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Rivera !

Banessa Rivera

Susie Huerta

English 242B

Jan. 27, 2017


Part 1: Understanding Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical analysis requires you to be able to break down the content of the text by

using your critical thinking . Breaking it down in parts so it is easier to evaluate. The goal

of a rhetorical analysis is to understand how the author writes, and not what theyre

actually writing. Readers analyze the strategies such as the appeals and rhetorical

devices the author uses to achieve their goal or purpose of the text. Using rhetorical

analysis can help connect to the message the writer is trying to convey. Through this

analysis readers are able to identify the writer's motives and how they used it to project

their argument.

Part 2: Your Essay Process

I started my introduction already. I received good feedback from Zaida and

Fernando in class about my outline.I feel my outline was fair, I just wished I

put more thought into the analysis part of my quotes and making sure Im

using a strong example so I can really go in depth when explaining it.

Right now the problem that Im having is coming up with strong thesis that

explains the appeals as well as the author's purpose. Making sure it answers

the focus question.

Rivera !2

Reflecting from last essay I was really proud on how I was able to connect all

my ideas and produce a good essay. I recognize that I need to work on

analyzing the evidence that I use such as quotes and making sure I

connected them back to my topic sentence.

Essay Writing Plan- Friday 1/27 Introduction

1/28 Work on my Body Paragraphs

1/29 Work on my conclusion and revise

1/30 Have my manager who is an english

major look over it and get some feed back. After work, reflect on feedback and edit

again. I would like Zaida to look over my essay because she is very good at giving me

suggestions and helping me collect my unorganized thoughts.

1/31 Rough Draft Due

1/31 & 2/1 proofread and Edit

2/2 Final Draft Due

Part 3: You, the college student:

Attendance: Rate: 4, I know my Fridays are super hectic and there will be times

that Ill be late, but other than that Im in class and ready on time.

Being Present: Rate 4: Theres times that I do sent a text here and there when

its work related other than that Im good at staying focus and taking notes.

Homework: Rate 5: I work 40-45 hours a week. I have a calendar to keep me

sane. I schedule my homework time and make sure Im focused during those
Rivera !3

hours. If for some reason I have errands to run in the morning or doctors

appointments I make sure that I make time at work to work on my assignments

even if I have to stay up late. I dont like half a**ing things so thats why I give

myself plenty of time to complete homework.

Communication: Rate 4: I have not spoken to Voltaire as my counselor, like in a

one on one. I need to make sure Im on the right track and to see how many

more units I need to earn my A.A and getting information about transferring.

Growth Mind-Set: Rate 5: I am very happy on where Im at in life right now. Ive

been through a lot when I was younger and I wasnt able to be in school and

focus as I am right now. My biggest struggle was reaching out and asking for

help because I was afraid to seem weak. Im so used to resolving things and

keeping things to myself that I now I know the importance of asking for help. Im

a bit wiser now and I have a different way of seeing life now that Im so focused

on succeeding and I know challenges will come but they will help me improve