the to be the star of the
classroom. stickers table he will week .
give him her a gift.

Give the helper hand They feel happy when

some tasks to do it in they wear the help hat to
and out the class. count the student and
Help the teacher
help the teacher in the
and students class .

Punish them by -They didnt focus

Standing them for 2 -Maybe they feel bored.
minutes. -Some children enjoy when
Still taking while And remind them the they disturb the teacher.
rules to know that they
the teacher is should stop taking.