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Starts at 3pm EVERY DAY

and Late Night 9pm to Cl

Food & Drink

from 9pm - Close
9 Food
Half Liter of Wine

PS 310 PS 805 PS 214 PS 818 PS 702 PS 213 PS 303 PS 972

choice of brown bag fries, poblano carrot slaw or red quinoa
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower 6
6 bleu cheese aioli, buffalo sauce The PS Burger 11
Mamas Little Yella Pils Munich, Germany. Unfiltered Wheat Beer with delicate notes of lto, pickle, american cheese, sriracha ketchup, mustard bbq
by Oskar Blues Brewery 5
banana and clove. 5.5% abv. Fiery Calamari 11
dusted with togarashi, ginger aioli Crispy Chicken Sandwich 14
Longmont, CO. Czech-style Pilsner that pours a clean golden hue All Day IPA shaved brussels kale slaw, tomato, sweet carrot habanero aioli,
with mild spicy-floral hops. 5.3% abv.
by Founders Brewing Co. 5 The Cutting Board 14 mustard bbq, brioche bun
Grand Rapids, MI. A balanced IPA with optimal chef selection of cured meats, artisan cheeses
aromatics and a clean, hoppy finish. 4.7% abv. Moody Burger 15
Brainless Belgian-Style Golden Bacon Cheddar Tots 7 balsamic onions, bibb lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese,
sriracha ketchup
by Epic Brewing 7 Grapefruit Sculpin horseradish aioli, brioche bun
Salt Lake City, UT. Rich malt flavor balanced with crisp noble hops
and spicy fermentation esters from Belgian yeast. 9% abv.
by Ballast Point 7 Crispy Naked Wings 11 BBQ Bison Burger 16
San Diego, CA. Tart and refreshing grapefruit perfectly buffalo sauce, bleu cheese grass fed, whiskey bbq sauce, emmental, pepper bacon
complements the citrusy hops in this IPA. 7% abv. mushroom topping
Chorizo Mac & Cheese 10
California Amber Coconut Porter emmental, cheddar, kale, sea salt & vinegar crunch PB&J Burger 12
crunchy peanut butter, blackberry habanero jam,
by Ballast Point Brewing 7 by Maui Brewing Co. 6 Parmesan Truffle Frites 6
applewood smoked bacon
Miramar, CA. A rich copper ale inspired by a traditional Maui, HI. Rich, hand-toasted coconuts with smooth, dark malt preserved lemon aioli
English ESB with bold complexity and a fruity and floral bite. 5.5% abv. and spicy cascade hops. 6% abv.
Crock of Soup 5
C.C.B. (the handheld cobb) 14
chicken burger, smoky tomato jam, avocado, red onions,
Golden Monkey ask about our seasonal selection
bleu cheese aioli, crispy bacon, topped with a fried egg
Ruination 2.0 by Victory Brewing Co. 9 Meatballs Al Forno 9
by Stone Brewing 8 Downington, PA. Belgian style Tripel with big yeasty notes arrabbiata angry sauce, grana padano, basil Adobo Skirt Steak Tacos 11
Escondido, CA. Big west-coast Double IPA with intense bitter pine notes, and a smooth sweet taste, yet full bodied. 9.5% abv. avocado salsa, pickled onions, cilantro, queso fresco
a dominant citrus flavor, and a tropical essence. 8.5% abv. Edamame Hummus 9
Blood & Honey tahini, furikake, sesame seeds, grilled flat bread The Hot Mess 13
smoked turkey, grafton cheddar, caramelized onions,
by Revolver Brewing 6 Ahi Tuna Poke 10 pickled jalapeos, au jus
Witte Granbury, TX. Unfiltered deep golden ale finished with
blood orange zest & local Texas honey. 7% abv.
pickled cucumbers, cilantro, green onions, passion fruit, taro chips
by Brewery Ommegang 6
Cooperstown, NY. Traditional Belgian-style White,
brewed with coriander and sweet orange peel for a dry, Tank 7 SALADS... PLATES...
crisp and refreshing ale. 5.2% abv. by Boulevard Brewing 7
Kansas City, MO. Saison with fruit-forward aromatics, Kale Caesar 8 Beer Battered Fish & Chips 16
grapefruit hop notes and a peppery, dry finish. 8.5% abv. Add Roasted Chicken 5 Add Pan-Seared Salmon 7 cod, rmoulade sauce, sriracha ketchup
Kellerweis Thai Noodle Salad 14 Bangers & Mash 15
by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 6
Dallas Blonde soba, pulled chicken, shrimp, cucumber, mango, mint, two grilled chicken & herb sausages, bacon brussels mash,
Chico, CA. Open fermented Bavarian-style Wheat Ale by Deep Ellum Brewing Co. 6 cilantro, marcona almonds, sweet chili vinaigrette caramelized onion au jus
creates a fruity aroma with notes of clove Dallas, TX. Golden ale with citrus and floral hops balanced
and banana bread. 4.8% abv. with a variety of malts. 5.2% abv Roasted Chicken & Quinoa Salad 16 Pan-Seared Salmon
arugula, feta, avocado, tomatoes, red onions,
with Harissa Vinaigrette 18
Lakewood Lager toasted walnuts, champagne vinaigrette
zucchini, asparagus, orange supremes, herb salad
Luponic Distortion Revolving Hop Series by Lakewood Brewing Co. 5 Roasted Beet Salad 10
by Firestone Walker Brewing 7 Garland, TX. Vienna-style lager with caramel aromas, arugula, ricotta salata, pomegranate Grilled Skirt Steak 22
Paso Robles, CA. Revolving mix of experimental hops delivering a light malty sweetness and noble hops. 4.6% abv. molasses, marcona almonds parmesan truffle frites, preserved lemon aioli
mind blowing flavors. Ask your server about the current release!
BLT Steak Salad 17 Shrimp & Grits 18
romaine, bibb, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, smoky bacon and greens, blistered tomatoes,
X - Extra Pale Ale STUDY GROUP pickled beets, torn croutons, bleu cheese dressing grilled corn, beer-blanc sauce

by AleSmith Brewing Co. 7

(SPLIT WITH FRIENDS) Crispy BBQ Chicken Salad 13 Fried Jidori Chicken
tomatoes, avocado, bacon, grilled corn, grafton cheddar,
San Diego, CA. Abundant American hops carefully
balanced by a light, crisp body and smooth bitterness. 5.2% abv. buttermilk herb dressing, whiskey bbq sauce & Green Chili Waffles 24
Mischief aged cheddar, bacon red-eye gravy, louisiana hot sauce, maple syrup
by The Bruery 20 Roasted Poblano with Quinoa
Le Merle Saison
Placentia, CA. Hoppy Belgian-style golden ale with citrus, pear and slightly HAND TOSSED PIZZA... black beans, squash, mozzarella, adobo sauce, lime crema,
peppery notes. 8.5% abv. guacamole, pickled onions, crispy tortillas
by North Coast Brewing Co. 8 Margherita 11
Fort Bragg, CA. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain buffalo mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, garlic, basil, chili flakes
contribute exotic aromas of tropical fruit. 7.9% abv. Local Seasonal Release MP
Limited release bottle or seasonal beer selected
from a local Texas brewery.
Chicken Sausage, Spinach & Goat Cheese 15 EXTRAS... 5
bchamel, roasted tomatoes, provolone, chili flakes
Temptress Nitro Milk Stout Brown Bag Fries
House Pepperoni 13 mustard bbq, sriracha ketchup
by Lakewood Brewing Co. 7 Extra Credit MP mozzarella, provolone, jalapeos, uncured pepperoni, chili flakes
Garland, TX. Chocolate and caramel malt and lower A seasonal or special collection beer selected Shaved Poblano Carrot Slaw
carbonation lend to a voluptuous mouth feel. 9.1% abv. by our very own beer expert. Eggs Benedict Pizza 13 golden raisins, cilantro, sweet habanero vinaigrette
prosciutto, grana padano, hollandaise, two fried eggs
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
bacon, white cheddar, green onions

Our food is cooked to order and may contain raw or under-cooked ingredients which,
Brussels Sprouts
bacon, lemon gremolata
when consumed, may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
PS 972 AD-0217

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