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Writing papers on "Application of Liquid Fertilizer to the HOPE system (Hydroponic

Organic Plus Economical)" aims to develop hydroponic systems efficiently and
effectively, both in terms of the economy and the environment.
1. Bagas Adhiwangsa
2. M. Aditya Ramadhan
3. Septianti Agita Savira
This work has been motivated by the limited arable land in urban areas so
tecetuslah idea to create a system called 'HOPE' to solve this problem. Through this
paper, the authors explain how to work the system "HOPE" and how to develop such
a system on an industrial scale. Subproblems this study are as follows: 1) How does
the system "HOPE" works by applying organic liquid fertilizer on the system, 2) What
are the benefits system "HOPE" in economic terms when compared with the
hydroponic system in general, 3) How is the development of Eco Smart Building
through a hydroponic cultivation system with "HOPE".
The method used is the method of field studies with experimental organic liquid
fertilizer manufacturing process and its application in the system "HOPE". The data in
this research is the design of the system "HOPE" and the comparison of the final
results system "HOPE" with a hydroponic system in general. The data collection
technique is a documentary study. The main data collection tool in this study is the
researchers themselves as a key instrument.
Based on a study of the system "HOPE" with other hydroponic systems have some
differences. The following is the result of the use of the system "HOPE": 1) The
application of organic liquid fertilizer on the "HOPE" proved to be more efficient and
effective than using this type of non-organic fertilizers, 2) cost of making the system
"HOPE" more affordable with abundant harvests, 3) With the System "HOPE" Eco
Smart Building development can be more efficient. Use of the system 'HOPE' in Eco
Smart Building is expected to compete in the marketplace by providing abundant
harvests and affordable price. This, because the cost of making a hydroponic system
"HOPE" affordable, considering the price of making hydroponics is generally quite

Keywords: System 'HOPE', Eco Smart Building, Economy