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Camp 1 Walkthrough
Do tell me if anything in this text seems wrong. Feel free to change or distribu
te it as you please.
Use/pick up = left click
Look = right click
Help window = F1-key

[Part I. "Icarus"]
Enter the door on the right.
Exit again.
Use the pallet jack to find that there is no key in it.
Talk to Adwa to get the key.
Put the key in the jack and use the jack to bring up the controls.
Press "forward" and the jack will drive off into the ship.
Enter the ship.
Use the jack and press the "forward" key. It should drive into the boxes on the
Operate the jack again and press "lift".
Look (i.e. right click) at the lifted stack of boxes to get the cargo form that
Korski was looking for.
Exit to the right.
Enter the tent on the right.
Give the form to Parker.
Use the desk to get a pen.
Combine the pen and the form, for Korski to sign it.
Give the form to Parker again, to get her signature.
Enter the ship. Chen is there and gives you her signature.
Exit to the right.
Give the form to Adwa, who will sign and take the form for filing.
Enter the ship again.
Enter the cockpit (walk down).
Use the left of the two computer screens. There is something wrong with the conn
ection however, so Korski can't take off.
Leave and enter Parker's tent (walk down, right, right)
Talk to Parker. She is confident that Korski can navigate without coordinates.

[Part II "The road to Nineveh"] - Inside the crashed ship
Click anywhere a couple of times to get Korski on his feet.
Pick up the headset that is hanging by the chair.
Pick up the metal pipe from the floor by the boxes.
Use the pipe three times on the locker to get it open.
Use the locker.
Use the suit inside the locker, to put it on.
Pick up the shiny thing that falls off the suit when Korski changes clothes. (it
lands in the middle of the floor)
Look at the hinge in the inventory and you will get a washer.
Use the washer to unscrew the red panels on each side of the door.
Use each panel to zoom in on them and turn the knobs in the correct angle.
[Optional for opening the door: If you look at the computer screen on the left o
f the door, you will zoom in on it. Click three times on any of the two
yellow arrows at the top of the screen to bring up the "door status" screen. Cli
ck the "individual bolt status" button in the middle of the screen. This will
open the "emergency bolts" screen, with four red squares around a big green rect
angle. The squares will turn green when a corresponding knob in the
door panel is set correctly. They are still visible when you zoom out from the s
Turn the knobs in the door panels so they point away from the door.
Pick up the component sticking out of the snow to the left of where Korski stops
Use the pipe on the left mound to dig a hole.
Pick up the antenna from the hole.
Combine the antenna with the component and the headset.
Enter the ship.
Look at the computer screen to the left of the door to zoom in on it.
Open the lid on the right of the screen.
Plug the antenna into the input socket (not the slots). The computer manages to
open a radio link.
Use the screen two times to send two mayday calls. Parker will answer the second
time. She will turn on a blinking light in the big mast near the camp, so Korsk
i will find his way back.
Leave the ship.
Walk to the far right to see the light from the mast.
Use it to start walking towards it.

[Part II] - Second half: The rig
Use the rig to enter it.
Open the hatch on the far left in the rig controls (mouse pointer displays "..."
) to reveal the gyro calibration control.
Push the buttons in the following order: [There are several ways to solve this p
uzzle, but all are pretty similar.]
*Lower. (lowers the magnet)
*Magnet. (will attach it to the frozen gear on the far side of the gorge)
*Turn crane. (turns to face left)
*Lift. (tilts the crane backwards, folding out the counterweight)
*Calibrate gyro. (resets the rig's gyro so the counterweight folds back in again
*Lower. (the counterweight should fold out again, since the gyro was recalibrate
*Turn crane. (facing right)
*Magnet. (releases the magnet)
Use the rig to leave it.
Use the counterweight (that folded out from the left side of the rig) to walk up
to it.
Use the pipe on the pin (bottom edge of the big counterweight).
Enter the rig.
Push the buttons in the following order:
*Turn rig. (facing left)
*Lower. (lowers magnet)
*Magnet. (attach the magnet)
*Turn rig. (facing right and pulls out counterweight)
*Turn rig. (facing left)
*Magnet. (releases the magnet)
*Turn rig. (facing right)
*Lower. (lowers the magnet)
*Magnet. (attach magnet)
*Calibrate gyro.
*Lift. (tilt rig)
*Lift. The rig tilts and falls over the edge.
Use the crane arm that broke off in the fall, to climb across the gorge.

[Part III "Riddles"] - Back at the camp
[A couple of notes: There are a few short documents on the computers in this cha
pter. It is recommended to read these to fully understand the plot of the game.
Some of the puzzles can be solved in different order than presented here.]

Enter the bottom tent.

Walk over to the right. Korski will find Parker. Use Parker to get her locker ke
Use the door. The airlock senses that Korski's filter is in need of replacing.
Use the workbench to zoom in on it.
[Clues to this puzzle can be found by looking at the note below Parker's desk an
d in her computer notes.]
The filter consists of a number of different parts and should be assembled as fo
Cap, Filter, membrane, Sensor, Filter, Membrane, Filter, Casing, Cap.
Click "Done" to assemble. (Korski will respond "I think I got it.")
Leave the tent. (the power goes out)
Enter the rightmost tent.
Use the key on the right locker.
Use the locker to get a manual.
Use the laundry (between the lockers and the bunks) to get a wire.
[Using Chen's bed (bottom one) will reveal a dirty magazine that she based her c
omputer login on.]
Use the door on the left.
Pick up the shower hose.
Use the exit door. (starts a cutscene)
Use the controls to the right of the door.
Click "Heating".
Move the slider to maximum hot.
Exit the controls. The heating unit should be spewing out black smoke.
Enter the controls again.
This time, move the the slider to maximum cold.
Exit the controls. The cold cracks the heated wall and rips a big hole in it.
Exit through the hole. A cutscene with Chen will play before you can leave.
Enter the leftmost tent.
Use the toolbox to open it.
Use it again to get metal sheers.
Use the washer to open the box on the right.
Use the hose (not the cable), lying on the floor to attach it to the box.
Look at the box.
Combine the metal sheers with the shower hose. Korski cuts it into three bits to
fit into the box machinery.
Use the cut hoses with the box.
Use the box to zoom in on it.
[At the bottom of the screen is a chart, showing nine different schemes. Use the
manual to see which one to use.]
Click the taps in the following order to connect them:
Top left.
Top right.
Middle right.
Bottom left.
Middle left.
Bottom right. (a green light will start blinking)
Use the manual with the display on the wall, between the generators, to restart
Use the metal sheers on the ice below the box by the mast, to break off a piece
of ice.
Pick up the ice.
Enter the rightmost tent.
Open the bathroom door.
Put the lump of ice in the toilet.
Exit the tent.
Walk behind the tent.
Open the left bin to find a radio. Exit.
Enter the bottom tent.
Use the tools on the wall above the workbench, twice, to get a screwdriver and a
pair of pliers.
Combine the screwdriver with the radio to get a battery and a component.
Look at the mask on the wall to the left of the workbench. Korski realizes what
the component is for.
Use the pliers with the mask to get rid of an old, fried circuit.
Put the circuit (former component) in the mask.
Use the pliers and the screwdriver with the tools above the workbench, to put th
em back.
Use the left computer.
[The username consists of name and tag number. Chen's number is attached to the
mail she sent to Parker, so it can be found on the other computer. In her person
al notes, Parker explains that Chen's password is her tag number plus the name o
f a magazine. This magazine can be found under her mattress in the dorm area.]
Type in username (not case sensitive but with a space): chen 1140108
Type in password: 1140108oilystallions
Click "Trash bin".
Click the mail from comrade Nayar (June 7), to read about what Chen has been doi
ng. (make sure to read the whole thing)
Exit the computer.
Use the mask on the wall to talk to Adwa.
Leave the tent.
Walk behind the rightmost tent.
Open the right bin.
Combine the pipe, the wire and the battery, to make an electro magnet.
Use it on the bin to find a key.
[The electro magnet will make Korski stop and pick up spark plugs in the snow.]
Enter the rightmost tent. Adwa will contact Korski over video link again.
Use fridge to get a fuse. (Korski will not take the fuse before this point.)
Leave the tent.
Use the new key on the box by the mast.
Use pliers on the box to scrape out an old, pulverized fuse.
Put the fuse from the inventory in the box. This will burn it.
Use the box to take the fuse.
Enter the bottom tent.
Use the fuse on the glass jar in the book shelf. Korski will repair it. Sort of.
Put the repaired fuse in the box by the mast. This will zoom in on the fuse box.

[Fuse box puzzle.]

Set the twelve switches in the following order:
(U = up, D = down, M = in between.)
Row 1: U D D D
Row 2: U D D M
Row 3: D M U D
(A red light indicates when a row is correctly set up. One for each row.)
Exit the fuse box and watch Adwa going off on a snow mobile.
Enter the leftmost tent.
Use the display between the generators.
Click "Output".
Click "Turn off" for tent 3 or 4.
Click "Turn on" for tent 2.
Exit and leave the tent.
Enter the garage behind the middle tent. (the tent with a locked front door)
[If you don't have all four spark plugs by now, here is where you find them (you
have to assemble the electro magnet first):
1. When leaving the garage.
2. Walking past the waste bins behind the rightmost tent.
3. Walking in front of the bottom spotlight, on the camp grounds.
4. Also on the camp grounds, walking between the top middle tent and the bottom
In the garage, use the snow mobile. It won't start, though.
Use it again to open the hood.
Use the spark plugs in the snow mobile. (this only works after collecting all fo
ur of them)
Close the hood.
Use the snow mobile to try and start it again. It still won't start.
Use the box with flex winders to open it.
Use it again and Korski will connect one of the cables to the snow mobile to kic
k start it.
Use the snow mobile once more to get it running.

[Part IV "Answers"] - Back at the crash site.
(If you didn't quite get the plot at this point, you can talk to Chen a few time
s and get some more clues.)
Use the lump in front of Korski to pick up a snowball. (there are several lumps
but only one that he can reach)
Use the pack box to open it.
Use the first aid kit in the right end of the pack box, to pull it out.
Use the kit again to get a flare gun.
[This part requires a bit of timing, although you can be pretty slow and still g
et it right. You may have to pick up another snowball, should it fail.]
Use the gun in the sky to shoot off a flare.
Use the snowball on Chen while she is still standing. This will blur her mask fo
r a short while.
Use the gun on Chen before she crouches again.
Chen will not be able to dodge this flare. She is hit through her mask and falls
to the ground.

I hope you enjoyed the game.