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What do you say when your kid asks a God-sized question?

"Dad, how do you know?"

"How do you really know that God is real? How do you know somebody didn't
just make Him up so we'd all feel better, and then passed that information
down to us? What if we made up God to feel less alone?"

These are really good questions and we have answers for them. But
questions like these strike fear into the hearts of most parents, so we react
with the holy sounding dodge: "Um, well, we just have to believe. The Bible
says blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe."

Or worse, we respond negatively or a shame-them-into-silence slam: "Son!
How could you ask such a thing? You know we can't question the Almighty
God! I don't ever want to hear you insult Him like that again!"
Take A Deep Breath
When we silence our children, they are forced to wonder in lonely silence: If
adults are this afraid of questions, maybe there really are no answers.
Far better is to take a deep breath and invite God to keep you from panicking
(at least outwardly). Then deliberately affirm your teenagers for carefully
evaluating their faith.
Far too many have been pushed away from the church by adults who shut
them out because they ask questions. Choose to walk hand-in-hand with
your teen to the solid answers God has provided.
What If You Don't Know the Answer?
It's OK if you don't know the answer. You know the One who knows the
answers. Better yet, you know the God who is the answer, so link your teen
with this God. The main principle is to create a welcoming and safe
environment with statements like:
 "Good question!"
 "You're wise to ask questions. When Thomas insisted on proof that
Jesus really had risen from death, Jesus gave Thomas evidence. He will do
the same for you and for me."
 "People have been asking that question for generations. It's a hard
 "When you ask God a question, you show that you trust Him enough to
know the answer. Good faith move!"

Human Individuality All humans are unique. A Sense of Right and Wrong If there is no good God and no Personal Creator. then travel the road to answers. but each face is different. not beauty. Nature Nature is not random. human faces have two eyes." To do this convincingly. recognize your teen's questions as the powerful faith step that they are. where did our sense of right and wrong come from? The fact that each person has a sense of right and wrong points to a Moral Creator. Even people labeled as sociopaths have a sense of right or wrong when the action is against them. Invite wiser Christians to share with you the answers they have found to faith questions. Otherwise. Could this order have happened without a Designer to plan it? Could this beauty have happened without a personal. Only a Personal Creator brings beauty. Begin with affirmation. why aren't we all clones? The uniqueness of each person points to a Personal Creator who values the uniqueness of His creation. a nose and a mouth. so He helps us find the real thing. When we ask questions about God. Also Read: Common Questions Kids Ask About Salvation Evidence for God's Existence Explain to your family that God has not left us without evidence for His existence. not an orderly result. He knows we would be foolish to make up something to believe in. Faith questions are signs of growth in Christ. they can travel more deeply into a mature faith. Never be afraid to ask an honest question. caring Creator? A "big bang" would cause big destruction. The Presence of Love How do you explain that human beings care about each other? Where does love come from? Why do babies need their parents long after they are not physically dependent upon them? Why do males and females want an exclusive relationship? Why are we lonely when we feel no connection with other people? Rocks and trees don't love. Read your Bible and books such as Mere Christianity by C. consistent and beautiful. It is orderly. It's just that he ignored his conscience and acted on his own sinful schemes. "Real truth stands up under questioning. Explosions create chaos. so why do people love? The human . Lewis or The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. not signs of weakness. For example.S. If we were created by a neutral force. Even a serial murderer will admit that it is wrong to kill. everything would be a matter of personal preference.

put the information in a conversational form. Is God Real? A Model Conversation It's not enough to give your child printed evidences. scientific and internal proofs. It also shows that we are more than a random collection of atoms. Unless God fills this void.ability to give and receive love shows that we are guided by more than instinct. Proving God is more like proving friendship or love. You look at the evidences. The Bible tells us how God acted in the past. We want meaning. the Bible comes directly from God. The Jesus of history is God Himself. do our chores. Perhaps it could provide a model for future conversations with your kid: Parent: "You asked how I know God is real? Well you can't prove Him like you prove an algebra problem or a laboratory experiment. we can never find contentment no matter how many people we relate to. Here's a summary of a conversation I had recently with my kid. We want more. prophet or teacher. correcting and training in righteousness. Serving God brings the purpose and meaning for which we yearn. eat. Many see this yearning as a God-shaped emptiness that only God can fill. earn money and sleep. Welcoming your child's questions is the launching pad. the results. Jesus is God's ultimate revelation of Himself." Kid: "So it's a feeling?" . God showed people what He is like. Why is His resurrection so important? No human can do that. how to obey Him in the present and how He will act in the future. He became a human being so the Almighty God could communicate with us. relationships and purpose. Through Jesus. How do we know? Jesus rose from death never to die again. The Bible More than just another Holy Book. the actions. Yearning for Something More It's not enough to just get up. How do we know the Bible is God's book and not another of the many holy books available? The Bible has historical. You must talk things over. After researching the questions. archeological. It has more evidence for its reliability than other printed documents. The Bible also proves itself spiritually: 2 Timothy 3:16 describes the Bible as God-breathed and useful for teaching. rebuking. go to school. Jesus Christ Who is Jesus? Jesus Christ is much more than a religious leader.

love and friendship are much more than feelings." you explain. One didn't become another. Even when you don't feel loving. The Genesis account of creation offers a perfectly logical explanation for what science says about the universe in this case-and in many other cases.  Continue asking and gathering information until you understand. but you'll keep a list of those and keep researching." How to Find the Answers On you'll go. why do we still have amoebas?" K: "Good point! God acts scientifically doesn't He?" P: "Yep."). Some answers you won't fully find until heaven." K: "What about the big bang theory or evolution?" P: "When have you ever known an explosion to create something good? The Bible explains in Genesis that each animal. Let's look at the more concrete evidences of God's existence. maybe in one conversation. a Creator. all that order couldn't have happened by itself. including humans. In the meantime you can:  Go directly to God for the answers." K: "Like trees and clouds and you and me?" P: "Yep. If they did. . Order and beauty require an Author. Scientific truth and God's truth are not different. What's true is true no matter who discovers it. to help your teen discover answers. more likely in several. is created after its own kind. P: "No.  Act on what you already know ("I don't know why my friend's in a wheelchair but I do know we can be give-and-take friends rather than me pity him. Debates over creation are more about philosophy than about science. love still acts. "The problem is that some scientists make conclusions that don't match reality. All that creativity.