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Lesson Plan Template

Date 12-3-2017 Student Huda


Time 9:00 School Alsondos

Theme/To Letters Class KG 2 -4


No of students 23

Context of the lesson (what happened this week/yesterday)

Review the letters that they took.

My Aim: (what do you want to do well?)

To teach the kids in a funny way and get started with them

Teaching goal: .


Letters song

Learning objectives (Students will be able to):

-Learn how to type the letter .

-Identify the sound of the letters

Assumptions about prior learning

Possible problems and solutions

Behavior problems -Use shaker.

-Give rules

Students Language (what they will Teachers language (what you will say/write)
Letters (A,B,C,D..)
Whats this letters ?

Give me word start with sound A ?