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Disc 1 Light Concert/Popular
1. Introduction Concert Band Grade 3 2 7. Popular (from Wicked)
Symphonic Band Grade 4 1 2. Star Trek Soundtrack Highlights 28. Highland Cathedral
2. Star Trek Symphonic Suite 13. Star Trek Through the Years 29. Carry On Wayward Son
3. Titan Spirit 14. Music from The Curious Case 30. I Believe I Can Fly
(Theme from Remember the Titans) of Benjamin Button 31. Now or Never (from High School Musical 3)
4. Selections from Home Alone 15. Music from Slumdog Millionaire 32. Send in the Clowns (from A Little Night Music)
5. Salute to American Jazz 16. Selections from Up 33. Caravan
6. Music from Rent 17. Dance Fever 34. Baby Elephant Walk
Professional Concert Band Grade 5 18. Taylor Swift in Concert Music for the Holidays Grade 3
7. The Adventures of Mutt (from Indiana Jones 19. The Best of Carole King 3 5. We Need a Little Christmas (from Mame)
& the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) 20. Coldplay on Stage 36. Happy Holiday/White Christmas
8. Viktors Tale (from The Terminal) 21. Pop and Rock Legends: Neil Diamond Mannheim Steamroller Grade 3-4
9. Excerpts from Close Encounters 22. The Blues Brothers Revue 3 7. Stille Nacht
of the Third Kind 23. Hollywood Milestones 38. A Fresh Aire Christmas
Canadian Brass Concert Band Works 24. Bellas Lullaby (from Twilight)
The Sound of Music Grade 2
1 0. Shaker Suite 25. Theme from Family Guy
39. Highlights from The Sound of Music
11. Suite from Mass 26. I Dreamed a Dream (from Les Misrables)

Disc 2 LighT Concert/Popular

1. Introduction Flex-Band Series Grade 2-3 MusicWorks Grade 1
Discovery Plus Grade 2 1 9. Bohemian Rhapsody 3 6. Aztalan (City of Mystery)
2. Selections from Star Trek 20. Mars (from The Planets) 37. Crosscurrent
3. Theme from Star Trek (TV Series) 21. Disco Lives! 38. Looking Past the Shadows
4. Viva La Vida 22. Bellas Lullaby (from Twilight) Grade 1
5. Bellas Lullaby (from Twilight) 23. Eye of the Tiger 3 9. Trumpet Hero
6. Jai Ho (from Slumdog Millionaire) 24. Disney on Parade 40. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
7. Mamma Mia! Highlights from the Movie 25. Great Movie Adventures 41. Jus Plain Blues
8. Selections from High School Musical 3 26. Mission: Impossible Theme 42. Hey Jude
9. Can I Have This Dance Discovery Series Grade 1 Beginning Level
10. Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Mix 2 7. Gimme Some Lovin 4 3. The Hey Song (Rock & Roll Part II)
11. Funkytown 28. High School Musical 44. Power Rock
12. Best of The Temptations 29. The Winner Takes It All Leopard Percussion Ensemble Grade 3
13. Beach Boys on Stage 30. It Dont Mean a Thing (If It Aint Got That Swing) 4 5. Caravan
14. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 31. Hogans Heroes March 46. Low Rider
15. Comedy Classics 32. SpongeBob SquarePants 47. La Bamba
Music for the Holidays Grade 2 Music for the Holidays Grade 1 48. Brazil
1 6. The Star of Bethlehem (from Home Alone) 3 3. The Chipmunk Song 49. C-Jam Blues
17. Christmas at the Movies 34. Christmas Time Is Here 50. Afro Blue
18. Do You Hear What I Hear 35. Silver Bells 51. Oye Como Va
52. Rock Around the Clock

Disc 3 Contest & Festival

1. Introduction Amstel Music 2 5. Suite for Winds and Percussion
Boosey & Hawkes Windependence Series 1 3. Dutch Masters Suite 26. Airs of the Court
2. High Flight 14. Festive Hymn (from Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 3)
3. Cathedrals 15. Canticles 27. Hes Gone Away
4. Colorado Peaks Amstel Classics MusicWorks Grade 3 3
5. To Dream in Brushstrokes 1 6. Dance of the Amazon 2 8. Washington Post March
Boosey & Hawkes Concert Band 17. Chella Mi Creda (from La Fanciulla Del West) 29. Chorus Angelorum
6. Three Noels (for Band and Choir) American Composers Forum 30. Theme and Tirade
7. Concord 18. Odysseus and the Sirens MusicWorks Grade 2
G. Schirmer, Inc. MusicWorks Grade 5 3 1. Pulsation
8. Gayenah Dance Suite No. 1 1 9. Arabesque 32. River of Hope
9. Folk Dances 20. Walking into History (The Clinton 12) MusicWorks Grade 2
10. Commando March MusicWorks Grade 4 3 3. New Forest March
11. Andante and Tranquillo (from First Symphony) 2 1. An American Fanfare 34. Meeting at Tryon Palace
E.B. Marks 22. Southern Hymn 35. On the Edge of Tomorrow
12. United Artists 23. American Barndance 36. Quinque (Dance for Band)
24. Passages 37. Nessun Dorma (from Turandot)

Cover background music: Gustav Holst manuscript of First Suite in E-flat

Disc 1 Disc 3
Light Concert/Popular Contest & Festival
Symphonic Band (Grade 4)2 Boosey & Hawkes Windependence Series  14
Professional Concert Band (Grade 5) 2 Boosey & Hawkes Concert Band  14
Canadian Brass Concert Band Works3 G. Schirmer, Inc. 15
Concert Band (Grade 3) 3 Music of Samuel Barber  15
Music for the Holidays (Grade 3)5 E.B. Marks 16
Mannheim Steamroller (Grade 3-4) 6 Amstel Music  16
The Sound of Music6 Amstel Classics 16
American Composers Forum/BandQuest 17
Disc 2 Grade 5  17
Grade 4  17
Grade 3-3 18
Light Concert/Popular
Grade 2  19
Discovery Plus (Grade 2) 8
Grade 2  19
Music for the Holidays (Grade 2)9
Flex-Band Series (Grade 2-3) 10
Discovery Series (Grade 1)  10
Music for the Holidays (Grade 1)  11
Not Recorded
MusicWorks (Grade 1)  11
Grade 1 11 Music of The Beatles 7
Leopard Percussion Ensemble (Grade 3) 12 Music from Michael Jackson  13
Concert Band Recordings 20
G. Schirmer International Library 21
Rubank Concert and Contest Collections  21
Music for the Holidays 22
Band Music Direct  24
Essential Elements 2000 for Band  26
Director Resources  28 Play-Along Packs from Curnow Music  31
Full version recordings for many titles Play-Along Packs from Hal Leonard 32
Complete database of titles
Writer bios and photos Prices, contents and availability are subject to change without notice.
Some products may not be available outside the U.S.A.
Disney characters and artwork Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Light Concert/popular disc one


Introduction Music from Rent

Jonathan Larson/arr. Jay Bocook
From the award-winning Broadway musical, and
Symphonic Band
more recently a feature film, the story of Rent is
fueled by high-impact musical numbers and poi-

Grade 4 gnant stories of life in New York. Jays outstand-

ing medley for symphonic band includes: Seasons
of Love, Rent, Without You and Finale B.
04001680 $70.00

Professional Concert Band

Star Trek

Grade 5
Symphonic Suite
Michael Giacchino/arr. Jay Bocook
Boldly go where no band has gone before! The
2009 blockbuster movie features spectacular new
and exciting themes in a dramatic soundtrack by
Michael Giacchino. In addition, the original clas- TRACK 7
sic TV theme is reworked in a creative fashion.
Heres an impressive setting for the concert stage.
04002907 $80.00 The Adventures of
Mutt (from Indiana
Jones & The Kingdom
of the Crystal Skull)
John Williams/trans. Paul Lavender
In the latest installment of the Indiana Jones block-
Titan Spirit buster movies, John Williams has created yet an-
(Theme from Remember the Titans) John Williams
other memorable soundtrack. In speaking about
Trevor Rabin/arr. Jay Bocook the experience of composing for these exciting films, he says it has con-
The uplifting 2000 movie Remember the Titans is not just another sistently offered me a wild and joyous ride. This accurately describes
sports movie, but an inspirational true story that endures year after The Adventures of Mutt with its relentless energy and spirit of fun.
year. With a magnificent film score to match, here is an impressive 04002909 Score and Parts$195.00
arrangement of the main theme by Jay Bocook. 04002910 Full Score$25.00
04001183 $70.00


Viktors Tale (from The Terminal)

Selections from Home Alone (Solo Clarinet and Band)
John Williams/arr. Paul Lavender John Williams/trans. Paul Lavender
John Williams delightful score is a memorable part of this block- As in the original soundtrack from The Terminal, a featured solo clarinet
buster movie. Audiences and performers alike are sure to fall in love is used to portray the warmth and friendliness of the main character
with this magical setting. Includes: Somewhere in My Memory, Star of Viktor Navorsky. This appealing dance-like composition also captures
Bethlehem, Glorious Thieves, Holiday Flight and The House. something of his colorful ethnic background.
25923034 $80.00 02500791 Score and Parts$195.00
02500792 Full Score$25.00



Salute to American Jazz

arr. Sammy Nestico Excerpts from Close Encounters
The master of jazz arranging, Sammy Nestico, of the Third Kind
pays tribute to Americas most notable art form John Williams/trans. Stephen Bulla
with this montage for concert band. Four distinct In a story about friendly extraterrestrial visitors, John Williams music
styles in the history of American jazz are repre- captures the anticipation and excitement of this blockbuster movie,
sented with Dizzy Gillespies Night in Tunisia, including the signature five-note motif used to communicate with the
Sammy Nestico
W. C. Handys St. Louis Blues, Duke Ellingtons alien guests. The fact that this is one of Mr. Williams favorite Spielberg
It Dont Mean a Thing, and Weather Reports Birdland. Treat your films clearly comes across in this unique and masterful soundtrack.
players to some of the greatest music of the jazz era. 04002911 Score and Parts$295.00
04001545 $70.00 04002912 Full Score$35.00
Canadian Brass Concert Band
Concert Band Works

Grade 3
Shaker Suite
(Brass Quintet
and Concert Band)
arr. Rayburn Wright/adpt. Mark Davis Scatterday
Legendary composer, arranger, and author
Rayburn Wright is responsible for initiating Star Trek
the storied jazz program at the Eastman School Soundtrack Highlights
of Music, and was also a composer for film and Michael Giacchino/arr. Ted Ricketts
television. His masterful setting of Shaker melodies includes the This blockbuster summer movie features bold
familiar Simple Gifts, along with The Happy Journey and Ive Set My new themes from Michael Giacchino as well as
Face for Zions Kingdom. Used to feature a separate brass quintet or with new settings of the familiar classic TV theme.
members within an ensembles brass section, this is truly a memorable Here is a great-sounding medley for band sure to
setting adapted by current Eastman Wind Ensemble conductor Mark be a standout on any program!
Davis Scatterday. Dur: 9:50 04001219 $65.00
08724058 Score and Parts$165.00
08724059 Score Only$15.00
Recorded by the Canadian Brass and the Eastman Wind Ensemble TRACK 13
on Manhattan Music (OD 7368) Mark Davis Scatterday, conductor

Star Trek Through the Years

arr. John Moss
From the TV screen to the big screen, Star Trek has produced hit after
hit, each one accompanied by wonderful themes and soundtracks.
Suite from Mass This excellent medley for developing bands captures all the thrills and
Leonard Bernstein/arr. Michael Sweeney emotions of the various Trek themes.
Bernsteins Mass was a monumental 90-min- 04000550 $60.00
ute work written for the opening of the John
F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in
Washington, D.C. in 1971. In this suite commis- TRACK 14
sioned by the Canadian Brass and the Eastman
Wind Ensemble, arranger Michael Sweeney fo-
Music from
cuses on a select number of movements, often using the brass quintet
The Curious Case
to represent the vocal lines found in the original. The striking and
of Benjamin Button
beautiful work includes Alleluia, Sanctus, the well-known A Simple
Alexandre Desplat/arr. Michael Brown
Song, Agnus Dei, Offertory and Almighty Father. Although scored for
From one of the most distinctive movies of 2009
brass quintet and wind ensemble, ample cues are provided to allow
comes the haunting and beautiful soundtrack
this to be performed by a wind ensemble or symphonic band alone.
scoring of acclaimed composer Alexandre Desplat.
Dur: c. 14:00 Michael Brown
04001213 $60.00
48019980 Score and Parts$195.00
48019981 Score Only$25.00
Recorded by the Canadian Brass and the Eastman Wind Ensemble on TRACK 15
Manhattan Music (OD 7368) Mark Davis Scatterday, conductor

Music from
Manhattan Music Slumdog Millionaire
Canadian Brass and the A R Rahman/arr. Jay Bocook
Eastman Wind Winsemble Winner of the 2009 Academy Award for Best
Recorded in the legendary Eastman Theatre, the Picture, Best Original Score, and numerous other
birthplace of Frederick Fennells wind ensemble, awards, this movie took the country by storm.
this CD features the renowned Canadian Brass The driving soundtrack of A.R. Rahman played a
Jay Bocook
combined with the equally acclaimed Eastman Wind Ensemble. major part in bringing this powerful and uplifting
Under the direction of Mark Davis Scatterday and featuring works story to the silver screen. A terrific setting for band that includes the
commissioned specifically for this project, this is a CD of stunning hit song Jai Ho!
beauty, power and variety. Includes: Manhattan Music (Bramwell 04001215 $60.00
Tovey), Suite from Mass (Leonard Bernstein/arr. Michael Sweeney),
Shaker Suite (Rayburn Wright/arr. Mark Davis Scatterday) and New
York Cityscape (Jeff Tyzik).
50489839 CD$15.95

Light Concert/popular


Selections from Up Pop and Rock Legends:

Michael Giacchino/arr. Michael Brown Neil Diamond
From the creative think tank at Disney and Pixar, arr. Ted Ricketts
this entertaining animated feature film is destined Since the 1960s, performer/songwriter Neil
to become a family classic. With clever stylings by Diamond has been a dominant force in popular
composer Michael Giacchino (Star Trek and The music. Here is a powerful medley of some of
Incredibles), here is a movie medley for band sure his best-known hits. Includes: America; Sweet
Ted Ricketts
to bring a smile. Caroline; You Dont Bring Me Flowers; Cherry,
04001217 $60.00 Cherry and Im a Believer.
04001181 $60.00


Dance Fever
arr. Michael Brown The Blues Brothers Revue
The dance music of the 70s and the disco age is popular again thanks arr. Jay Bocook
in part to TV shows like Dancing with the Stars. Here is an entertain- You simply cant top the Blues Brothers for high-energy musical en-
ing medley featuring some of the best riffs and grooves from that tertainment. In this medley of their best-known tunes, Jay Bocook
era. Includes: You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees), Boogie Fever (The provides an exciting arrangement perfect for any pops or lighter
Sylvers), Reunited (Peaches & Herb), Thats the Way (I Like It) (KC & program. Includes: I Cant Turn You Loose, Soul Man, Soul Finger, and
the Sunshine Band) and Y.M.C.A. (Village People). Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.
04001187 $60.00 04000906 $60.00


Taylor Swift In Concert Hollywood Milestones

arr. Michael Brown arr. John Higgins
Contemporary singer and songwriter Taylor Swift A blockbuster medley that includes some of the best musical icons
is rapidly making her mark on both pop and coun- from the last twenty-five years of film history. Includes: Theme from
try music charts. Including the hits Love Story, Jaws, Where Do I Begin (Love Story Theme), Star Trek The Motion
Picture to Burn and White Horse, this medley Picture, Raiders March, Chariots of Fire, Back to the Future, Theme from
provides a good sampling of her fresh-sounding E.T., Beauty and the Beast, Theme from Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump
music. Main Title, and Main Title Apollo 13.
04001193 $60.00 04000578 $60.00


The Best of Carole King Bellas Lullaby

arr. Johnnie Vinson (from Twilight)
(Solo Feature for
Carole King practically owned the radio airwaves in the early 70s
Piano or Flute)
with her easy flowing songs and heartfelt performances. This medley
Carter Burwell/arr. Paul Murtha
of mega-hits includes I Feel the Earth Move, Its Too Late, Youve Got a
From the blockbuster movie Twilight, here is the
Friend, and Jazzman.
hauntingly beautiful main theme. This marvelous
04001199 $60.00
setting features a piano solo as well as nicely scored
woodwind passages. An optional solo flute part is also included as a sub-
stitute for the piano. This memorable melody is sure to stick with you.
04001189 $50.00

Coldplay on Stage
arr. Michael Brown
Catchy melodies and distinctive rhythmic grooves characterize the
music of this contemporary rock group. Including their hits Clocks,
Lost! and Viva la Vida, here is a great sounding medley for the concert Full version recordings for many titles
stage. Complete database of titles
04001197 $60.00 Writer bios and photos


Theme from Family Guy I Believe I Can Fly

Murphy, MacFarlane and Zuckerman/arr. Paul Murtha Robert Kelly/arr. Tim Waters
From the wildly popular animated TV series Family Guy comes this From the 1996 movie Space Jam (with Michael Jordan) this familiar
swinging and thoroughly enjoyable theme. Solidly scored in the style power ballad features a dynamic pulse and an uplifting spirit in this
of a Las Vegas show band, this is sure to be a hit with all audiences. solidly scored adaptation by Tim Waters.
04001211 $50.00 04001175 $50.00


I Dreamed a Dream Now or Never (from

(from Les Misrables) High School Musical 3)
(Vocal or Instrumental Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil
Solo and Concert Band) arr. Ted Ricketts
Schnberg, Boublil, Natel and Kretzmer/arr. Michael Brown From the Disney blockbuster High School Musical
This touching ballad from the landmark musical Les Miserables had 3, here is a sizzling arrangement of the hit dance
established itself as a classic long before Susan Boyle scored her knock- tune. Full of rhythmic energy and drive, this is
out punch on Britains Got Talent. This skillfully crafted arrange- certain to light up the concert stage.
ment can be used to feature a vocalist or any number of instrumental 04001191 $50.00
solos (including Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, or F Horn). Sure to be
a showstopper wherever it is performed.
04001205 $50.00 TRACK 32

Send in the Clowns

(from A Little Night Music)
Stephen Sondheim/arr. Frank Cofield
Popular (from Wicked) This wonderful ballad from Sondheims A Little Night Music has been
Stephen Schwartz/arr. Jay Bocook recorded by countless artists and enjoys an enduring popularity with
From one of the most powerful and successful all audiences. Available once again, here is the classic arrangement for
Broadway musicals in recent years, Stephen band by Frank Cofield.
Schwartzs Wicked features a magnificent array of 04001209 $50.00
songs filled with grit and also humor. One of the
shows high points is this upbeat and entertaining
production number. TRACK 33
04001185 $50.00

Duke Ellington, Irving Mills and Juan Tizol/arr. Richard Saucedo
One of the most recognizable of all Duke Ellington tunes, this
distinctive composition combines the styles of Latin and big band
Highland Cathedral jazz. Richard Saucedo gives this classic an impressive new setting for
Michael Korb and Ulrich Roever/arr. Jay Dawson concert band.
Perfect for graduation or most any important event, this regal and 04000813 $50.00
stately march features a Scottish-flavored melody and has become a
popular processional at weddings. Beautifully scored here for band
by Jay Dawson. TRACK 34
04001203 $50.00

Baby Elephant Walk

TRACK 29 Henry Mancini/arr. John Moss
Heres a new edition of Henry Mancinis jaunty
Carry On Wayward Son march from the movie Hatari. John Moss treatment
Kerry Livgren/arr. Paul Murtha is clever, fun to play and really captures that special
Recorded in 1977 by the group Kansas, this Mancini sound that combines the symphonic and
mega-hit helped define a genre of progressive rock John Moss
jazz idioms.
anthems with multiple sections and styles. The 04000554 $50.00
unmistakable signature riffs and soaring melodies
translate nicely in this concert arrangement for
Paul Murtha
04001179 $50.00

Light Concert/popular disc one

Music for the Holidays

The Sound of Music Turns 50!

Grade 3 Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Music by Richard Rodgers
Bringing us some of the most endearing mel-
odies in the history of Broadway and film,
The Sound of Music has universal appeal and
celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2009.

We Need a Little Christmas

(from Mame)
Jerry Herman/arr. Ted Ricketts Grade 4
Add some joyous enthusiasm to your next holiday concert with this
upbeat show style favorite from the Broadway musical Mame.
04001201 $50.00 The Sound of Music
arr. Robert Russell Bennett
00348183 $70.00
Selections from
The Sound of Music
Happy Holiday/White Christmas arr. James Christensen
Irving Berlin/arr. Ted Ricketts 04053100 $70.00
From the classic Irving Berlin musical Holiday Inn, here are two
Christmas favorites creatively combined into an appealing and well- Grade 2
written arrangement.
04001207 $50.00

Mannheim Steamroller Highlights from

The Sound of Music

Grade 3-4 arr. Johnnie Vinson

08724720 $50.00

My Favorite Things
arr. Paul Jennings
TRACK 37 22719046 $40.00

Stille Nacht Edelweiss

arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield (Flute Ensemble)
Based on the distinctive and mesmerizing version recorded by arr. James Curnow
Mannheim Steamroller, this authentic adaptation by Robert Longfield 04157502 $25.00
could be the hit of your holiday concert. Beautifully scored with
creative harmonies and band vocals. My Favorite Things
(Flute Ensemble)
04053882 $40.00
arr. Eliot Del Borgo
04157542 $25.00
Grade 1-11/2
A Fresh Aire Christmas
arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Calvin Custer My Favorite Things
Based on the unique and striking arrangements arr. Eric Osterling
by Chip Davis and recorded by Mannheim 08724866 $35.00
Steamroller, here is an outstanding holiday
medley that includes: Deck the Hall; God Rest Ye Edelweiss
Merry, Gentlemen; Good King Wenceslas; Lo, How arr. John Moss
a Rose Eer Blooming and Stille Nacht. 08724674 $35.00
08721344 $60.00
Do Re Mi
arr. Paul Lavender
00861304 $35.00

The Beatles Grade 2

THE Rock Band The Beatles Forever

arr. Eric Osterling
of All Time! Includes: Eleanor Rigby, A Hard Days Night,
40 years after such landmark recordings as Abbey Road, 20925023  $50.00
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the White Album,
the music of the Fab Four still resonates with each generation. Best of the
Here are selected arrangements for concert band of music from Beatles
the most celebrated rock band ever! arr. John Moss
Includes: Get Back, Hey
Jude, Ticket to Ride
08724962  $50.00

Grade 4 Grade 3
Selections from
The Beatles: Beatles Gold A Hard Days Night
Love arr. Paul Lavender (Medley)
arr. Jay Bocook Includes: From Me to You, I Saw Her Standing arr.Michael Sweeney
Includes: Because, Drive There, She Loves You, Twist and Shout Includes: A Hard Days Night, And I Love Her,
My Car, Eleanor Rigby, Hey 25902020  $60.00 If I Fell, Cant Buy Me Love
Jude, Sgt. Peppers Lonely 08724684  $50.00
Hearts Club Band, What
Youre Doing, The Word Sgt. Peppers When Im Sixty-four
04002763  $80.00 Lonely arr. Eric Osterling
Hearts 08724930  $40.00
Club Band
(Medley) Michelle
Pop and Rock Legends: (Clarinet Ensemble)
Music Of The Beatles arr. Michael Sweeney
arr. Eric Osterling
arr. Michael Sweeney Includes: Sgt. Peppers
04157622  $25.00
Includes: All My Loving; A Hard Days Night; Lonely Hearts Club Band,
Ticket to Ride; Yesterday; Norwegian Wood; With A Little Help from My Friends, Lucy in
the Sky with Diamonds, Shes Leaving Home,
Got to Get You Into My Life; Here, There and
When Im Sixty-Four
Grade 1
Everywhere; The Fool on the Hill; Penny Lane;
Maxwells Silver Hammer; Lady Madonna; 04001127  $60.00
And I Love Her
Something arr. Michael Sweeney
04045720  $70.00 08724774  $35.00
arr. Zane Van Auken
04371975  $50.00 Hey Jude
The Symphonic arr. Michael Sweeney
Beatles 04151025  $35.00
arr. John Cacavas
Includes: A Hard Days Night, Hey Jude, I Want
to Hold Your Hand, Michelle, Yesterday
04001529  $70.00

I Want to
Hold Your Hand
arr. Johnnie Vinson
08725026 $35.00 Twist And Shout
Full version recordings for many titles arr. Michael Sweeney
04150003  $35.00
Complete database of titles
Writer bios and photos Yellow Submarine
arr. Eric Osterling
08724694  $35.00

Light COncert/popular disc Two


Introduction Jai Ho (from 

Slumdog Millionaire)
Discovery Plus A R Rahman and Gulzar/arr. Michael Brown
Featuring driving percussion patterns and strong

Grade 2
melodic statements, here is the 2009 Academy
Award winner for Best Song from the acclaimed
movie Slumdog Millionaire. Effectively arranged
for band, here is something different and exciting
for your next concert.
08725236 $40.00

Also available:
Selections JAI HO (for Percussion Ensemble)
from Star Trek arr. Will Rapp
Michael Giacchino/arr. Michael Brown 04157702 $25.00
From the blockbuster film of 2009, here is a solid
arrangement of the main themes for young players.
Bold and adventurous! TRACK 7

08725242 $50.00
Mamma Mia!
Highlights from the
Movie Soundtrack
TRACK 3 arr. Robert Longfield
From the Broadway stage to the silver screen, the
Theme from Star Trek (TV Series) music of ABBA never seems to grow old. Here
Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry/arr. Paul Jennings is an entertaining medley for younger bands that
Here is the familiar classic TV theme that is also featured prominently includes the hits: Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia,
in the new 2009 movie. This well-written arrangement for developing SOS and The Winner Takes It All.
bands will sound great with limited rehearsals. 08725222 $50.00
22719058 $40.00



Selections from
Viva La Vida High School Musical 3:
arr. Tim Waters Senior Year
Heres the smash hit from the group Coldplay in arr. Michael Brown
mesmerizing and solid treatment by Tim Waters. Heres the first High School Musical installment
The moderate rock tempo and repetitive rhythmic to hit the big screen! Featuring catchy tunes and
figures make this easily attainable by younger boundless energy, this skillfully scored medley for
players. band is guaranteed to light up the concert stage.
Tim Waters Includes: Now or Never; Right Here, Right Now; I Want It All; A Night
08725224 $40.00
to Remember and High School Musical.
08725216 $50.00

Bellas Lullaby (from Twilight)
Carter Burwell/arr. Johnnie Vinson
From the blockbuster movie Twilight, here is an easy setting of the Can I Have This Dance
haunting main theme scored for full band. This memorable melody (from High School Musical 3)
will linger with your audience and players long after the concert is Adam Anders and Nikki Hassman/arr. Michael Brown
over. Beautifully done! Here is the tender ballad from Disneys hit movie High School
08725234 $40.00 Musical 3 in a great-sounding arrangement for young players. This is
sure to be a hit with any audience while providing a nice programming
change of pace.
08725232 $40.00


Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Mix Comedy Classics

arr. Paul Murtha arr. Paul Murtha
Dance fever strikes again with this up-tempo medley of hits from the Thanks to cable channel reruns, just about everyone will recognize
group Earth, Wind & Fire. Includes: Boogie Wonderland, Lets Groove, these wonderful theme songs from televisions past. Cleverly woven
and Sing a Song. together in a medley for younger groups, you cant go wrong with this
08725218 $50.00 entertaining arrangement. Includes: Happy Days, The Brady Bunch,
Ballad of Jed Clampett, Theme from Bewitched, The Addams Family
Theme, and I Love Lucy.
TRACK 11 08724768 $50.00

Steven Greenberg/arr. Michael Brown Music for the Holidays
Originally recorded by Lipps Inc. in 1980, this memorable hit
continues its popularity today including recent appearances in Alvin
and the Chipmunks and South Park. You just cant help but smile and
tap your toes when you hear this one!
Grade 2
08725214 $40.00



The Star of Bethlehem

Best of The Temptations (from Home Alone)
arr. Johnnie Vinson John Williams and Leslie Bricusse/arr. Robert Longfield
No group did more to help establish the Detroit Motown sound of From the family favorite Home Alone, this wonderful song is estab-
the 60s than the Temptations. Here is a medley of their biggest hits lishing itself as a holiday classic. Beautifully arranged here for young
arranged for young players. Includes: Aint Too Proud to Beg, Papa Was players by Robert Longfield.
a Rollin Stone, My Girl and Get Ready. 08725240 $40.00
08725220 $50.00



Christmas at the Movies

Beach Boys on Stage arr. John Moss
arr. John Moss Some of the best holiday music over the years has come from movie
This medley of enduring classics about fun in the sun will put a smile soundtracks. This unique and entertaining medley includes: The Polar
on everyones face! Including the Beach Boys favorites I Get Around, Express, Somewhere in My Memory (from Home Alone) and Overture
In My Room, and Fun, Fun, Fun, this medley is easy to learn and will from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sure to liven up any holiday
sound terrific with young players. concert!
08724830 $50.00 08725110 $50.00


Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Do You Hear What I Hear

arr. Michael Sweeney Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne/arr. Michael Sweeney
First made popular by the Andrews Sisters back in the 40s, later by The carol that never seems to grow old, here is an excellent version
Bette Midler in the 70s, and now your very own trumpet section can that will make young bands shine.
be the stars of this hoppin tune from the swing era! Even though this 04001658 $35.00
arrangement has been scored for young players, the authentic swing
style still comes through in an entertaining version sure to please.
08725008 $40.00
Full version recordings for many titles
Complete database of titles
Writer bios and photos

Light COncert/popular

Flex-Band Series TRACK 23

Grade 2-3 Eye of the Tiger

Frank Sullivan and Jim Peterik/arr. Johnnie Vinson
This powerful rock anthem was recorded by Survivor in 1982, and
also featured in the movie Rocky III. Always a favorite!
Perfect for incomplete or unbalanced 04002903 $50.00
Scored with just five parts
Playable with combinations of woodwinds, TRACK 24

brass, or strings
Includes traditional percussion parts Disney on Parade
arr. Johnnie Vinson
These well-known Disney marches are recognized by all audiences
and together create a wonderfully entertaining medley suitable
for just about any concert. Includes: Mickey Mouse March,
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.
Bohemian Rhapsody 04002905 $50.00
Freddie Mercury/arr. Paul Murtha
Almost a complete concert in itself, this familiar Queen classic never
fails to bring down the house! TRACK 25
04002796 $50.00
Great Movie Adventures
John Williams/arr. Michael Sweeney
Some of John Williams best-known melodies from the movies.
Includes themes from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and E.T. (The Extra-
Mars (from The Planets) Terrestrial).
Gustav Holst/arr. Johnnie Vinson 04002502 $50.00
This dark and sinister movement from Holsts symphonic masterpiece
The Planets continues to thrill audiences and performers alike.
04002798 $50.00 TRACK 26

Mission: Impossible Theme

Lalo Schifrin/arr. Paul Lavender
The unmistakable and familiar theme from the TV series and feature
Disco Lives! films.
arr. Johnnie Vinson 04002461 $40.00
The current dance craze sweeping the nation is evidence enough that
disco, in fact, never died. This energetic medley includes the hits
Stayin Alive (the Bee Gees), I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), and Discovery Series
Y.M.C.A. (the Village People).
04002800 $50.00

Grade 1 1/2

Bellas Lullaby (from Twilight) TRACK 27

Carter Burwell/arr. Edward Lee

Here is the memorable and beautiful main theme from the blockbuster Gimme Some Lovin
movie Twilight, expertly scored for small and incomplete bands in the Steve Winwood, Muff Winwood and Spencer
Flex-Band format. Davis/arr. Robert Longfield
04002859 $40.00 Give your beginning players a chance to really rock
out with this great arrangement of the Spencer
Davis Group classic rock hit from the late 60s!
08725226 $35.00

TRACK 28 Music for the Holidays

Grade 1 1/2
High School Musical
(from High School Musical 3:
Senior Year)
Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil/arr. Robert Longfield
Here is the title song from High School Musical 3 in a rockin show-
style arrangement for very young players. Your players are sure to
know this one, and Roberts skilled scoring will sound great with
limited rehearsals. The Chipmunk Song
08725228 $35.00 Ross Bagdasarian/arr. Robert Longfield
Everybodys favorite critter theme is the perfect
change of pace for your beginning bands first
TRACK 29 holiday concert.
08725238 $35.00
The Winner Takes It All Robert Longfield
(from Mamma Mia!
The Motion Picture) TRACK 34

Benny Andersson and Bjrn Ulvaeus/arr. Paul Murtha

Originally recorded by ABBA and featured in the movie and stage Christmas Time Is Here
productions of Mamma Mia!, here is an easy and solidly written ar- Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson/arr. Michael Sweeney
rangement that is sure to appeal to all audiences. From the family favorite TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas,
08725230 $35.00 here is a marvelous yet surprisingly easy arrangement of this familiar
song by Vince Guaraldi. Sure to be recognized and adored by all.
08724936 $35.00

It Dont Mean a Thing
(If It Aint Got That Swing)
Duke Ellington and Irving Mills/arr. Eric Osterling Silver Bells
Swings the thing, now more than ever with this trademark tune from Jay Livingston and Ray Evans/arr. Paul Lavender
the Duke. Every section gets a chance to play the melody in
08724492 $35.00 this skillfully adapted holiday favorite.
00861320 $35.00


Hogans Heroes March

Jerry Fielding/arr. Eric Osterling
One of the most enduring TV theme songs ever written is this catchy
march from the hit series Hogans Heroes. Erics easy version starts with
the trademark drum introduction, then follows with the familiar flute
melody and finally the full band. Solid writing for beginning groups.
08724918 $35.00


SpongeBob SquarePants
arr. Paul Lavender
Are ya ready kids? Aye, Aye Captain! With optional band vocals and
novelty percussion effects, here is the theme song everyone is talking Full version recordings for many titles
about. Pauls creative arrangement is very easy, but still uses interest- Complete database of titles
ing scoring devices, including a short percussion feature along with
Writer bios and photos
soli for trumpets or flutes. This may be the hit of your next concert!
08724970 $35.00

Light COncert/popular

MusicWorks TRACK 40

Grade 1 1/2
(from Mary Poppins)
Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman/arr. Michael Sweeney
Every concert needs a little fun! One of the best-known songs from
the Disney classic Mary Poppins, Michael has cleverly arranged this
tune by passing the melody around to every section, plus using a few
short percussion feature spots.
Aztalan 00860932 $35.00
(City of Mystery)
Michael Sweeney
The ancient city of Aztalan existed around a TRACK 41
thousand years ago in southern Wisconsin, but
disappeared mysteriously by around A.D. 1300.
Jus Plain Blues
Through careful use of tone clusters, haunting
Michael Sweeney
melodies and creative percussion effects, this very
Using only quarter notes in the melody, Michael has created a bluesy
easy work for band portrays a sense of mystery and drama. Dur: 2:45
sounding original that will be a fun change of pace with your begin-
04002883 Score and Parts$40.00
ning groups.
04002884 Score Only$5.00
00860910 $35.00


Hey Jude
John Lennon and Paul McCartney/arr. Michael Sweeney
Robert Longfield
Here is the classic Beatles ballad skillfully arranged for beginning players.
Energetic and rhythmic accurately describe this attractive composition
04151025 $35.00
for beginning bands. Written in a minor mode, the main melodic
elements are created using only quarter notes. Underlying rhythmic
drive is provided by a repeated 8th-note pattern, and the piece is

Beginning Level
effectively enhanced with carefully planned dynamic contrasts. A
rewarding piece that is fun to play! Dur: 2:15
04002881 Score and Parts$40.00
04002882 Score Only$5.00

The Hey Song
(Rock & Roll Part II)
Looking Past the Shadows
arr. Paul Lavender
Richard L. Saucedo
Paul has skillfully arranged this stadium anthem
Featuring a flowing lyric style and beautiful harmonies, this composi-
so that even beginning bands can rock on.
tion for beginning groups allows you to teach phrasing and musicality
00860534 $35.00
in a rewarding setting. With easy rhythms and moderate ranges, this
is very attainable for young players. Dur: 2:30
04002893 Score and Parts$40.00
04002894 Score Only$5.00


Grade 1 Power Rock

arr. Michael Sweeney
Here are rock classics from the group Queen in a beginning level
arrangement that uses only quarter notes and half notes (except per-
TRACK 39 cussion). Includes: Another One Bites the Dust and We Will Rock You.
00860504 $35.00
Trumpet Hero
Paul Lavender
Using a strong rock-style foundation and a dynamic theme, here is an
entertaining trumpet section feature that your entire band will enjoy
especially those with 3 valves! (Includes full performance CD)
00860968 $35.00
Leopard Percussion Ensemble

Grade 3 TRACK 45 TRACK 49

Caravan C-Jam Blues

Duke Ellington, Irving Mills and Duke Ellington/arr. Diane Downs/
Juan Tizol/arr. Diane Downs/ ed. Rick Mattingly
ed. Rick Mattingly 04002296 (Includes CD) $25.00
04002895 (Includes CD) $30.00
Afro Blue
Low Rider Mongo Santamaria/arr. Diane Downs/ed.
arr. Diane Downs/ed. Rick Mattingly Rick Mattingly
Founded and directed by award-winning edu- 04002897 (Includes CD) $30.00 04002204 (Includes CD) $25.00
cator Diane Downs, The Louisville Leopard
Percussionists have been wowing audiences TRACK 47 TRACK 51
at national and regional conventions for years.
In addition, they were featured recently in the La Bamba Oye Como Va
HBO Family documentary The Music in Me Ritchie Valens/arr. Diane Downs/ Tito Puente/arr. Diane Downs/
in a segment entitled, The Leopards Take ed. Rick Mattingly ed. Rick Mattingly
Manhattan: The Little Band That Roared. 04002899 (Includes CD) $30.00 04002206 (Includes CD) $25.00
Here are the authentic arrangements by Diane
carefully edited by well-known educator/au- TRACK 48 TRACK 52

thor Rick Mattingly. Each arrangement comes

with a full performance CD and is written Brazil Rock Around
S.K. Russell and Ary Barroso/ the Clock
with a flexible instrumentation based around
arr. Diane Downs/ed. Rick Mattingly Max C. Freedman/Jimmy DeKnight/
mallet instruments, drum set, and a variety of arr. Diane Downs/ed. Rick Mattingly
04002298 (Includes CD) $25.00
Latin instruments. 04002208 (Includes CD) $25.00

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

(August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Thriller Flex-Band - Grade 2

Rod Temperton/arr. Jay Bocook
The title song from pop musics all-time
Rod Temperton/arr. Johnnie Vinson
best-selling album, here is an outstanding
Written in a format playable with just about
arrangement for the concert stage on this
any combination of instruments (including
landmark hit from 1984.
strings) here is Michael Jacksons monster
hit solidly scored by Johnnie Vinson.
Concert Band - Grade 2

The King of Pop Concert Band - Grade 1

arr. Johnnie Vinson
Featuring 3 key songs from Michael
Concert Band - Grade 3
Rod Temperton/arr. Robert Longfield
Jacksons diverse musical career, this concise
Arranged for very young bands, this
Michael Jackson: and easy to learn medley features Thriller,
arrangement of Michael Jacksons signature
Through the Years Ill Be There and Man in the Mirror.
rock hit is easy to learn and sure to be a hit
arr. Michael Brown 08725246/$50.00
with all audiences.
Here is a terrific setting for concert band 08725244/$35.00
that displays the variety and depth of music Man in the Mirror
spanning Michael Jacksons career from his Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett/ Concert Band - Grade 1
early days with the Jackson 5 up through arr. Paul Jennings
his association with Quincy Jones. Includes: In his hey-day of the 80s, Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror
I Want You Back, Ill Be There, Rock with You, ruled the radio airwaves. Featuring a Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett/
Thriller and Man in the Mirror. moderate rock groove and timeless message, arr. Michael Sweeney
04001223/$65.00 this is certainly one of his best. With this very easy arrangement, even
08725248/$40.00 beginning bands can enjoy this Michael
Jackson classic hit from 1988.

Contest & Festival disc THREE


Introduction To Dream in Brushstrokes

Michael Oare
Boosey & Hawkes Composed as a memorial, To Dream in Brushstrokes is a sensitive and
Windependence Series lyrical setting for band filled with emotion as well as beauty. Contrast-
ing colors and textures contribute to the overall effectiveness of this
TRACK 2 work for young bands. Dur: 4:30 (Apprentice Advanced Grade 3)
48020691 Score and Parts$55.00
High Flight 48020692 Score Only$5.00
Joseph Turrin Recorded by the Virginia Wind Symphony Dennis Zeisler, conductor
A monumental work from the pen of Joseph Turrin,
High Flight was commissioned by the United States
Air Force Band and is dedicated to the American Boosey & Hawkes
pilots who fought in the Spanish Civil War Concert Band
(1937-1939). Stunning passages and masterful
orchestrations characterize this multifaceted TRACK 6

composition as motifs are developed and the emotional pacing

unfolds. Inspired by the poem High Flight by pilot Gillespie Magee. Three Noels
Dur: 12:00 (Artist Level Grade 5) (Band and Choir)
48020687 Score and Parts$195.00 Clare Grundman
48020688 Score Only$25.00 A perfect concert finale for band and choir, this is
one of the great classics of educational literature by
master arranger Clare Grundman. Includes: While
TRACK 3 by Our Sheep, Christmas Eve Is Here (Voici le Nol),
and Now We Sing of Christmas (Nol Nouvelet).
Cathedrals Dur: 4:05
Kathryn Salfelder 48006529 Concert Band Accompaniment (Gr. 3)$65.00
Named the 2008 winner of the prestigious Frederick Fennell 48008281 Full Orchestra$65.00
Prize for young composers (sponsored by ASCAP and CBDNA), 48008284 String Pak$40.00
Cathedrals by Kathryn Salfelder is a fantasy on Gabrielis Canzon 48003641 SATB$2.95
Primi Toni from the Sacrae Symphoniae, which dates from 1597. 48003654 SSA$2.95
The work is an ingenious synthesis of old and new, evoking the 48003655 SAB$2.95
mystery and allure of Renaissance spatial music through the use of 48003653 SSA$2.95
two brass choirs, and intertwined with a rich color palette, modal 48019992 Performance Accompaniment CD$24.99
harmonies, and a variety of woodwind and percussion textures. A
stunning addition to the wind band repertoire. Dur: 6:00 (Artist
Level Grade 5)
48019920 Score and Parts$95.00
48019921 Score Only$15.00 Concord
This recording is a reading by the New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble; Clare Grundman
Charles Peltz, conductor Commissioned by The United States Marine Band, this impressive
work stands the test of time with inventive settings of three tradi-
tional tunes from colonial New England: The White Cockade, America
TRACK 4 and Yankee Doodle. Dur: 5:00 (Grade 4)
48006870 Score and Parts $90.00
Colorado Peaks 48006871 Score Only$12.95
Dana Wilson Recorded on A Grundman Portrait (48019835)
As described by the composer, this work suggests a persons relation to
the Colorado Rockies via a rugged and persistent climb. Filled with
twists and turns, and touches of drama as well as humor, here is a vivid
and masterful composition. Dur: 5:15 (Master Level Grade 4)
48020689 Score and Parts$75.00
48020690 Score Only$10.00
Recorded by the University of North Texas Wind Symphony
Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor
Full version recordings for many titles
Complete database of titles
Writer bios and photos

CD Recording
Samuel Barber
The Music of  (March 9, 1910 January 23, 1981)
Clare Grundman
Clare Grundman S amuel Barber was one of the most infuential
Clare Grundman (1913-1996) became one of the composers of the 20th Century, with a style
most influential composers of band music with that was frequently lyrical and neo-Roman-
works dating from the 1940s. As a skilled orches- tic. His Adagio for Strings is among his most
trator and gifted composer, he took a special interest in creating music popular compositions and widely considered
for school ensembles, and remains one of the most performed band a masterpiece of modern classical music. In
composers today. This collection spans more than four decades of celebration of 100 years since his birth, here
his creative output and includes: Kentucky 1800, An Irish Rhapsody, are some of his best-known works adapted
Concord, Little Suite for Band, Fantasy on American Sailing Songs, Hebrides for the modern wind band.
Suite, American Folk Rhapsody No. 1, American Folk Rhapsody No. 2,
Little English Suite, The Blue and the Gray, and Two Moods. TRACK 10

48019835 CD$14.99
Recorded by the Midwest Winds Michael Sweeney, conductor Commando March
(Critical Edition)
Samuel Barber/critical edition by R. Anderson Collinsworth
G. Schirmer Composed in 1943, Commando March was Samuel Barbers first
work scored exclusively for band. This stirring work has since
become a staple in the repertoire. This new critical edition now
includes a full score, plus historical notes and corrections from
the original publication. A true classic! Dur: 3:00 (Grade 4)
Gayenah Dance 50486972 Score and Parts $75.00
Suite No. 1 50486973 Score Only $10.00
Aram Khachaturian/arr. Kenneth Snoeck
Selected from the Gayaneh Ballet, these three TRACK 11
colorful examples of Aram Khachaturians writing
for ballet are based on rhythms and melodic mo-
tives from different ethnic groups, ranging from Andante and Tranquillo
the very Slavic Ukranian Gopak (Hopak) to the (from First Symphony)
Armenian Dance of the Maidens and the Kurdish Mountaineers Samuel Barber/arr. Richard Saucedo
Dance. They vary in instrumental color and tension from festive and From Samuel Barbers acclaimed First Symphony, here is a master-
party-like, through sultry and romantic, to tense and almost angry. ful adaptation for band of the stunningly beautiful lyric move-
These may be performed in any combination a single stand-alone ment. While carefully preserving Barbers original intent, Richard
dance movement, a contrasting pair, or all three in a complete set. A has created a setting that effectively suits the band medium.
culturally rich and unique experience for players and audience alike. 50486974 Score and Parts $85.00
Dur: 7:45 (Grade 5) 50486975 Score Only $10.00
50486970 Score and Parts$95.00
50486971 Score Only$15.00 Selected Works for Band:

Adagio for Strings

arr. Calvin Custer
50481484 (Grade 4) $70.00
Adagio for Strings
Folk Dances
arr. Paul Jennings
Dmitri Shostakovich/arr. James Curnow
50481482 (Grade 3) $50.00
Here is one of the most popular works of Russian
master composer Dmitri Shostakovich skillfully Commando March
adapted by James Curnow. Filled with humor and arr. James Curnow
vitality, this single-movement work is an engag- 24420021 (Grade 3) $50.00
ing and worthy entry in the repertoire for younger Fantasy on a Theme
james curnow
bands. Dur: 4:35 (Grade 3) by Samuel Barber
50486976 Score and Parts$70.00 (Overture to The School for Scandal)
50486977 Score Only$10.00 arr. Richard L. Saucedo
Recorded on Down from the Shimmering Sky (44003669) ~ T 50485927 (Grade 3) $60.00
he Orchestra of Lithuanian Armed Forces James Curnow, conductor
First Essay
arr. Joseph Levey
50483400 (Grade 5) $85.00
Sure on This Shining Night
arr. Richard L. Saucedo
50485608 (Grade 3) $50.00

Contest & Festival

E.B. Marks TRACK 15

(Bass Trombone and Wind Orchestra)
United Artists Johan de Meij
(Fanfare Overture for Winds, Canticles is a welcome addition to the bass trombone solo repertoire.
Brass and Percussion) Johan de Meij has created a very melodic one movement solo piece
Kenneth Fuchs for this noble instrument, superbly supported by the wind orchestra.
From the striking opening chords to the blazing An impressive show piece for the mature soloist! For added flexibility,
woodwind passages and dynamic brass and there is a version available for soloist with piano. (Grade 4-5)
percussion writing, you are in for a special treat 04000233 Score and Parts$300.00
with this powerful concert opener by acclaimed 04000234 Score Only$100.00
composer Kenneth Fuchs. Commissioned by the USAF Academy 04000235 Parts Only$200.00
Band, Colorado Springs, CO, this is certain to become in important 04000236 Solo Trombone Part Only$7.00
addition to the repertoire for winds. Dur: 5:30 (Grade 5) 04000237 Solo Trombone and Piano$45.00
04002901 Score and Parts$125.00 Recorded on Canticles Amstel Classics (04000262)
04002902 Score Only$15.00

Amstel Classics
Amstel Music

Dance of the Amazon

Dutch Masters Suite Anatoli Liadov/arr. Johan de Meij
Johan de Meij Anatoli Liadov (1855-1914) studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory
I. The Night Watch Rembrandt van Rijn with Rimsky-Korsakov, among others. Later as a teacher, his pupils
II. The Love Letter Johannes Vermeer included important composers such as Sergei Prokofiev. Through his
III. Princes Day Jan Steen brilliant orchestration and daring harmonies he further developed
For this impressive work, Johan de Meij draws aspects previously explored by Borodin and Rimsky-Korsakov. The
Johan de meij
inspiration from famous paintings found in the charming Dance of the Amazon, based on two Greek folk melodies,
Rijksmuseum in his home town of Amsterdam. was one of Liadovs last creations. Dur: 3:25 (Grade 3)
All three works of art were completed during the Dutch Golden 04000247 Score and Parts$125.00
Age around 1650. The three movements present a varied mix of 04000248 Score Only$30.00
styles and moods including a stately procession, a melancholy ballad, 04000249 Parts Only$95.00
and finally a festive celebration and dance. Dur: 20:00 (Grade 4)
Recorded on Johan de Meij Dutch Masters Amstel Classics (04000246)
04000243 Score and Parts$270.00
04000244 Score Only$90.00
04000245 Parts Only$180.00
Recorded on Johan de Meij Dutch Masters Amstel Classics (04000246)

Chella Mi Creda
from La Fanciulla Del West
(The Girl of the Golden West)
Giacomo Puccini/arr. Johan de Meij
Festive Hymn Although Puccinis opera The Girl of the Golden West or La Fanciulla
Johan de Meij del West became an immediate success in America, the work never
This melodic hymn was commissioned by the received the same recognition as other works by Puccini. Leaning
town of Margraten in Limburg, The Netherlands towards the musical style of Debussys impressionism, the opera is
for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the immersed in the authentic local color of the American Wild West.
Margraten Municipality. The work was premiered Chella mi creda is the final tenor aria sung by the bandit Ramerrez
at a large gala concert on November 24, 2007. before his death sentence. In this arrangement of Johan de Meij, the
Dur: 5:30 (Grade 3) solo trombone takes over the role of hero Ramerrez as he sings from
04000239 Score and Parts$140.00 the hangmans noose. (Grade 3)
04000240 Score Only$35.00 04000259 Score and Parts$70.00
04000241 Parts Only$105.00 04000260 Score Only$20.00
Recorded on Johan de Meij Dutch Masters Amstel Classics (04000246) 04000261 Parts Only$50.00
Recorded on Canticles Amstel Classics (04000262)

American Composers Forum
BandQuest Series

Grade 4
Odysseus and the Sirens
Dana Wilson
The Odyssey was written by Homer about 2700 years ago and tells of
the adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus during his harrowing return An American Fanfare
trip home after fighting the Trojan Wars. This work is suggestive of his Rick Kirby
dramatic encounter with the sirens, famous for luring sailors to their In this dynamic concert opener, Rick Kirby
death with their beguiling wind-like song. In this descriptive piece you incorporates the normally hymn-like strains of
can hear the wind-song becoming evermore insistent, the rocking of the America (My Country, Tis of Thee) into a fast
ship, Odysseus screams, and finally the sirens plunging to their death as and energetic fanfare. The actual melody is stated
they fail in their attempt to lure Odysseus. Dur: 2:45 (Grade 4) only once in its entirety, and many liberties are
04002768 Score and Parts$75.00 taken with both melodic and harmonic elements
04002769 Score Only$10.00 of the original. Breathtaking! Dur: 1:40
Recorded by the University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble Craig Kirchhoff, conductor
04002786 Score and Parts$60.00
04002787 Score Only$7.50

Grade 5

Southern Hymn
Samuel R. Hazo
TRACK 19 Even though the themes used in this beautiful setting are original, it
is intended to be played in the style of a slow Southern folk hymn,
similar to Amazing Grace or Shenandoah. Filled with suspensions
and resolutions, as well as calm moments and powerfully emotional
Samuel R. Hazo
builds, this is a marvelous work for expanding your ensembles stylistic
Commissioned by the Indiana Bandmasters
and dynamic range. Dur: 4:25
Association for the 2008 All-State High School
04002790 Score and Parts$75.00
Honor Band, this stunning work from the pen of
04002791 Score Only$7.50
Samuel Hazo is a tour de force of Middle Eastern
Samuel R. Hazo
sounds for the contemporary wind band. From
delicate and sensual soloistic writing to full-blown
ensemble passages with rapid fire tutti rhythms and frenzied percussion,
here is a rewarding piece with drama and depth that will be the high
point of any concert or festival program. Period! Dur: 6:00 American Barndance
04002784 Score and Parts$125.00 Richard L. Saucedo
04002785 Score Only$15.00 Rhythmic and energetic, this lively work contains
Recorded live by the 2008 North Carolina 11-12 All-State Honor Band elements of an early American character but also
Samuel R. Hazo, conductor features a poignant, calmer section with a lighter
texture and interlaced lyric motifs. The piece builds
TRACK 20 to a dramatic peak with a powerful and majestic
Richard L. Saucedo
statement by the full ensemble. The final segment,
Walking into History however, becomes more and more frenzied with mixed meters and
(The Clinton 12) relentless percussion figures as it races to an exciting conclusion.
Richard L. Saucedo Filled with humor and creativity, this unique composition will easily
In August 1956, Clinton, Tennessee was the the site of one of the most find a place in your contest or festival repertoire. Dur: 3:35
significant events of the American Civil Rights movement as 12 cou- 04002794 Score and Parts$75.00
rageous teenagers walked into history becoming the first students to 04002795 Score Only$7.50
desegregate a state-supported high school in the south. Commissioned
by the East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association, Richard
Saucedo captures the mood of this monumental event along with its
sense of anger and frustration, but also with feelings of hope and deter-
mination as the nation struggles to defeat bigotry and fear. Dur: 5:45
04002879 Score and Parts$95.00
Full version recordings for many titles
04002880 Score Only$15.00
Complete database of titles
Writer bios and photos

Contest & Festival


Passages Grade 3-3 1/2

Michael Sweeney
The term passage can variously describe a passageway of travel, a
musical phrase, or perhaps the souls moving on from this world to the TRACK 28

next. In this work for band, dark and rich sonorities are contrasted with
a lilting, Celtic-flavored melody as it alternates with striking passages Washington Post
from the brass. Later, an alto sax soloist adds a haunting quality to the March
mood followed by a return of the ethnic drumming heard earlier. This John Philip Sousa/arr. Jay Bocook
unique and rewarding composition is beautifully paced and skillfully This lively 6/8 march from John Philip Sousa re-
orchestrated using every section of the band. Dur: 7:00 mains one of his best-known and most performed
04002871 Score and Parts$85.00 marches. While keeping the essence of the original
04002872 Score Only$10.00 intact, Jay Bocook does a masterful job of adjust-
ing the instrumentation and ranges to be playable
by just about any young band. An American classic thats perfect for
any program! Dur: 2:30 (Grade 3)
Suite for Winds 04002891 Score and Parts$60.00
and Percussion 04002892 Score Only$7.50
Johnnie Vinson
Commissioned by Prattville (Alabama) High TRACK 29

School, this work in three movements pays

tribute to that citys founder, Daniel Pratt, who Chorus Angelorum
was one of the leading industrialists of the early Samuel R. Hazo
Johnnie Vinson
1800s. Including movements entitled Fanfare This poignant and moving work musically tells the tale of a chorus of
for a New Era, Ode: The Southern Landscape, and Perpetual angels (chorus angelorum) as they accompany two souls to the next
Motion: Machines, composer Johnnie Vinson uses creative scoring world. Composed as a memorial piece, the music evolves from the initial
and intriguing sounds to recreate this period of American history in angels song, their journey to heaven, and their return to comfort those
an impressive work for band. Dur: 7:30 who mourn. The voice parts (performed on a synthesizer or by real voices)
04002869 Score and Parts$85.00 add an ethereal quality to this wonderful work. Dur: 6:25 (Grade 3)
04002870 Score Only$10.00 04002792 Score and Parts$65.00
04002793 Score Only$7.50
Recorded by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Wind Ensemble
Jack Stamp, conductor Samuel R. Hazo, guest conductor

Airs of the Court (from Ancient

Airs and Dances, Suite No. 3) TRACK 30

Ottorino Respighi/arr. Robert Longfield

From his famous Ancient Airs and Dances, 20th-century composer Theme and Tirade
Ottorino Respighi used distinctive melodies from Renaissance composer Richard L. Saucedo
Jean-Baptiste Besard in this second movement of the third suite. This The opening of this unique work features a gentle and serene theme
marvelous adaptation for band retains the authenticity of the original in traded between clarinet, oboe and trumpet soloists played over a
an attractive yet very playable and unique setting. Dur: 6:00 lush harmonic background. The mood shifts abruptly, however, as
04002887 Score and Parts$75.00 the tirade begins! A predominant timpani pattern helps propel
04002888 Score Only$7.50 this section through a series of angular passages, driving rhythmic
figures, a jazz-tinged clarinet solo, and ultimately blossoming into a
triumphant and glorious conclusion. Dur: 3:30 (Grade 3)
04002861 Score and Parts$65.00
04002862 Score Only$7.50
Hes Gone Away
Rick Kirby
One of the most distinctive characteristics of this traditional
Appalachian folk song is the jazz-like use of occasional blue notes
in the melody and harmony. This setting effectively explores the
many instrumental colors and textures of the modern concert band,
yet it maintains the simplicity and beauty of the original melody.
Full version recordings for many titles
Dur: 3:40
04002788 Score and Parts$75.00 Complete database of titles
04002789 Score Only$7.50 Writer bios and photos


Grade 2 1/2 Meeting at Tryon Palace

Richard L. Saucedo
Described by the composer as bombastic, but with a groove this work
TRACK 31 for young players opens with striking percussion statements. The band
enters gradually, first with unison figures along with the percussion, and
then additional layers. A contrasting slow section with flowing lines and
minor harmonies sets the stage for the dramatic final section. A great
Richard L. Saucedo
way to showcase your percussion section. Dur: 4:10
Written entirely in one tempo, but with the meter alternating between
04002867 Score and Parts$50.00
4/4 and 6/8 throughout, Richard Saucedo creates an ingenious effect
04002868 Score Only$7.50
of pulsating motion along with layers of textures and sounds. Starting
with a soloistic dialogue between flute and clarinet the work progresses
to thicker sonorities and percussive effects including clapping and TRACK 35
shouting. Definitely an enjoyable work that is off the beaten path!
Dur: 2:35
On the Edge of Tomorrow
04002865 Score and Parts$55.00
Michael Sweeney
04002866 Score Only$7.50
Written for a middle school band in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the composer
states that although commissioned prior to the catastrophic flood of
2008 that affected so many people including students and teachers,
the work took on new meaning as a way to cope with disaster and
have faith in a better tomorrow. Displaying a range of emotions from
River of Hope anger to reflection to hope, this is a magnificently powerful overture for
Michael Sweeney young players. Dur: 4:45
The centerpiece of this work for band is the 04002877 Score and Parts$50.00
memorable Appalachian folk hymn Down to the 04002878 Score Only$7.50
River to Pray, which was featured in the 2000
film O Brother, Where Art Thou? Interspersed with
this melody is a faster original theme that provides
Michael Sweeney
a complementary yet contrasting tone to the
emotional statements of the folk hymn. Richly scored and flowingly Quinque (Dance for Band)
beautiful. Dur: 4:25 Johnnie Vinson
04002863 Score and Parts$55.00 Quinque (the Latin word for five) is a great way to introduce the
04002864 Score Only$7.50 5/4 meter to your young players. Consistently using a 3+2 rhythmic
grouping throughout, the melodies and accompaniment figures are
easy to learn. This piece features an appealing dance-like quality, lots

Grade 2
of variety in scoring, plus tutti ensemble patterns with short feature
spots for percussion. Dur: 2:35
04002885 Score and Parts$50.00
04002886 Score Only$5.00


New Forest March
Johnnie Vinson
Nessun Dorma (from Turandot)
Here is a terrific march for young players written
Giacomo Puccini/arr. Johnnie Vinson
in the traditional British style. The opening strains
There may not be a more beautiful melody in all of classic literature
are folk-like in nature with underlying modal
than this masterpiece by Puccini. This wonderful adaptation for young
harmonies, while the stately trio is reminiscent of
players gives all sections of the band a chance to play the melody at
the processional style of Elgar and other British
some point. What better way to teach a lyric style of playing than
composers. The New Forest refers to a region in
with this well-paced and rich-sounding arrangement. Dur: 2:30
southern England established as a royal hunting preserve by William
04002889 Score and Parts$50.00
the Conqueror around the year 1079, which has remained largely
04002890 Score Only$5.00
unchanged since ancient times. Dur: 2:10
04002875 Score and Parts$50.00
04002876 Score Only$5.00

Music for the holidays

A Canadian Brass
Grade 4-5 Christmas Suite
Grade 3
arr. Calvin Custer
(Includes: Carol of the Bells; Good King Wenceslas;
Jingle Bells; Lo, How a Rose Eer Blooming; O
A Fireside Christmas Baby, Its Cold Outside
Come, All Ye Faithful; Silent Night)
arr. Sammy Nestico 04050318/$60.00 arr. John Moss
(Includes: The Christmas Song Chestnuts 04001157/$50.00
Roasting on an Open Fire; Frosty the Snow Mannheim Carol of the Night
Man; Ill Be Home for Christmas; Rudolph the Steamroller (Based on Silent Night)
Red-Nosed Reindeer; Winter Wonderland) arr. Richard L. Saucedo
04001533/$60.00 Auld Lang Syne 04000922/$55.00
Good Swing arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield Christmas
Wenceslas 04002341/$50.00 on a Snowy
arr. Sammy Nestico Away in a Manger Night
04002440/$60.00 arr. Robert Longfield arr. John Moss
04002135/$50.00 (Includes: Let It Snow! Let
It Snow! Let It Snow!; Silent
Celebration Night; Ill Be Home for
arr. Chip Davis/ Christmas)
adpt. Robert Longfield 04000946/$60.00
A Home Alone Selections from
Christmas the Nightmare
arr. Paul Lavender Before Christmas
(Includes: Christmas Star; Merry Christmas, arr. Michael Brown
Merry Christmas; My Christmas Tree; Plaza 04001161/$60.00
Hotel; Setting the Trap; Somewhere in My Ode to Greensleeves
Memory) Faeries (from
arr. Richard Saucedo
04002353/$80.00 The Nutcracker)
arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield
The Most Wonderful
04002279/$50.00 Russian
Time of the Year Christmas Music
arr. John Moss Fanfare and Hark!
Reed/arr. James Curnow
04001553/$55.00 The Herald Angels Sing
arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield
The Nutcracker
04002454/$60.00 Somewhere
arr. James Curnow in My Memory
(Includes: Arabian Dance [Coffee]; Chinese A Fresh Aire Christmas (from Home Alone)
Dance [Tea]; Dance of the Reed-Flutes; arr. Calvin Custer John Williams/arr. John Moss
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy; March from (Includes: Deck the Hall; God Rest Ye Merry, 04000996/$50.00
The Nutcracker; Overture; Russian Dance Gentlemen; Good King Wenceslas; Lo, How a
Sounds of the Season
[Trepak]; Waltz of the Flowers) Rose Eer Blooming; Stille Nacht)
08721344/$60.00 arr. John Moss
23714010/$70.00 (Includes: The Most Wonderful Time of the
Overture to Miracle Fum, Fum, Fum Year; Silver Bells; Somewhere in My Memory)
on 34th Street arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield 04000598/$60.00
arr. Johnnie Vinson 04002343/$60.00
This Christmas
04002444/$60.00 God Rest Ye arr. Ted Ricketts
Symphonic Prelude on Merry Gentlemen
Adeste Fidelis arr. Robert Longfield
arr. Claude T. Smith 04001576/$55.00 Ukrainian Bell Carol
21519050/$60.00 arr. Richard L. Saucedo
Good King Wenceslas
arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield
White Christmas
Grade 3-4 04002587/$60.00
arr. John Edmondson
arr. Robert Longfield
04002133/$60.00 White Christmas
Canadian Brass (Vocal Solo or Alto Sax Solo
Concert Band Works Pat-A-Pan with Band)
arr. Chip Davis/adpt. Robert Longfield arr. John Moss
A Canadian
04002589/$60.00 04000702/$55.00
Brass Stille Nacht Winter Holiday
Christmas arr. Robert Longfield arr. James Swearingen
arr. Howard Cable 04053882/$40.00 (Includes: Frosty the Snow Man; Let It Snow!
(Includes: Ding Dong! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!; Winter Wonderland)
Merrily on High; Here We 04001014/$60.00
Come A-Wassailing; Huron
Carol; I Saw Three Ships)

Noel Carol of the Drum
Grade 2 arr. Richard L. Saucedo arr. Paul Lavender
08725106/$40.00 24803020/$35.00
Nutcracker Suite Christmas Time Is Here
A Celtic Christmas arr. Paul Lavender arr. Michael Sweeney
arr. Richard Saucedo (Includes: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy; 08724936/$35.00
(Includes: Deck the Hall; Love Came Down at Elves Dance; Trepak; Waltz of the Flowers) Feliz Navidad
Christmas; Wexford Carol) 26014010/$45.00 arr. Paul Lavender
04001759/$50.00 Over the River 00860908/$35.00
The arr. John Moss Frosty the Snow Man
Chipmunk 08725134/$40.00
arr. John Edmondson
arr. Ted Ricketts The Polar Express 04282285/$35.00
08724944/$40.00 Silvestri/Ballard/arr. Paul Lavender Grandma Got Run
(Includes: Believe; The Polar Express; When Over by a Reindeer
Christmas Comes to Town; Spirit of the Sea- arr. Eric Osterling
son) 08724444/$35.00
A Renaissance arr. Michael Sweeney
at the Movies 00860966/$35.00
arr. John Moss arr. Johnnie Vinson
(Includes: Carol of the Birds; Veni Emmanuel; Here Comes Santa Claus
(Includes: The Polar Express, Somewhere in My arr. Johnnie Vinson
Memory, The Nightmare Before Christmas) In Dulci Jubilo)
08724884/$50.00 08724956/$35.00
A Rockin Christmas Instant Christmas
The Christmas Song Concert
(Chestnuts Roasting arr. Paul Murtha
on an Open Fire) (Includes: Jingle-Bell Rock; Rockin Around arr. Eric Osterling
arr. Michael Sweeney the Christmas Tree) 22625097/$35.00
08721356/$40.00 08724650/$40.00 Jingle Bells

Christmas Time Rudolph the

arr. John Higgins
with Charlie Brown Red-Nosed Reindeer 00860510/$35.00
arr. John Moss (Low Brass Section Feature) Jolly Old St. Nicholas
(Includes: Linus and Lucy; Christmas Time Is arr. John Moss arr. Michael Sweeney
Here; O Tannenbaum) 08724736/$40.00 00860518/$30.00
08724802/$50.00 A Shepherds Carol Pachelbels Christmas
Do You Hear What I Hear arr. John Moss arr. Larry Moore
arr. Michael Sweeney 08725136/$40.00 08725064/$35.00
04001658/$35.00 Silver Bells The Polar Express
Feliz Navidad arr. Johnnie Vinson Silvestri/Ballard/arr. Johnnie Vinson
arr. Michael Brown 08725182/$40.00 08725052/$35.00
08724942/$40.00 Stille, Stille, Stille Rudolph the
Hanukkah Holiday arr. James Curnow Red-Nosed Reindeer
arr. David Marshall 26423047/50.00 arr. Paul Lavender
(Includes: Maoz Tsur; O Hanukkah; Zum Gali A Swingin Christmas 00861314/$35.00
Gali) arr. Johnnie Vinson Silver Bells
04001523/$40.00 (Includes: Deck the Hall; Jingle Bells; White arr. Paul Lavender
Hark! The Herald Tubas Christmas) 00861320/$35.00
SIng 08725012/$50.00
arr. Michael Sweeney White Christmas in My Memory
08725198/$40.00 (Flex-Band) (from Home Alone)
Holiday Funny Favorites Irving Berlin/arr. Michael Sweeney John Williams/arr. Paul Lavender
arr. Paul Murtha 04002497/$40.00 08725066/$35.00
(Includes: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christ- Two French Carols
mas; Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer;
Nuttin for Christmas; Jingle Bells) Grade 1-11/2 arr. John Moss
Up on the Housetop
A Holiday Swing-Along arr. Michael Sweeney
African Noel
arr. Paul Murtha 00860522/$30.00
arr. Johnnie Vinson
(Includes: Frosty the Snow Man; Jingle Bells;
08724738/$35.00 White Christmas
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!)
Ancient Carol arr. John Higgins
arr. Paul Jennings 00861331/$35.00
Its Beginning to
Look like Christmas
arr. John Moss Auld Lang Syne
08724938/$40.00 arr. Michael Sweeney
Concert band recordings

The Music of Jay Bocook The Music of

Includes: At Dawn They Slept (December 7, 1941), Richard L. Saucedo, Vol. 3
Farandole (from LArlesienne), As All the Heavens Were Includes: Full Tilt, Georgian Court Fanfare, Symphony
a Bell, Russian Easter Overture, The North Face, Dies No. 1 Mvt. 1, Symphony No. 1 Mvt. 2, Rhythm
Irae, Into the Light, Fanfare and Hymn of Brotherhood, Danse, Song of the Gandy Dancers, Brick Street Encounter,
Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) and Ascensions. Forever Holding Close the Memories, Into the Clouds!, Ode
04002071 CD$14.95 to Greensleeves, Asian Folk Rhapsody, and Temecula Valley Fanfare.
04002766 CD$14.95

The Music of John Higgins

Includes: Black Wolf Run, Celtic Ritual, Habitat, The Music of
Millennium: A Reflection, Overture on a Shaker Tune, Michael Sweeney, Vol. 1
Pueblo, Regenesis, Serengeti, South African Suite and Includes: Lament and Tribal Dances, High Water Mark:
White River Canyon. The Third Day, Pegasus (Wings of Majesty), On the Wings
04002175 CD$14.95 of Swallows, Legends in the Mist, Knights of Destiny,
Pantheon, Beyond the Seven Hills, The Forge of Vulcan
and Black Forest Overture.
04002073 CD$14.95
The Music of John Moss
Includes: Fanfare and Evocation, Grand Ledge Overture,
Ritual and Celebration, Symphonic Celebration, Highland
Legend, Marching Song, Russian Folk Song Suite, British The Music of
Masters Suite, Rhapsody of the Sea and Gaelic Dances. Michael Sweeney, Vol. 2
04002072 CD$14.95 Includes: Wilderness Scenes, River of the Ancients,
Kinesis, Dialogues (for Winds and Percussion), Out of the
Shadows, Pictures at an Exhibition, Distant Thunder of
the Sacred Forest, Down by the Salley Gardens, Fires of
The Music of Mazama, Ancient Voices and Imperium.
Eric Osterling 04002368 CD$14.95
Includes: Le Sabre, March for a Festive Occasion, Tidewater,
Mustang, Grand Island Parade, The Showstopper, Colonel
Bogey March, Harmonious Blacksmith, Dorchester (Concert
March), Dixieland Ramble, Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, The Music of
Gateway March, Sunliner, Chester and Bluesville. Michael Sweeney, Vol. 3
04002367 CD$14.95 Includes: Quad City Stomp, Half Moon on the Hudson,
Rumble on the High Plains, Southern Folk Rhapsody,
Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist, Crossings in
Time, Silverbrook, Themes from First Suite in E-flat,
The Music of Troy!, Ye Banks and Braes O Bonnie Doon, Celtic Air and Dance, and Celtic
Richard L. Saucedo, Vol. 1 Air and Dance No. 2.
Includes: Windsprints, Snow Caps, Persistence, 04002765 CD$14.95
Awakening Hills, Flight of the Thunderbird, Triumphant
Fanfare, Fantasy on an Irish Air, Rendezvous with the
Other Side, Spirit of the Falcon and Nightsong.
04002276 CD$14.95 The Music of
Johnnie Vinson, Vol. 1
Includes: And Hold in Memory..., Carnival of Venice,
Variants on a Shaped Note Tune, St. Petersburg March,
The Music of Ballad and Dance, Mars, Three Czech Folk Songs, A
Richard L. Saucedo, Vol. 2 Renaissance Christmas, Songs of Africa, Two Scottish
Includes: Song and Dance, Hymn for the Cream and Dances, Simple Gifts and The Star Spangled Banner.
Crimson, To This Heartbeat There Is No End, Dreamsong, 04002604 CD$14.95
Whirlwind(s), Fantasy on a Theme by Samuel Barber,
With Each Sunset (Comes the Promise of a New Day),
Antares, Fanfare for the Third Planet, Dashing Through the Snow, A Celtic
Christmas and Music from Carmen.
04002460 CD$14.95

Also Available from Hal Leonard


THE G. SCHIRMER Recorded by Todd Levy, Principal Clarinet of the
INSTRUMENTAL Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Santa Fe Opera.

LIBRARY Easy to Intermediate Level

50486135 Book/CD Pack $19.95
A New Series of Collections Intermediate Level
for Various Instruments 50486143 Book/CD Pack $19.95
This series presents literature for flute, clarinet and horn, organized Intermediate to Advanced Level
by difficulty level, with historical information about each piece. These 50486151 Book/CD Pack $19.95
collections are packaged with beautiful companion recordings of all the
pieces, as well as recorded piano accompaniments. The compilations are The Horn Collection
designed for high school and college players, with particular attention Recorded by Bernhard Scully, principal horn of the
paid to various state contest repertory lists. Master composers are well- Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and pianist
represented, as is standard literature for each instrument. Vincent Fuh
Easy to Intermediate Level
THE FLUTE 50486136 Book/CD Pack  $19.99
Recorded by Caen Thomason-Redus, Intermediate Level
Assistant Professor of Flute at the University of 50486144 Book/CD Pack  $19.99
Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Intermediate to Advanced Level
Easy to Intermediate Level 50486152 Book/CD Pack  $19.99
50486134 Book/CD Pack $19.95
Intermediate Level Please visit for complete contents lists, sample
50486142 Book/CD Pack $19.95 book pages, and selected audio files of recorded selections.
Intermediate to Advanced Level
50486150 Book/CD Pack $19.95

Rubank Publications

High quality studio recordings Professional soloists with piano accompaniments
Each title includes 2 tracks: a) full performance b) piano accompaniment only
Tempo Adjustment Software included (for computer)


C Flute Tenor Saxophone Bb Cornet/Trumpet

04471610 Solo Book..............................$4.95 04471710 Solo Book .............................$4.95 04471730 Solo Book .............................$4.95
04002499 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95 04002515 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95 04471740 Accompaniment CD .............$6.95
04471620 Piano Accompaniment ..........$6.95 04471720 Piano Accompaniment...........$6.95 Baritone B.C.
Bb Clarinet French Horn 04471750 Solo Book..............................$4.95
04471630 Solo Book .............................$4.95 04471770 Solo Book .............................$4.95 04002585 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95
04002512 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95 04002519 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95 04471740 Piano Accompaniment...........$6.95
04471640 Piano Accompaniment...........$6.95 04471780 Piano Accompaniment ..........$6.95 Baritone T.C.
Alto Saxophone Trombone 04471730 Solo Book..............................$4.95
04471690 Solo Book .............................$4.95 04471790 Solo Book..............................$4.95 04002585 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95
04002513 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95 04002521 Accompaniment CD .............$9.95 04471740 Piano Accompaniment...........$6.95
04471700 Piano Accompaniment ..........$6.95 04471800 Piano Accompaniment...........$6.95

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Director Resources

Meredith Music Cirones Pocket  NEW

Dictionary of Foreign
Teaching Music  NEW Musical Terms
with Promise compiled and edited by Anthony J. Cirone
by Peter Loel Boonshaft This handy guide features: more than 4,000 foreign
Written by one of todays most prolific author/educators, musical terms; terms in Italian, French and German;
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Secrets of Success from the Best of This book is a unique resource for both novice and ex-
the Best perienced band directors, gathering effective teaching
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Have you ever wanted to know the secrets to success of chapters on: curriculum, then and now of North American wind bands,
todays top marching bands and drumlines and how they the anatomy of music making, motivation, program organization and ad-
achieve excellence? This extraordinary study takes you ministrative leadership, and much more.
onto the practice field, inside the meeting room, and into A wonderful resource for all music educators! Dr. Jagows book is compre-
the stadium including the Five Factors Influencing Excellence valuable hensive and impressive in scope. An excellent book! Bravo! Frank L. Bat-
to any high school or college band program. The leaders of eight outstanding tisti, Conductor Emeritus, New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble
organizations reveal their goals for success including: expectations, values, 00317167 Book Only$34.95
leadership styles, motivational techniques, practice habits, and recruiting 00317177 DVD-ROM$14.95
strategies. A must-read for band directors, percussion educators, students
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00317189 $19.95 Conducting
with Feeling
by Frederick Harris, Jr.
Majoring in Music NEW A thought provoking collection of ideas by todays lead-
All the Stuff You ing conductors on how a conductor develops feelings for
Need to Know a piece of music and communicates those feelings to an
by Rich Holly ensemble.
Highlights the major components for survival and 00317121 $19.95
success during the formative years in a college, university
or conservatory and provides examples and strategies to
greatly assist the student musician. With no-nonsense An Understandable
advice and practical tips, this guide will prepare music students (and Approach to Musical
their parents!) to meet the many challenges, and take advantage of the Expression
opportunities afforded them during the glorious college years. by Kenneth Laudermilch
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Performance-Study  NEW presents 22 musical concepts that remove the mystery
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Works for Band 00317119 $12.95
edited by Kenneth L. Neidig
A truly outstanding collection of timeless essays on
basic repertory for band by Frank L. Battisti, John
Bourgeois, Frank Erickson, Robert Garofalo, Donald
Hunsberger, Francis McBeth, Kenneth L. Neidig, Ste-
phen L. Rhodes, Mark Scatterday, Thomas J. Trimborn and John Zdechlik.
These clear and to-the-point analysis/interpretations are based on careful
research, rehearsals, and years of high-level performances. In this informa-
tive work, you will find inspiration for a truly superior presentation of these
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The Music The Brass

Directors Players Cookbook
Cookbook Creative Recipes for
Recipes for a a Successful Performance

Successful Program by Various Authors

A stimulating collection of unique concepts A stimulating collection of unique concepts on
on teaching and conducting by 57 of todays becoming a successful performer by 57 of todays
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The Woodwind The Drum and

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The Perfect Hal Leonard 

Wrong Note Recording Method
Learning to Trust Complete Series
Your Musical Self
by Bill Gibson
by William Westney The Hal Leonard Recording Method is now available
Amadeus Press as a complete six-book/six-DVD set! This is the first-
In this groundbreaking book, prize-winning pianist and ever professional multi-media recording method to
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making music. Drawing on experience, psychological insight, and wisdom of the entire recording process, addressing both classic equipment and the
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the acclaimed Un-Master Class workshop also explores the special potential
Book One: Microphones & Mixers
of group work, outlining the basics of his revelatory workshop that has
transformed the music experience for participants the world over. 00331773 Book/DVD Pack$39.95
00331733 $17.95 Book Two: Instrument
& Vocal Recording
00331774 Book/DVD Pack$39.95
Technology Guide Book Three: Recording
for Music Educators Software & Plug-Ins

edited by Scott Watson 00331775 Book/DVD Pack$39.95

ArtistPro Book Four: Sequencing
For years, music educators have been asking the Samples & Loops

Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) for 00331776 Book/DVD Pack$39.95
a resource on software and technology products that Book Five: Engineering
would help them accomplish their curricular goals. & Producing
This resource guide provides a comprehensive and compact package, clearly 00331777 Book/DVD Pack$39.95
organized into the following six core technology areas that music educators Book Six: Mixing & Mastering
need to be competent in as they teach music in the 21st century: electronic 00331778 Book/DVD Pack$39.95
musical instruments music production music notation software
technology-assisted learning multimedia productivity tools, classroom
and lab management.
00331712 $19.99

Sibelius 6 
Finale 2010 Sibelius is the fastest, smartest, easiest way
The best tools are designed by the people who use to write music. Write, playback, scan, print
them. Introducing Finale 2010 the world standard and even publish your scores online. Sibelius
in music notation software. Compose, arrange, notate, is designed for every kind of musician, from
and print engraver quality sheet music that plays back professional composers to students. So what-
with world-class sounds. Finale continues to lead the ever you write music for, or whatever level you
way, helping you reach perfection faster. are, Sibelius will exceed your expectations.
00631516 Single Professional Edition$600.00 00631519 Single Professional Edition$599.00
00631517 Single Academic Edition$350.00 00631520 Single Academic Edition$329.00
00631518 5-Pack Hybrid$850.00 00631521 5-User Lab Pack$899.00

Also available: Also available:

Finale 2007 Allegro Sibelius 6 + Photoscore Bundles
00631379 Single-License Edition$199.00 00631522 Professional Ed/Photoscore$798.00
00631383 5-User Lab Pack$375.00 00631523 Academic Ed/Photoscore$528.00
Finale PrintMusic 2009 00631524 5-User Pack/Photoscore$999.99
00631473 Single-License Edition$99.95 00631417 PhotoScore Only$249.00
00631474 5-User Pack$250.00 Sibelius Concert & Marching Band
Finale 2007 Songwriter Package
00631380 Single-License Edition$49.95 00631438 Academic Package$699.00
Sibelius Orchestra Package
00631435 Academic Package$478.00

Play-Along packs From

New! Tons of Tunes 

for the Holidays
Classic Praise 32 Fun-to-Play
arr. James Curnow/Timothy Johnson Familiar Melodies
Before the current praise and worship music burst arranged by Amy Adam and Mike Hannickel
onto the scene, there were many time-tested hymns of This collection of the easiest holiday melodies allows
praise. This collection of ten of those hymns arranged your beginning students to have fun playing their
in contemporary settings is designed to be a valuable favorite seasonal music! Includes 32 favorite holiday
addition to any worship setting. Includes: Fairest Lord tunes: Angels We Have Heard on High Auld Lang
Jesus Holy, Holy, Holy All Glory, Laud and Honor Syne The Dreydl Song Jolly Old St. Nicholas Overture from The
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name When Morning Guilds the Skies Nutcracker We Wish You a Merry Christmas and more. $12.95 each
and more. $12.99 each 44004388 Flute/Oboe 44004393 F Horn
44007699 Flute 44007705 F Horn 44004389 Clarinet 44004394Bassoon/Trombone/
44007700 Oboe 44007706 E Flat Horn 44004390 Alto Sax Euphonium
44007701 B Flat Clarinet 44007707Trombone/Euphonium/ 44004391Soprano/Tenor Sax 44004395 Tuba
44007702 Alto Sax Bassoon 44004392 Trumpet 44004396Piano Accomp.
44007703 Tenor Sax 44007708Piano Accomp. (No CD $9.95)
44007704 Trumpet (No CD $9.99)
Tons of Tunes
Fiesta for Church
Mexican and South arr. Mike Hannickel and Amy Adam
American Favorites A collection of 32 fun-to-play familiar melodies
arr. James Curnow arranged in easy keys for the beginning instrumentalist.
With a style that is uniquely their own, Mexico and Titles include: Abide with Me Now Thank We All
other Latin-American countries have a rich heritage of Our God Swing Low Sweet Chariot Onward
folk music. This collection of 8 folk songs allows grade Christian Soldiers and many more. $12.95 each
2-3 soloists to play along with an authentic ensemble 44002290 Flute/Oboe/Violin 44002302 F Horn
(on CD) or with an accompanist. Includes: Chiapanecas Morning Song 44002291 Bb Clarinet 44002307Bassoon/Trombone/
(Las Maanitas) Cielito Lindo (My Pretty Darling) La Piata Riqui 44002293 Eb Alto Sax Euphonium
Ran and more. $12.99 each 44002294Bb Soprano/ 44002309 Tuba
44007636 Flute 44007641 F Horn Bb Tenor Sax 44002310Piano Accomp.
44007637 Clarinet 44007642 E Flat Horn 44002297 Bb Trumpet (No CD $9.95)
44007638 Alto Sax 44007643Trombone/Euphonium/
44007639 Tenor Sax Bassoon
44007640Trumpet/ 44007644Piano Accomp. Get Ready for
Baritone T.C. (No CD $9.99) Recitals and Contests!

First Recital Series

Solos for Beginning Through
Great Books for
Beginning Instrumentalists Early Intermediate Level Musicians
 arefully graded solos from very easy up to early
Tons of Tunes  intermediate levels with a professionally recorded
for the Beginner demonstration/accompaniment CD. Features original
32 Fun-to-Play compositions by many of todays finest composers as
Familiar Melodies well as arrangements for great classic melodies for a
arr. Mike Hannickel and Amy Adam total of 12 outstanding solos. $12.95 each
In this collection, many of the easiest of familiar songs 44004356 Flute 44004361 F Horn
are gathered together so that young musicians can play 44004357 Oboe 44004403 Trombone
to familiar music! 32 songs, including: Bingo Ive 44004358 Bb Clarinet 44001613 Snare Drum
Been Working on the Railroad Ode to Joy Take Me 44004359 Eb Alto Saxophone 44001615 Timpani
Out to the Ball Game Yankee Doodle and more. $12.95 each 44004360 Bb Trumpet 44001610 Tuba
44004378 Flute/Oboe/Violin 44004384 F Horn
44004379 Bb Clarinet 44004385Bassoon/Trombone/ Concert Solos for 
44004381 Eb Alto Sax Euphonium the Young Player
44004382Bb Soprano/ 44004386 Tuba
Bb Tenor Sax
Book/CD Packs
44004387Piano Accomp.
Curnow Music
44004383 Trumpet (No CD $9.95)
12 outstanding solos in a wide variety of musical styles,
carefully graded from very easy to early intermediate
levels. Includes a professionally recorded demonstration/
accompaniment CD. Great for concerts, contests,
church or home enjoyment! $15.95 each
44003250 Flute 44003254 Eb Alto Saxophone
44003251 Oboe 44003259 Bb Trumpet
44003253 Bb Clarinet
Keep Them Practicing with Best-Selling
Play-Alongs from Hal Leonard

God Bless America

and Other Patriotic
Solo arrangements with CD accompaniment for 13
tunes from the hit video game played in basements
These grand collections for solo instrumentalists feature
and living rooms across the nation. Songs: Black
Irving Berlins national treasure God Bless America
Hole Sun Dont Fear the Reaper Green Grass and
and 27 more American classics: America, the Beautiful
High Tides Learn to Fly Long Time Mississippi
NEW Battle Hymn of the Republic Hail to the Chief
Queen Paranoid Say It Aint So Should I Stay or
My Country, Tis of Thee (America) Over There
Should I Go Suffragette City Train Kept A-Rollin
The Star Spangled Banner Stars and Stripes Forever Yankee Doodle Boy
Wanted Dead or Alive Wont Get Fooled Again. $12.99 each
Youre a Grand Old Flag and more. $9.95 each
00842386 Flute 00842390 Trumpet
00842387 Clarinet 00842391 Horn 00841647 Flute 00841651 Trumpet
00842388 Alto Sax 00842392 Trombone 00841648 Clarinet 00841652 Horn
00842389 Tenor Sax 00841649 Alto Sax 00841653 Trombone
00841650 Tenor Sax

Disney Greats Wicked

Another great play-along collection of 15 Disney 13 songs from the Broadway sensation arranged for
favorites, including: Arabian Nights A Change in Me solo instrumentalists with a great accompaniment CD.
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Im Still Here (Jims Songs include: As Long As Youre Mine Dancing
Theme) Its a Small World Look Through My Eyes Through Life Defying Gravity For Good Im Not
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Where the Dream That Girl Popular The Wizard and I and more.
Takes You Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me) and more. NEW $11.95 each
$12.95 each
00841934 Flute 00841938 Trumpet 00842236 Flute 00842240 Trumpet
00841935 Clarinet 00841939 Horn 00842237 Clarinet 00842241 Horn
00841936 Alto Sax 00841940 Trombone 00842238 Alto Saxophone 00842242 Trombone
00841937 Tenor Sax 00842239 Tenor Saxophone

Disney Solos Broadways Best

Features 12 Disney favorites with a great CD that lets 15 Broadway favorites arranged for the instrumentalist,
you play along with a full band! Songs include: Be Our including: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Any
Guest Can You Feel the Love Tonight Colors of the Dream Will Do Castle on a Cloud I Whistle a Happy
Wind Friend like Me Part of Your World Under Tune My Favorite Things Where Is Love? and more.
the Sea Youll Be in My Heart Youve Got a Friend $10.95 each
in Me Zero to Hero and more. $12.95 each

00841404 Flute 00841408 Trombone/Baritone 00841974 Flute 00841978 Trumpet

00841405 Clarinet/Tenor Sax 00841409 Trumpet 00841975 Clarinet 00841979 Horn
00841406 Alto Sax 00841553 Mallet Percussion 00841976 Alto Sax 00841980 Trombone
00841407 F Horn 00841977 Tenor Sax

Pirates of  Christmas 
the Caribbean Favorites
16 pieces from this swashbuckling blockbuster Includes 15 holiday favorites with a play-along CD:
arranged so solo instrumentalists can play along Blue Christmas The Christmas Song (Chestnuts
with great accompaniment tracks. Includes: The Roasting on an Open Fire) Do You Hear What I
Black Pearl Davy Jones Hes a Pirate Ive Hear Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa
Got My Eye on You Jack Sparrow To the Claus Lane) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Pirates Cave! Wheel of Fortune and more. Little Saint Nick Merry Christmas, Darling Santa
$12.95 each Claus Is Comin to Town Snowfall and more. $12.95 each
00842183 Flute 00842187 Trumpet 00841964 Flute 00841968 Trumpet
00842184 Clarinet 00842188 Horn 00841965 Clarinet 00841969 Horn
00842185 Alto Sax 00842189 Trombone 00841966 Alto Sax 00841970 Trombone
00842186 Tenor Sax 00841967 Tenor Sax