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Case Number:

County Sheriffs Office

Offense/Incident Report Date of Report:

March 21 2017
Report Status: If this is an OFFENSE:
(Check one) OFFENSE or INCIDENT (Check one) Felony or Misdemeanor or Petty Offense

Reporting Officer: Date & TIme of Offense/Incident:

(Your name goes here)
Name of Person who Reported the Offense/Incident:
For all people on report, use the following codes:

Huck V = Victim
Address and/or Location of Offense/Incident: W = Witness Sam Smith (V) reported that...
S = Suspect
Shipwrecked location
Reporting Officers Summary of Offense/Incident:

The moment when Huck and Jim trying to escaped from sinking ship. He and Jim

decided to steal the two robbers boat and escaped from it. After they landed on an island;

Huck felt bad because they left the robbers on the sinking ship. His conscience told him to

help them or else he will feel guilty for the rest of his life. I think his conscience might say,

Quickly help dose por robbers. No! You should leave them there. No! You have to save

them . I think Huck see it as criminal because he felt guilty about leaving those two

robbers behind. Thats why he asked someone for help by lying to them about Rich mans

daughter was in danger on the sinking ship.

I hereby attest that the following report is an accurate representation of witness accounts reported to me and my own personal
observations of the offense/incident scene.

Signature of Reporting Officer

Suspect Information
Name, if known: Gender: Age: Height: Weight: Hair: Eyes:

Was an arrest made? (Check one) If no, the suspects last known location:

On the reverse side of this paper, Reporting Office must draw a sketch of the crime scene/incident layout. Be sure to label any important details.