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Time expressions used with:

Present Simple: Present continuous Future simple

Every day Now Tomorrow

Every week At the moment Tonight
Every month At present Next week
Every year Nowadays Next month
Usually Today Next year
Sometimes Tonight In two days
Always Still In three weeks
Almost always Always In two years
Rarely In three months
In the morning The day after tomorrow
In the afternoon Past simple Soon
At night In a week
On Mondays In a month
On Tuesdays Yesterday Tomorrow morning
Never last night Tomorrow afternoon
Seldom last week Tomorrow evening
Almost never last month in an hour
Occasionally last year this week
Frequently last Tuesday this month
last summer this year
this weekend
Present perfect a / one minute ago
Already an / one hour ago
Yet a / one week ago
Just a / one week ago
How long a / one month ago
Ever a / one year ago
Recently last week
So far ago
Never then
Since just now
For when
At last in 1998
Lately the day before yesterday
two minutes ago
three hours ago
several days ago
a few weeks ago
a number of months ago
many years ago
on June 21st (if this date
was before now)
on June 21st, 2000
during 1995
in the 19th Century
last Christmas