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S. No. Description Salient Features/Specifications

1. Monolithic construction of beams, columns and

2. Speed of construction (Slab cycles of 7-10 days
may be achieved).
Advantages of Maini Aluminium /
1 : 3. Ease of handling due to light weight of material.
Monolithic Formwork System (MAFS)
4. Superior finish of concrete.
5. External and internal plasters may be avoided.
6. Cost effective- 150 repititions may be achieved
depending upon the quality of handling.

2 Grade of Aluminium used

Sheet : 5052 H 34
Extruded Sections : 6061 T 6, 6005 T 5.
3 Average weight of Aluminium formwork : 22-24 Kg/m2 (Depending upon Structure)
Thickness of Aluminium Sheet used in
4 : 4 mm
L- sections will be used for Standard Size Wall
5 L- Section Panels : and Deck panels with centre welding towards
improvement of overall quality.
(a) Vertical Supports to Beams will be provided by
using 40 'NB' Tube Struts to Support BPH and
Adj. Base Plate provided at strut bottom for
Height adjustment. Two sets of supports to be
6 Vertical Supports : given in Painted Finish.
(b) Vertical Support for Slabs will be provided by
Using Cuplok System (Suitable Design as per
MAINI) in Painted Finish. Two sets of supports to
be given in Painted finish.
Wall Panels - 2050 x 600 mm, 2050x500 mm
7 Standard Size of Wall and Deck panels :
Deck Panels- 1200 x 600 mm, 1200x500 mm
Working Platforms Brackets on outer 2 Sets of MS brackets are provided for walls and
(*) 8 :
periphery projected slabs as per requirement.
Pin & Wedges for wall panels and U- clamps for
9 Type of connections :
Deck panels
10 Grade of material for Pin & Wedges : E 350 A Grade MS 2062
Percentage of extra consumable /
11 : 10% (Ten Percent Only)
Accessories materials supplied
Technical supervision is provided for two slabs or
12 Technical support for execution :
02 months whichever is earlier.
Design for re-use of old materials for other
13 Re- design :
projects may be provided on chargeable basis
On-site training/ workshops are conducted before
& during use of Maini Aluminium/Monolithic
14 Training Program :
Formwork System (MAFS), if required by