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"Reliability Debit weir to irrigate the irrigation area Manikin Manikin Kupang regency"

Melani Ariani Assa * Jakobis Johanis Meshach ** Daniel Lay Moy ***

Manikin weir is a source of water to the rice fields Manikin Irrigation Area. Water discharge at
the dam Manikin show variability from year to year so it can not irrigate an area covering 115
hectares of rice fields, especially in the dry season. This study aims to determine the major
mainstay in the discharge weir Tarus Manikin in river flows and irrigation needs to get a
prediction of cropping patterns and appropriate planting season, as well as the area of paddy
fields can be irrigated by utilizing the existing discharge capacity. The method used in this study
were divided into three phases: the first phase of analyzing the potential rainfall and climate,
including the great value of evaporation (ETo) by Penman method modification. The second
stage of analyzing discharge weir Manikin mainstay on using FJ. Mock and third stages of
analyzing the needs of irrigation water by using Standard Planning Irrigation KP-01 of 1986.
The results showed that, the maximum discharge mainstay amounted to 205.0 l / sec in February
and to discharge the mainstay minimum is at 2.0 lt / sec in December. The simulation is based on
discharge data mainstay and cropping patterns, then gained extensive irrigation area optimal
irrigated on Alternative III is the first planting season for rice crops, namely in January-April the
area of 191 ha in January, 256 Ha in February and 44 ha in March , the second cropping season
for crops that month from May to August with an area irrigated is 28 hectares in May, 8 Ha in
June and 5 ha in July, while the planting season third on crops that month from September to
December spacious the irrigated area is 2 ha in September, one in October and the Ha Ha on
November 1. In Irrigation Area Manikin should have to change the cropping pattern of Paddy be
Paddy Palawija-Bera so that does not cause shortages of water in plants.
Keywords: Irrigation, Reliability Debit, Irrigation Area, Manikin

** Supervisor I
*** Supervisor II